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Best Laptop Desk 2018/2019

Looking for a new laptop table? There are hundreds of desks for laptop on the market today, so how do you know what style of notebook table to buy. I hope to help you make up your mind with some information on some different styles of laptop desks on the market. Why is it important to do research on such a basic item like a computer desk? Well if your like me you spend a lot of time on your notebook and you want to make sure you are going to be as comfortable as possible at your new desk. You may ask yourself if you really need a laptop table, you probably already have a computer desk but that’s not very portable is it. I assure you the worst thing for your notebook and your body is to try and work long hours with it on your lap.

A laptop lap desk is going to help keep your computer cool and at a position that’s ergonomically correct saving your neck and back from long term damage. You can pick up a new lap desk that fits your life style and decor style making it not only functional but a great addition to your home or office. I well try to cover all the different styles and designs of laptop stands, there pros and cons and hopefully help you make the right decision the first time.

Best Laptop Stands 2018/2019

laptop trayBeing an all purpose stand, this little wizard can truly do wonders. Use it on your lap or off your lap, on top of your desk or chair, it’s really up to you. It places your notebook in the best position for your viewing pleasure, so you can say goodbye to stiff necks and sore wrists. It has three hinged legs that adjust to innumerable angles and spot to help you find that comfortable position. Thus, if you want a notebook that allows you to work at the best possible way, why not try this one by Lapworks?

laptop mountsThis is one portable stand to have. It comes with a built-in keyboard as well as an adjustable stand that allows you to adjust the screen level perfectly. The keyboard is made much bigger which makes it so much more comfortable for typing.(Read also: best mini wireless keyboard)

It has three USB ports, a quick touch button for your music or software and easily folds up to compress space. To help relax your wrist, it comes equipped with a soft palm rest for added wrist support.

laptop mountsWith this notebook cooling pad, you can say goodbye to hot laptops that are difficult to handle. This stand works just by plugging it into your USB port and it also has its own USB port that can accommodate up to 4 devices with USB plugins. The cooling stand is completely adjustable, making it easy to find the right level or angle. There is no need to hunch over all the time just to find the right level; this device will do everything for you. All you really need to do is relax and enjoy.


laptop standsWhat’s great about this Logitech laptop stand is that it is built with a heat shielding design which keeps the heat away from your body or lap. It is lightweight and stable, making it an ideal choice for travels. This notebook stand can accommodate almost any angle that you are most comfortable with since it is adjustable. Your body no longer has to contort and distort just to get the right comfort and angle that you want to see your screen properly.

Handstands Cool Lift Portable Laptop Cooling Pad 22100laptop tray

By promoting proper posture through its design, you are saying goodbye to stick necks and carpal tunnel. You can say goodbye to overheating since this notebook stand promotes the proper cooling flow of air. The great thing about it is that, even if you have a big or small notebook, this stand works great with any size. However, keep in mind that this Handstands cooling pad is meant for desk use and not your lap.

Definition of Laptop Stand

portable laptop desks

portable laptop desks

Let’s start first by describing what a laptop stand is, the term that you’ll head very often in this post, the article that deals with one of the most boring but useful laptop accessories out there.

A stand for laptop is a device with few mechanical parts that lock in place and allow for a better use of a laptop/notebook/netbook by simulating a small desk. In the case of a desk computer stand the screen is also elevated at the level of the eyes, while for a portable laptop stand the advantage is the lack of heat in your lap that’s being transferred to the notebook stand.

Adjustable laptop stands mean you can change the stand height and usually also inclination, making it better fit your style or work. You can buy a notebook stand starting a few bucks to a few dozens it you talk about stands which include peripherals like cooling units, audio speakers and even webcams or docking station like ports (USB, Firewire, Serial, Parallel or VGA output).

A notebook’s stand is like a shelf that can sustain the weight of a notebook while keeping heat away from your lap and helps offer a more ergonomic position while working on your portable computer.

Medical reasons to get a Laptop Desk Stand

rolling laptop desks

rolling laptop desks

You might think that using a notebook on a desk is the same like using a desktop computer, plus you have the freedom to walk around your PC in a back when you need mobility. Well, from medical point of view those are not similar things and you need a laptop table stand to keep your body healthy and were going to show you why.

