The Best Laptop Stands of 2019

The adjustable laptop stand for bed or couch use is great for working on your computer at home in bed or in a comfy recliner. It can get very awkward working on a laptop without a desk but what fun is a laptop if you always have to be at the desk.

To avoid back pain later on use the Adjustable laptop while working or studying then use it later for a food try while watching a movie. The portable desk wipes off clean with ease, is steady and folds down so it can be easily put in a out of the way spot.

Adjustable Portable Bed Tray For Laptop

I love how easy this adjustable laptop stand can be folded and unfolded. It has a study frame to use for laptop with vents to prevent computer from over heating. It would be great to put beside bed to have for late night computer time or for eating dinner in front of the TV.

Top Selling Portable Laptop Stand With Adjustable Legs

Cmputer Stands Made To Make Using The Computer While Sitting In Bed Comfortable.

How To Use An Adjustable Computer Stand To Prevent Back and Neck Injuries

Laying in bed trying to use a laptop may be more comfy then sitting at your desk sometimes, but it can also cause back pain if done in a sloched motion. We all know to sit up and not tilt our neck toward the computer when using the computer at a table or desk, but how often do you find yourself slouched over a computer in bed or while in your comfy recliner.

The best way to use a computer while lazing around in bed or in a chair is with use of an adjustable notebook stand that can be used in bed. The stand should stand on its and not lay flat on your lap. The best laptop stand for bed will have adjustable legs and tilting table so you can move them to your needs. If wanting to use a laptop while laying on your back be sure to get a stand with a tilting table top.

Best Computer Stands of 2018/2019

laptop trayBeing an all purpose stand, this little wizard can truly do wonders. Use it on your lap or off your lap, on top of your desk or chair, it’s really up to you.

It places your notebook in the best position for your viewing pleasure, so you can say goodbye to stiff necks and sore wrists.

It has three hinged legs that adjust to innumerable angles and spot to help you find that comfortable position. Thus, if you want a notebook that allows you to work at the best possible way, why not try this one by Lapworks?

laptop mountsThis is one portable stand to have. It comes with a built-in keyboard as well as an adjustable stand that allows you to adjust the screen level perfectly.

The keyboard is made much bigger which makes it so much more comfortable for typing.(Read also: best mini wireless keyboard)

It has three USB ports, a quick touch button for your music or software and easily folds up to compress space. To help relax your wrist, it comes equipped with a soft palm rest for added wrist support.

laptop mountsWith this notebook cooling pad, you can say goodbye to hot laptops that are difficult to handle. This stand works just by plugging it into your USB port and it also has its own USB port that can accommodate up to 4 devices with USB plugins.

The cooling stand is completely adjustable, making it easy to find the right level or angle. There is no need to hunch over all the time just to find the right level; this device will do everything for you. All you really need to do is relax and enjoy.


laptop standsWhat’s great about this Logitech laptop stand is that it is built with a heat shielding design which keeps the heat away from your body or lap. It is lightweight and stable, making it an ideal choice for travels.

This stand can accommodate almost any angle that you are most comfortable with since it is adjustable. Your body no longer has to contort and distort just to get the right comfort and angle that you want to see your screen properly.

Handstands Cool Lift Portable Laptop Cooling Pad 22100laptop tray

By promoting proper posture through its design, you are saying goodbye to stick necks and carpal tunnel. You can say goodbye to overheating since this stand promotes the proper cooling flow of air.

The great thing about it is that, even if you have a big or small notebook, this stand works great with any size. However, keep in mind that this Handstands cooling pad is meant for desk use and not your lap.

Definition of Laptop Stand

portable laptop desks

portable laptop desks

Let’s start first by describing what a laptop stand is, the term that you’ll head very often in this post, the article that deals with one of the most boring but useful laptop accessories out there.

A stand for laptop is a device with few mechanical parts that lock in place and allow for a better use of a laptop/notebook/netbook by simulating a small desk. In the case of a desk computer stand the screen is also elevated at the level of the eyes, while for a portable laptop stand the advantage is the lack of heat in your lap that’s being transferred to the stand.

Adjustable laptop stands mean you can change the stand height and usually also inclination, making it better fit your style or work. You can buy a notebook stand starting a few bucks to a few dozens it you talk about stands which include peripherals like cooling units, audio speakers and even webcams or docking station like ports (USB, Firewire, Serial, Parallel or VGA output).

