Top Electronic Toys & Cool Gadgets for Kids of 2019

If you have a young child and you want to get them a gift that will help them learn – the gift that keeps on giving – then you should look into one of these 4 Best Electronic and Tech Toys for Kids in 2018. Both are great, but depending on the age of your child – and what you want to concentrate on – you may like one or the other better. If you’re looking for baby laptop toy or kids learning laptop, be sure to see our guide to Laptop for Babies

The year 2018 has given us numerous toys that come with the additional draw of sophisticated electronics. These electronics provide different features, with light and sound among them. Here are a few of the top tech gifts for kids of 2018:

Ultimate Wall-E Robot

Pixar’s animated blockbuster, Wall-E, has given rise to the development of this articulate and sophisticated tech toy. The Ultimate Wall-E Robot moves easily around obstacles on various surfaces with the help of a complex system of motors. This cool gadget also has some voice recognition abilities due to integrated software, which also allows it to respond to noise. The sensors which help Wall-E avoid crashing into obstacles, as well as his movie-accurate aesthetic, make a great toy that makes good use of modern technology.

Rubik’s TouchCube

The Rubik’s Cube, an iconic toy for all ages, has a new incarnation in the Rubik’s TouchCube, which gives the old toy a digital makeover. The goal remains the same – each of the six sides should have squares of the same color, but the process is innovative. Touching an illuminated panel turns a piece, and the procedure is streamlined with the incorporation of an accelerometer, which causes the toy to respond only to taps on the upturned side of the cube. Other high-tech features include a built-in ‘hint’ feature, and a ‘save’ feature which remembers where the pieces are before you turn off the TouchCube.

Nintendo DSi

The Nintendo DSi is another toy with lineage – it is the most recent incarnation of Nintendo’s handheld gaming consoles. It’s thin, clam-shell design is reminiscent of its predecessor, the Nintendo DS. However, it has many features that the DS did not have, such as abilities for photo manipulation, sound recording and remodeling, and Internet capabilities with DSiWare.

V. Reader Animated E-Book System

(Manufacturer Recommended Age: 36 months to 7 years)

The V. Reader Animated E-Book System is an exciting new tool parents can use to get their kids excited about reading. With three different ways to use this E-Book, children are sure to enjoy it and learn something in the process. The V. Reader Animated E-Book is capable of growing with your child.

First, you can choose to simply let your child interact by watching the story as it is being told. Then as your child gradually grows you can advance with reading the stories, interacting by using the large primary color buttons, or using the systems story dictionary.

Overall, if you’re looking for a tech toy to hold your child’s attention for more than five seconds, give The V. Reader Animated E-Book System a try. It will be worth your time and your child will enjoy hearing and reading along with a new story. The System also has a USB port and an SD memory card slot.

The V. Reader Animated E-Book requires batteries or you can simply purchase an AC adaptor for it and it is equipped for headphone ability.

LeapFrog Leapser Explorer Learning Game System

(Recommended for Ages 4-9)

In the world of parenting, seldom is there a toy that comes out that is as effective at keeping our kids entertained and learning. The LeapFrog line has accomplished this and continues to raise the bar with their toys. They’ve introduced LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Learning Game System. With over 40 games and activities it will keep your kids busy for hours while they enjoy and learn skills such as math, writing, spelling, science, and even geography.

The makers of the LeapFrog Leapster Explorer System have conveniently designed it as a hand held device that is sure to accommodate those little hands that a four to nine year old youngster may have. It has the ability to download or you can purchase the cartridges. The touch screen seems to be easily operated by this age group. Parents are even encouraged to follow their child’s progress by using The LeapFrog Learning Path. It’s a win/ win for everyone.

One negative factor could be the LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Learning Game System can become a little expensive after buying all of the cartridges. However, if you’re a frugal parent you can overcome that by trading with others who may have the system.

MobiGo Touch Learning System

(Recommended Age: 36 Months to 8 Years)

The MobiGo Touch Learning System is a toy that teaches your child everything from math and spelling to solving problems and choosing between tasks that are difficult or easy. The gadget does come with one cartridge included and the system is quite durable for the age group.

This gadget is exciting for your child because there is a touch screen and a Qwerty keyboard that pulls out just like Mom and Dad’s laptop. The device can also download games if you install the V-Tech download Manager. You simply use the USB cable that was included in your purchase.

A major drawback of this particular toy is that if you shut the device down you will lose all of the downloaded games and will have to download them another time. If you can deal with that, this is an amazing tool that acts as a toy to teach your child and grow with them as the games go from preschool to approximately second grade.

Fisher Price iXL 6-in-1 Learning System

(Recommended for Ages: 36 Months to 6 Years)

The Fisher Price iXL 6-in-1 Learning System is a very versatile toy because it has six different ways to interact with your child. The six ways include a digital reader, a game player, a note pad, an art studio, an MP3 Player, and a photo viewer.

The photo viewer in the device is really neat and makes the child feel as if it has been personalized just for them. Fisher Price made this device in the style of a real book that opens up and then has a 3.5 inch color screen.

In order for your child to play with the iXL 6-in-1 Learning System, you will have to use the enclosed USB cable to transfer the applications from your computer after you have loaded the CD-Roms into your computer and downloaded them to your machine. Your young child will enjoy being able to activate so many different aspects of this game without the help of their parent. It is very kid friendly.

Final Verdict

Educational toys are great, especially some of the new electronic ones. We have reviewed 4 of best educational toys for todllers of 2018. Know of any other electronic learning toys for little kids? Leave a comment below or keep browsing here at RajaLaptop.

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