The Best Pink Dell Laptops of 2018

Dell Pink laptops are one of the first leading series of laptops that offered different colors range than traditional grey, black and off white. When the Inspiron series of Dell first hit the market, it revolutionized the traditional concept of notebook design. The series offered not only pink, but varieties of colored laptops.

Later on Dell facilitated their other series of notebook in pink as well. The XPS is an example of this multi-colored panorama of technological advancement. With pink notebook computers series of dell the style mingled with substance, the quality with creativity.

The attractive Flamingo pink of Inspiron 1420 and XPS M1530 or soft rose bud pink of Inspiron 1420 and XPS M1530 will suit men and women both. What more, it is incorporated with Dell’s reliable and highly advanced technology. Adding XPS series along with Inspiron in pink series has widened the range of technological features and facilities.

Dell Inspiron 1525 Series

The Inspiron 1525 series of Dell laptop is available in Intel Celeron 550 and in Intel Pentium core 2 duo T5750, T5850 and dual core T2390 processors. All perform best with Windows Vista. The glossy LCD 15.4 inch screen offers a feast for the eyes.

SATA hard drive is available from 80 GB to 320 GB span. The memory range of 1 GB to 3 GB in dual channel provides high performance. Along with these come combo drives, Intel Graphics Media video card, high definition audio card, wireless networking card and 4 to 6 cells battery options.

Dell Inspiron 1420 series

Inspiron 1420 series offers three types of configurations. Two come with Intel Pentium dual core T2390 processors and one with Intel core 2 duo T5750 processor. The operating system is Windows Vista as usual. The range of 120 GB to 250 GB SATA hard drive along with the range of 1 GB to 3 GB shared dual channel memory offers enough space and speed.

However the optical drive still makes it a bit backdated. The 14.1 inch high contrast glossy widescreen offers distinct color codes. The media accelerator VG cards with HD sound cards, wireless networking cards and 6 to 9 cells battery options complete the set.

Dell XPS M1330

The XPS M1330 is available all in Intel core 2 duo processors in T5750, T5850 and T8300. The OS of Windows Vista performs fast with 160 GB to 250 GB SATA hard drive and from 2 GB to 4 GB shared dual channel memory. The series of Dell pink-computer is made advanced with the addition of megapixel and VGA webcams along with standard LCD and light-slim LED LCD display. All three configurations come with combo drives. However all come with media accelerator VG card, HD sound card, wireless network and four to six cells batteries.


XPS M1530 also is available in Intel core 2 duo T5750, T5850 and T9300 processors. 160 GB to 250 BG SATA hard drive, 2 GB to 4 GB shared dual channel memory are available along with 15.4 inch glossy, high resolution LCD and LED LCD widescreen and 2 mp camera. There is combo drive option with 128 mb VG card, HD sound card, wireless networking card and 6 cells battery.

With all these advanced facilities and performance based configuration Dell pink computers is simply the best buy among the stylish laptops for sale.

Dell 1545 Laptop

Dell’s 15 series laptops have been a huge success in the laptop market. Adding to its arsenal of chic looking laptops Dell has introduced its new Dell 1545 laptop. This stylish pink Dell laptop is also a perfect solution for people looking for a cheap, yet good-looking and good-configuration, laptop in these tough economic times.

The Dell 1545 is a sturdy and strong laptop that shows no signs of cost-cuttings. The outer surface looks similar to the other Dell 15 series laptops and it has a smooth and glossy look. When you open the laptop you will notice that the touchpad has a slight variation. It comes with a matte finish that is easy to use and it is slightly-recessed and wider than previous 15 series models. The keyboard is spacious and well positioned, though it is a little noisy.

The inside looks sleek and the only thing breaking the smooth line is the speaker. Compared to most budget 15” laptops the speakers provided on this Dell Laptop model are excellent. The bass is a little weak but overall it provides a good listening experience.

Though the price and the looks of this computer are very appealing the important factor is what’s on the inside. This beauty is powered by Intel Core 2 Duo T5800 processor and a 3 GB RAM. With specs like these this laptop can handle pretty much any software installed with ease.

While the laptop is powered with a good processor and RAM, this is not a gamer’s dream machine. It has an Intel integrated GMA4500 graphics card that can handle most things apart from games.

The laptop provides ample storage space with a 250 GB HDD. It has a 15.4” widescreen display and in addition to the main features it has microphone and headphone jacks, three USB ports, an Ethernet port, VGA-out and an integrated web cam. The laptop comes with a Windows Vista Premium OS.

The computer allows wireless networking via an 802.11 b/g wireless card. However, one of the biggest disappointments is the lack of Bluetooth which is an important aspect in today’s wireless world.

Another let down is the laptop’s battery life. Though the product’s brochure claims a 2 hour battery life, on testing, this laptop lasted a substandard 90 minutes.

