Best Cute Macbook Pro & Air Cases and Sleeves

On this page, We have a selection of Top 5 best MacBook Air case (11 inch) and MacBook pro. Originally released back in January 29, 2008, the classic 11.6 inch version of the ultra-portable Apple notebook computer is still going strong. The newest member of the family, the Air has been designed to be thinner and more lightweight than its rivals, as well as compact, and it is certainly worth protecting and preserving from potential damage.

Most people who are looking for a new cover for their Apple notebook expect it to meet a number of requirements. First of all, they want it to guard their notebook from dust, dirt, knocks, scrapes, and scratches.

Secondly, many wish to use it to customize the look and feel of their notebook, giving it a more desirable image. Thirdly, they require it to be fully functional, and may wish for additional features, such as extra storage pockets, or rubber feet to provide more stability when typing.

The two main types of cover

There are a number of different styles of cover, but the two commonest are the snap on hard shell and the neoprene sleeve.

The hard shell cover is typically constructed from high-quality polycarbonate material. It can be snapped on and off easily, as required. The hard shell forms an additional layer of protection for the Air, minimizing potential damage from scratches, impacts, dirt, dust and drops. They often also come in a variety of colors too, allowing you to choose your favorite.

Neoprene is a form of synthetic rubber. This means that the sleeves, as well as guarding against bumps and scrapes, also are water resistant. Neoprene is very durable too. Neoprene sleeves typically fasten with one or two zippers. They can be plain in appearance, or patterned.

I hope that you enjoy reading Our list of Top 5 best MacBook Air case (11 inch) and find it useful.

Foldable feet for comfortable typing!

The iPearl mCover is an easy to snap on and off hard shell that has been specifically designed for the Apple Air. This high quality DOW polycarbonate cover is thin and light, but provides excellent protection, as well as being shatter-proof. One nice extra feature is the ergonomically designed foldable feet for extra comfort when typing.

All the ports, USB, ThunderBolt, SD Card, Power, Audio, etc remain accessible when the iPearl mCover is in place. This cover is available in a range of different colors including: clear; black; pink; aqua; green; blue; red; purple; and orange

Shatter-proof shell!

This Magic Black rubberized Cover is a shatter-proof shell, constructed from premium quality polycarbonate material. This attractive cover has a velvety feel, but is also grippy, lowering the chances of you dropping your beloved Air.

The cover is easily to snap on and off as needed, and it doesn’t block access to the Apple’s ports, plugs and features. Rubber feet provide additional stability and stop your laptop from sliding around when you are typing.

Stylish and functional!

This is a well designed and popular sleeve that combines a cool and stylish appearance with functionality. Made from neoprene, the sleeve is water resistant and the super bubble foam interior provides enhanced protection from unwelcome knocks and scrapes.

There is an extra pocket for your charger, mouse and eBook. This sleeve comes with a variety of colors, including dark blue, orange, green neon, red, and pink

Exceptionally sturdy and secure!

The extremely protective and high quality bubble sleeve by Hard Candy is another excellent product that should certainly be considered. Made from EVA foam, the rubber bumpers serve to cushion and also protect the Apple Air from impacts, while the soft interior minimizes accidental scratching.

Zippered closure keeps the laptop safe and secure when in transit or not in use. This sleeve offers some of the the sturdiest protection available in my top 5 list.

Magnetic snap enclosure for a snug fit!

Designed to be an excellent fit, this lightweight cover has a faux leather exterior and a suede interior to keep your Apple laptop protected from bumps and scrapes.

It comes with a magnetic snap enclosure. Its interior has a pair of corner elastic bands to keep the laptop securely fastened to the cover. A flap at the rear can be opened for ventilation, or to create a viewing angle.

Other covers to consider

The QNS-111 EVA Molded Netbook Sleeve is comfortable carrying sleeve that is stylish, as well as practical. Luxurious quilted padding keeps the laptop snug and secure and prevents it from moving around when in transit.

Especially suited to regular travelers, the carry handles are padded, making transportation easy, secure and comfortable.

It’s very durable and available in three different colors, its clam-shell design and integrated airflow systems minimize overheating and enable you to use your Apple while it is still in the sleeve.


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