First, when you put a notebook on your desk the screen sits way over the level of your eyes and that puts a strain on your neck which has look down this curbing your cervical bones and tighten your muscles. The keyboard is also not sitting in an ergonomic position because the edge of the notebook sits high in the air (2-3 centimeters for slim notebooks) and your makes it uncomfortable for your arms to support the weight of your palms and fingers constricting blood circulation to them. This is the first step towards carpel tunnel syndrome when you cant straighten your fingers and they remain in a gargoyle like position.

These are the main reasons a laptop table stand is mandatory to keep you healthy. Even if youre young and you dont use the computer more than a few hours a day this kind of wrong desk position while using a notebook may take longer to affect your body but it will eventually hit you.

The picture below (source) shows best how a desk stand for your notebook makes your body sit normally without putting strain on your arms and neck. There are also other types of laptop stands for desktops but the principle is the same.

Best Laptop Lap Desk

laptop trayTime to pick your new your new laptop table. Before you buy a laptop lap desk, you will need to ask yourself some questions. Where do you plan on using your notebook the most? Do you want to be able to move it around easy or maybe take it with you? Do you want to be able to adjust the angle or height? Lets take a look at some of the basic designs and see which one will fit your needs the best.

A Lap desk is a great way to enhance your work time on your notebook. They can also help you keep your notebook cool and at a ergonomic position. Most notebook lap desks are pretty basic in design and will resemble a flat tray. As basic as they seem there are still lots options and design choices to keep in mind when picking the right one for you.

Some things to think about when choosing your lap desk is do you plan on using a mouse? One of the options found on some lap desks is a permanent or slide out mouse pad, this is a great option for those who wish to use a mouse all the time or part of the time.(Read also: Best Wireless Laptop Mouse) They are also great at keeping your notebook cool and also keep you cool adding a form of insulation between you and your machine. Other options such as storage for pens and pencils to magazine holders are available. Also some offer a cup holder and fold out legs that some prefer to use in bed.

The options and styles of laptop lap desks are endless so before you make up your mind be sure to check out as many as you can. If you find a lap desk is not going to work for you other options such as a laptop mount or stand are available.

Laptop lap desk : This is your more basic design, its going to resemble a tray that sits on your lap. It may sound basic but there are still lots of options to choose from when picking your new desk. Some things to consider when buying a notebook lap desk are:

  • Do you plan on using a mouse pad
  • Do you want it to be ergonomic
  • Cup holder
  • magazine pockets
  • legs (fold out, permanent or no legs)
  • insulated or with cooling fans

Laptop stands : A laptop stand for lap is designed to sit on a hard surface such as a table or desk. A stand gives you more control over how you want to position your machine when your working on it, This will help with neck and back strain. They also help keep it cool over just sitting it on a table or desk. Some options to consider when looking for a new lap laptop table are:

  • adjustable height and angle
  • fan cooling
  • hard wired USB cable

Laptop desk: A laptop table is your bigger workspace option. They can be the size of a full desk or a smaller option suck as a laptop caddy are available. They will also have some options to choose from such as:

  • casters
  • adjustable height and angle
  • size
  • storage options
  • printer or projector shelf

There are many variations of each with an unlimited amount of options available. I would advise you to make a list of options you would like to have, and shop around before settling on one.

Best Laptop Mounts : For Your Vehicle or Desk

laptop mount

laptop mount

Another option for holding your laptop is the laptop mount, this is a arm that connects to something to hold your machine at the proper viewing angle you prefer. A Laptop vehicle mount is a popular choice for people who spend a lot of business time in there vehicle. They do have vehicle specific laptop mounts that make installing them a breeze. But if your one of the unlucky few that they dont make a mount kit for they also sell universal vehicle mounts. The universal mounts will be a little more difficult to install and most of the time require some drilling so be aware of that and check directions on how they install before you order your vehicle mount kit.

Another notebook mount is designed to mount to a computer desk or table. They have a couple of different installation styles to choose from also, such as clamping style mounts that simply clamps to the side of a table or desk and allows you to elevate your notebook to a comfortable viewing height to prevent neck strain. They also are great at creating space on a crowded desk top by keeping the laptop above the surface of your laptop table.

Another style will mount to the grommet hole found in most laptop desks. Both notebook mounts are a great addition to your computer desk or table at work or home. The last style of mount is a laptop wall mount, these will bolt to the wall and are great for small dorm rooms or apartments where fitting a desk can be a challenge. Any style you choose will make a great upgrade to your notebook and increase your productivity for work or play.

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