Should Technology Replace Teachers?

Should teachers be replaced by computers or other technology ? Well, for some reason, people keep asking the same question of it since they feel like being disrupted by technology.

Over the last decade, technology has become the major influence in each life aspect in the world. An advanced development in the way we communicate with each other is one of the evidence we should aware that technology has invoked our life as well as it can.

For example, we know about e-commerce in economy field. Now people don’t need to go to the conventional store like the day they used to be. They just need to sit calmly at home with a gadget in their hand and do the shopping activity right from their comfortable bedroom or chair. It is really simple, right?

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Debate on Computers Should be Substitute for Teachers

Computers, especially the ones with a good connection to the internet, has also become primary needs today. Unlike technology that has influenced all of the life aspects, computers have been being the most used gadget for several jobs.

If you ever thought about influencers, social media artists, freelancers, editors, and other many jobs, you may notice that each job needs a computer. In a short-term, computers, as a part of technology, also influence our life aspect as well and education is not an exception.

Should a computer replaces a teacher? Well, for some reason, people keep asking the same question of it since they feel like being disrupted by technology. Since at least twenty years ago, the use of computers in teaching and learning activity is undeniable.

You must be familiar with the change of Over Head Projector (OHP) to computers. Teachers like to use computers and make a great presentation in Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) since it is more convenient and efficient.

Should Computers Replace Teachers ? Pros and Cons

So, here I’d like to give several pros and cons regarding how we put computers in teaching and learning activity.


This is the place where I’d like to give positive statement supported by brief information toward the existence of computers in teaching and learning activity. People say that a computer should replaces a teacher as well.

Our education system is being disrupted by technology

We realize or not, our education system is now disrupted by technology and computers, as a part of it, has supported the way students learn as well. Now people, starting from the youngest age of below ten until the oldest age of more than sixty, are capable of handling personal computers.

Kids are really familiar with the way information flows on the internet so that they can learn as much as they want just from their own computers. Teachers are the same. Instead of creating a low key and conventional “learning by listening”, they will try to present information from a presentation on computers.

Students only need to watch the learning objects on the LCD. So, what’s the difference between learning the material at home?

Each life aspect is bonding perfectly in the integrated system

We know that each life aspect is now integrated as a system. For example, we don’t need to go to the bank to pay for school tuition. We just need to click on our gadget to make a payment. Well, it is possible since a lot of countries have already done e-money.

You might be familiar with distance learning or online college. We don’t need to bring our admission documents to enroll ourselves since the teaching and learning process are held on the internet. You just need to pay for school tuition online and you can start to learn “at school”.

You can also submit your tasks just fine by email or skype with your lecturer or teacher when needed as scheduled before. It is easy to communicate since you can do this everywhere at any time.

If it is needed, you can also get into a virtual laboratory for majors with practical requirements. No need to get teacher’s guidance.

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Like any other topics, there is also a statement that reacts to this issue. Several groups of people tend to stay in their opinion that teachers should not be replaced by computers.

Education is a complex field and difficult to define

Unlike other life aspects, education is a complex field (and sometimes business) in which quality is difficult to define and pursue in the way other fields do. As we know, improved educational program quality needs to go along with technology but still, technology cannot stand alone.

It makes no sense to do comparing those two fields since they need to play along together. The main point is technology cannot get over teachers. Computers cannot replace teachers.

So I can say that computers or other technology are not about to be substitute for teachers since computers are being used to make the low end of a well-defined product, such as projects and presentations. Computers are only “tools” and not the whole key to teaching and learning process.

You can also take a look at redefining quality in a much more complex world of knowledge than that from which most current educational models were designed. Teachers are still needed to guide the process of learning, even if the students are learning from a distance (online college or distance education).

Students still need their teacher to facilitate the learning process

Though disruption in the education space is built and developed day by day, we still cannot get over the lack of learning by the internet. The Internet provides not only good things but also bad vibes.

If students learn alone, there is no guarantee that they are doing only a good thing. So that they still need a proper guidance from older, in this case, teachers. There is no proper evidence that says about computers replacing teachers since computers cannot do the job to make a lesson plan, lesson design, and picking the best strategies to teach specific learning objects.

So, what do you think about debate on computers replacing teachers? You might start rethinking about this question since you’ve already known what people think about the two standing points. I myself, as a teacher, will use the computers wisely so that it can be a great tool for learning help, not replacing me.


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