The Best 2 in 1 or Convertible Laptops 2019

Right now, there are a lot of brands in the market that produces best 2 in 1 or convertible laptop tablets which also called laptop tablets hybrid or just hybrid laptops in different forms and styles. The price of the best touch screen laptops will vary depending on the brand where it came from, along with the specs if it’s high end or not. In this post, We have Top 10 best 2 in 1 Laptops that are considered favorites.

A convertible tablet, is a tablet that works not only as a multifunctional display but also transforms into a regular netbook or laptop with a slide or keyboard dock. These are especially made for people who need to work while on the go. They can choose to use it in a tablet form when taking handwritten notes from lectures, or when drawing plans and charts. They can also choose to use a keyboard and typical mouse when working on encoding jobs and reports when mobility isn’t a problem.

Best 2 in 1 Laptops 2018/2019

Lenovo ThinkPad X60 – The Best Detachable Laptop

As part of Lenovo’s innovative tablet PCs, they released this convertible laptop. It has a 12.1 inches Multi-Touch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

With a weight of 3.76 pounds, it can be a great convertible tablet. As for the dimensions, it has 10.8 x 9.6 x 1.1 – 1.3 inches that can be considered compact for a large screen tab. It can run pretty fast since it uses the Core Duo Processor with 1.83 GHz.

Running on Windows XP Tablet Edition, it already has a built-in Microsoft Office tools which is very important for documents and office works. It’s also a great web browser, for downloads, and games as it has 120 GB Memory. When it comes to battery life it will reach 7.5 hours before it dies. It’s priced at $1,799.

HP TouchSmart tm2t

This tab from HP comes with a weight of 4.8 pounds. Though it’s not slim and light like other convertibles, its weight can still be considered portable for many. It has a 12.1” screen which has an outstanding display. The BrightView™ technology makes it bright enough that even though it has a very glossy finish, you will still see the videos and elements displayed on the screen.

The capacitive touchscreen with 1280 x 800 pixels works really well with the Wacom pen that is included. Like other convertibles, it has a dual core processor and runs on Windows 7 Home Premium for that great experience both in work and entertainment. It has a large internal memory which is 640 GB that makes it a topnotch tab. The price of TouchSmart will start at $899.

Panasonic ToughBook C1

Panasonic is known to be the brand that manufactures ultra durable tablets known as the “Toughbook”. It can withstand falls, bumps, water spills, dust accumulation, and the fact that it is a 2 in 1 tablet makes it a great portable device for work. It is ideal in areas and applications where extra care is needed like in construction sites.

The Best Dell 2 in 1 Laptop

Dell offers the Latitude XT2 Tablet PC that lets you use controls such as pinching and tapping for scrolling, panning, rotating, and zooming into your media. Its multi-touch responsive screen technology is not much to write home about since all new touch screen laptops have the same controls. The difference in design is the LCD-based built-in wireless antenna which is supposed to enhance signal reception. This laptop is a high-performance system designed with intuitive input capabilities including a capacitive multi-touchscreen and pen so the Latitude XT2 can work the way you want. The XT2 allows you to scroll through pages, and close windows on top of the zooming and pinching controls.

Size is a plus when it comes to this laptop. It is just an inch thick and the power supply is nicely reduced in size. This makes for a great travel laptop. The battery is a unique design in the form of a high capacity battery slice that completely covers the underside of the laptop.

If you use it as a tablet, it comes with a pen to write or draw on the screen that can swivel and fold back into a full tablet position. When taking form of a regular laptop the touchscreen features are still available in addition to typical keyboard and track pad controls. The screen is nice and bright by Dell standards and the manufacturer claims it is specifically designed for sunlit outdoor environments. It has sensors to brighten the screen if the environment is exceptionally bright.

Some of the cool features include a fingerprint scanner. It works the same way as the feature first introduced in Sony laptops and is now integrated into most touch screen notebooks. The screen is lined with scroll forward and backward wheel for lists and pages and can click if you press down on it to present the right click function of a mouse. The base comes with a storage compartment for the stylus pen as well as the standard USB and IEEE 1392 connector ports. The side of the base is also lined with Wi-Fi controls and SD card reader. It also comes with typical monitor VGA ports for extended display. This laptop is popular for its right or left hand user design which is a welcome for the lefties of this world.

The Best Toshiba 2 in 1 Laptop

The Toshiba Portege M700 Tablet PC is the company’s Best hybrid laptop with a 12.1 inch screen powered by a 2.2 GHz Core 2 Duo processor. It separates itself from other touch screen notebooks in its lightweight design. While it is not the lightest of pc tablets, 4.7lbs is very good comfortable to carry around. Also, that’s excluding the optional slice battery which adds much more battery life but increases the laptops weight and that means in actuality it’s weighs just as much as any standard 2 in1 laptop out there. If you don’t need an optical drive, the custom laptop builder on their website allows you to remove the DVD drive to save some weight.

The hinge design is like most other tablet PCs in that it swivels around and folds backward into full tablet mode. In notebook mode it functions more like a regular laptop than some of the other brands available in the market. The touchscreen is very nicely responsive when used with the included pen.