A notebook’s stand is like a shelf that can sustain the weight of a notebook while keeping heat away from your lap and helps offer a more ergonomic position while working on your portable computer.

Medical reasons to get a Laptop Desk Stand

rolling laptop desks

rolling laptop desks

You might think that using a notebook on a desk is the same like using a desktop computer, plus you have the freedom to walk around your PC in a back when you need mobility. Well, from medical point of view those are not similar things and you need a laptop table stand to keep your body healthy and were going to show you why.

First, when you put a notebook on your desk the screen sits way over the level of your eyes and that puts a strain on your neck which has look down this curbing your cervical bones and tighten your muscles. The keyboard is also not sitting in an ergonomic position because the edge of the notebook sits high in the air (2-3 centimeters for slim notebooks) and your makes it uncomfortable for your arms to support the weight of your palms and fingers constricting blood circulation to them.

This is the first step towards carpel tunnel syndrome when you cant straighten your fingers and they remain in a gargoyle like position. These are the main reasons a laptop table stand is mandatory to keep you healthy.

Even if youre young and you dont use the computer more than a few hours a day this kind of wrong desk position while using a notebook may take longer to affect your body but it will eventually hit you.

The picture below (source) shows best how a desk stand for your notebook makes your body sit normally without putting strain on your arms and neck. There are also other types of laptop stands for desktops but the principle is the same.

How to Buy a Laptop Stand For Couch Use – Find the best one

Consider these tips to find the best laptop stand for couch use.

  • Is it easy to adjust? And does it stay put? The stand should have some ergonomic capacity to accommodate whatever body position you’ll have while you’re in the couch.
  • Is it stable and solid enough? Are most reviewers saying it is solid?
  • Do you use a mouse with your laptop? Consider a laptop cart with wheels if you need desk space.
  • Do you prefer the foldable style? This feature is useful when you have limited space in your home. Once you’re done with it, you can simply fold it and store it in the cabinet or under the bed or couch.

Adjustable and Foldable Laptop Stand

This computer stand is highly adjustable and it can even act as a floor standing laptop stand when the legs are both adjusted to an L-shape. These are very popular because of their incredible versatility so they can be used anywhere in the home not just your couch. And this foldable style is portable and light enough that it can be taken with you when traveling.

Adjustable Ergonomic laptop stand with cooling fan

A laptop stand with fan prevents any overheating and this option is worth considering if you often work long hours or if you work in a warm environment. No need to buy a cooling pad, either. The fan plugs into a USB so consider that you’ll need a free port on your laptop computer.

Rolling Laptop Table For Couch – Adjustable mobile laptop carts on wheels

This style of rolling laptop table could make you feel more official as a work-at-home person. Unlike the other laptop tables, this will accomodate your mouse, paperwork, and your favorite caffeinated beverage. Be sure the wheels fit under your couch if you intend to do so, but if the bottom of the laptop cart is cross-shaped then it can fit next to your couch instead.

Benefits of a Laptop Stand for Desk or Couch Use

Maximum comfort

If you place your laptop in your lap while you’re sitting in the couch, chances are your legs will get cramped. Because once the bottom of the computer overheats, the hot temperature from the laptop will be absorbed by your thighs. So to avoid this, a laptop stand can be a great stand-in for your legs. This is especially useful when you can’t sit properly in the couch or bed. You can just lie back on your couch or bed, and you can still use your laptop.

Stress-free computing

Ergonomic adjustability is one of the many great features of these laptop stands. You can tilt the tray or adjust the height of the stand according to your body position. By better positioning your hands on the keyboard and your eye-level vision to the screen, this stand can free your shoulders, neck and eyes from strain.

Cooling system

Some of these laptop stands have built-in cooling systems on their trays. Their trays have vented cavities that reduce the overheating of the computer. With this feature, you no longer have to buy an extra cooling pad.

More productivity

If you are working at home, this is perfect for you because you can accomplish a lot of tasks. You can be more productive, because you can do your job comfortably, with less stress and strain on your body. And if you move a lot when you’re working, they are very portable so you can easily move the stand wherever you go.

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