All in all, if you are looking for a pink-notebook to suit your personality, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, has reasonable speakers and does most computing jobs quickly then the Dell 1545 Notebook is worth considering. The only drawback to this laptop is the dismal battery performance.

There are other pink laptops that may have a better configuration that this laptop, for e.g. better battery life and better wireless connectivity but they also cost a lot more. Here is a list of some of the other 14” and 15” pink-computer prices compared to the Dell 1545.

  • NEC’s La Vie G Hello Kitty costs $1650
  • Sony’s VAIO FJ costs $1499
  • Sony’s VAIO CR costs $1349
  • Dell 1545 is priced at $590.

Inspiron Mini 10.1-inch Promise Pink netbook

Just two short years ago the first true netbook, the original Asus Eee PC, hit the market giving users a first glimpse at ultra portability. Although the Asus laptop had many flaws, most notably the low resolution display, it helped to fill the void between traditional laptop offerings and pocket sized PDAs.

Fortunately, there are many highly functional and reliable netbooks available today from some of the top computer producers, including Dell, which offers the Inspiron Mini 10.1-inch Promise Pink netbook. Essentially, a netbook is a full featured notebook computer with a smaller display (7 to 10-inches) that is very light weight and highly portable.

While netbooks are meant primarily for web browsing and emailing, most also come equipped with at least one USB port for adding peripheral devices, backlit LED screens, a webcam and Wi-Fi. Perhaps the most attractive feature that netbooks have to offer is their price point, with many in the $300-400 range.

It’s the perfect option for users that don’t require a resource heavy operating system and robust feature set of more traditional laptop computers. Since 2008, the computer industry reports that netbooks are beginning to take away market share from laptops.

Not to be left behind, most of the well known laptop manufacturers have added a line of netbooks to their product offerings. One manufacturer in particular, Dell, offers a netbook version of their popular Inspiron series – the 10.1-inch Promise Pink netbook.

Designed for those people that desire ultra portability together with a capable processor and wireless capability, the Dell Pink Laptop is also attractively priced at under $400 from Amazon. Technical details for the Inspiron Mini 10 include a 1.33 GHz Intel Atom Processor, 1GB RAM, 3 USB ports and an impressive 160GB hard drive.

In the case of the Mini 10, its small size doesn’t mean sacrificing the keyboard. In fact, the mini laptop keyboard measures 92 percent the size of a standard laptop.

The small 3-cell battery offers up to 3 hours of use from a single charge, giving the user more time to chat, blog or tweet away from a wall outlet. Perhaps the one downside of the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is the touch pad, which many users have complained about its awkward nature.

The left and right buttons are integrated into the touch pad, making it difficult for users to naturally rest their thumbs without inadvertently activating a command via the buttons.  However, this issue is easily remedied with the purchase of an external mouse – just be sure it’s pink!

Dell Promise Laptops Will Fight Cancer

If you’re a big fan of the color pink in all its myriad shades and are planning on adding to your electronic wardrobe by buying a good pink laptop, then Dell’s new “Promise Pink” line is the one you should check out. You’ll be impressed with Dell, not only for the lovely laptops but for giving you the chance to contribute to the fight against Cancer. Yes! You read that right!

Dell, already known for its fight against AIDS with the (Product) Red line have now gotten into partnership with Susan G. Komen, global leader of the breast cancer movement, the Cure. Not only has this prestigious brand agreed to donate $5 from the sale of each of its Promise Dell Pink computers and minis, but it’s made a commitment to raise a minimum amount of $250,000 this way, this year alone. This sum will go towards breast cancer research and community – centered programs to raise awareness of breast cancer and the importance of regular screening. This gives people like us a chance to choose our electronic wardrobe in a way that reflects our “passion areas” and supports a cause close to our hearts.

Let’s now take a look at the various models that this new line makes available in vibrant pink. You have an array of models to choose from. Promise notebook is now available in the following models : the Inspiron 1525, Studio 15, Studio 17, Studio Hybrid, XPS M1330, XPS M1530 and the Latitude E4200. The Inspiron Mini 9 and 12 are also already available in this hot color.
While most of us are familiar with the above mentioned models, not many of us are acquainted with the specs of the latest addition to this list – the Dell Mini 10v – which is also available in Promise pink (though it’s only been made available in the US and Canada so far).

This new model was officially launched just a week ago on the 12th of May and comes with an Intel Atom Processor that’s based on the Diamondville N270 or N280 versions. Other specs include 1GB RAM, 3 USB ports, integrated webcam, 3-in-1 Flash memory card, a standard 3-cell battery, a 6-cell 56WHR optional battery and optional Bluetooth.
The customization options on the website allow you to choose from either a Windows XP or Ubuntu8.04 OS. The latter comes with an 8GB SSD while both Windows and XP and Ubuntu systems can be ordered with a 16GB SSD, or 120 and 160GB HDDs. This 2.5 lbs netbook starts at $299.

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