The LED backlight display is one of the best screens compared to other detachable laptops. And unlike some screens, this laptop doesn’t glare in brighter environments. The screen also automatically detects what mode the laptop is in so it will change orientation by itself. There are some programmable function buttons on the screen that comes in handy when in tablet mode. The laptop includes both touchscreen and active digitizer technology to record anything you write or draw with the pen. The touchscreen allows for navigation of windows with the pen or your fingers.

It comes with built-in wireless as all laptops do and the connectivity seems to be decently strong and volume controls in the form of a wheel on the front of the tablet which is convenient. The speakers itself are typical of laptop speakers and aren’t anything special.

The Toshiba M700 laptop is a good deal and is designed with functionality over aesthetics. Its minimalistic design offers all the typical features of any touch screen laptop.

The Best HP 2 in 1 Laptop

HP has a new and best hybrid laptop called the HP TouchSmart tx2 Notebook PC. For those who are familiar with non-touch screen laptops, the screen is a little smaller than the base so it closes unevenly. Despite the manufacturers attempts at making this laptop look cool, it’s more unsightly than sleek. It comes with a very nice 12.1 inch widescreen with HP’s high-definition BrightView display technology. There is also a built-in webcam for face-to-face chat and video capture. Next to the screen on your right hand side is a built-in fingerprint reader that functions the same as what some Sony laptops feature. The screen is designed to swivel and twist up to 180 degrees making it easier to share without physically picking up the laptop. It can also fold backwards and flat for handwriting directly onto the screen. It’s a fully functioning table PC when it comes with a stylus for writing and drawing directly onto the screen.

The laptop is cool because it recognizes pinching, pressing, flicking, tap, and dragging of media with two fingers using HP MediaSmart software. The controls mimic what users have come to accept from Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch.

It comes with built-in wireless as all new laptop models are. If you buy a laptop without built-in wireless something is terribly wrong. What’s great with HP is the integrated remote control. I don’t know anyone who actually finds it useful, I just say it’s great because there’s a nifty compartment on the side to store it so for whatever reason in the future the remote doesn’t get lost. The laptop is built with SRS Premium Sound as its audio hardware. They’re on the upper end of laptop speakers, but as well all know, that’s not saying much.

For the eco-aware people among us, HP claims the TouchSmart is Energy Star qualified and ships in recyclable packaging with EPA SmartWay carriers. It does have a pretty cool imprint and finish as HP is way ahead of Dell prints in that department. The quality of the material is something most people enjoy about the new HP laptop.

Best Touch Screen Laptops

For those who don’t make a point of staying informed of and connected with the latest and newest technologies, a touch screen laptop and the idea of a computer that can be manipulated via directly tapping its screen may seem either a hoax or a novelty. The reality, as most of us know, is that interactive touchscreens are showing up in more and more forms of modern technology and are becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. However, even for those technologically savvy individuals who stay on the cutting edge of gadgets and electronics, some of these recent devices may get overlooked.

While most of us are familiar at this point with the familiar method of stylus based writing used with a Palm Pilot, and wouldn’t bat an eye if we saw an IPhone used in public or a tablet PC or touchscreen laptop used by a traveling businessman, there are still several other places in which this technology has become widespread, and often times under the radar. Take, for example, your local family owned restaurant or even your favorite neighborhood bar. Behind the friendly smiles of the staff, and hustling knives and cooking skills of their chefs, waiters and waitresses send your order to the kitchen via touchscreen computers – the same ones used by the managers to keep track of employees’ hours or daily sales.

Meanwhile, in hospitals and doctors offices across the country, touchscreen devices are employed by nurses, doctors, and even patients themselves. In fact, beyond the usual use of hybrid laptops in the operating room – used in these instances because they are easier for a gloved surgeon to use than a standard computer set up – touchscreen technology shows up on several other tools and devices used during surgery. Back in your own backyard, a trip to the supermarket or big box department store is likely to put you in contact with a touchscreen as many of these stores now offer a “do it yourself” check out system that allows a customer to pay and bag his or her groceries by themselves by using a touchscreen interface. This process is not unlike the one employed by your bank’s ATM machine – probably one of the most familiar uses for touchscreen technology.

Of course, this brief preceding list is hardly all encompassing, and touchscreens have literally been popping up everywhere from casino games like video poker or black jack to children’s hand held devices and toys and only seem poised to expand further in the coming years. With modern technology and computing power developing at a dizzying and exponential rate, it’s only a matter of time before the detachable laptop replaces our standard go to travel computer and touchscreen televisions and remotes replace the way we currently watch and enjoy TV. Regardless of what the future does bring us –provided that we can keep an open mind – these further developments in touchscreen computing can only serve to amaze and entertain us while simplifying our lives.


Toughbook C1 might look bulky and heavy but it actually weighs only 3.1 pounds. The processor is Core i5 which is more recent than the dual core processors. The battery life will last up to 10 hours. Since it is created for both outdoors and indoors, the 12.1 inches screen display is very bright even under the sun. It runs on Windows 7 Professional like the other two 2 in 1 or hybrid laptops. It seems that this operating system is very useful for works like making reports and presentations. It is a bit pricey, carrying a price tag of $2,500.

These three Best Convertible Laptop Tablets are the top picks when it comes to value and quality. They can be a bit more expensive than some of the other tablets on the market but these 2 in 1 tablet have superior quality, durability, and high-end specs are more than worth the added price difference.

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