The Best Laptop for Computer Science Students & IT Professionals

Choosing the best laptop for computer science or information technology (IT) sometimes can be daunting task to do since you will require the one which can perform fast and efficiently.

If you are students who take computer science(CS) or IT major, you will study about theory, experimentation, engineering, which associated with the design of the computer and computational process. Not only programming, such as comp. graphics and artificial intelligence are example of subjects that learned in this major.

The newest and most expensive laptops do not always do the jobs well. The key to get the best one is actually by considering the specs of the device so they can support the tasks in the major.


Best Laptops for IT & CS Major 2018/2019

Apple MacBook Air 13.3 Inch Laptop

Apple MacBook Air is considered as popular laptop not only for college students but also those who work as IT professionals or comp. scientists. Besides its ability to run various software for computer technology , it also offers high performance so that you can access three operating systems together.

This device has Unix based machine where run Linux packages originally. MacBook Air also has languages which already installed on it including C++, Phyton, and Java. Hence, you do not require installing all of them in your own. Not only iOS device, Android also can be programmed on it.

It high performance is resulted from the use of intel core i7 processor, 8 GB RAM, and 512 GB storage so that it can do various assignments related to computer major. To match with 8 GB RAM, this machine also can perform well using intel core i5 and 256 GB of SSD.

The RAM capacity is designed to be handy for developing particularly when it uses third party software to do the works. Featured the latest SSD technology, MacBook Air will show the best performance when running CS software and boot up the machine in few seconds.

Not only offer suitable performance for IT and CS majors, its portability with only 3.0 lb plus 13 hours battery life are other specs which you rarely find from its counterparts.

Dell XPS 13

From the Windows based machines, you can find Dell XPS 13 as one of the best computer engineering laptops. This machine also offers high configurable performance with 16 GB of RAM as well as using the latest generation processor intel core i7.

Intel Iris graphics in this device can beat other graphics card available today. Due to this high configuration makes the price for this device is quite expensive for pupils. Hence, for more affordable option, you can use the combination of Intel core i5 processor and 8 GB RAM as it offers adequate amount of coding and support the environment of comp. field.

Dell XPS 13 is available in two configurations, full HD and QHD resolution display. If you want to save the battery life, the full HD already gives you with comfortable workspace for any line of code for following the logic. Both of them are designed with infinity edge display so it does not bring any bezels to emphasize the big screen look.

This design makes the device looks smaller and thinner. The Linux system in the XPS also offers good compatibility even though you do not use iOS device program. The high-quality is also applied on the keyboard and trackpad. This 2.9 lb laptop also has battery life which last for 10 hours.

Surface Pro 4

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Less popularly used by comp. scientists, Surface Pro 4 still becomes great option of IT and CS majors. We also name this 2 in 1 laptop as one of the best tablet/laptop for college. This notebook has provided everything you require when doing assignments. Surface Pro and oneNote program is good replacement to all the books you need.

It is both portable and functional so it will help pupils to keep organized and offer easy access to information they need. The configuration performance is also quite high and you can set it based on the class concentration. For safer budget, you can take the one with m3 processor, 4 GB RAM, and 128 GB of SSD storage.

Although it can support Intel i7 core processor, 16 GB RAM, and 1 TB SSD storage, you had better to stick with Intel i5 core processor, 8 GB RAM, and 256 GB storage for not too expensive option while to finish the degree. The combination of Intel i5 Core processor and 8 GB RAM serves ideal performance for virtual machines.

This configuration also offers no lagging whenever it runs App development environment likes Android Studio. Whenever you run that app, using 256 GB storage will be more suitable complement. Besides offers better resolution compared with common premium ultrabook, it is also quite comfortable laced over the lap since it is not as solid as real laptop.

Asus Zenbook

Is it possible to have a good performance laptop for IT professionals in a budget? No worries. You will get it if you use Asus Zenbook. With its portable and thin design, this device remains doing all the coding works well.

The battery life is also long allows you to code wherever they want, not to mention when they are far from the electricity outlets. The specs of this device also support in opening heavy IDEs programs such as eclipse and Visual Studio. Its 13.3 inch display with full HD resolution will make pupils easier when looking on the documents or open several windows for coding rather than its counterparts with smaller display.

It also features the matte display to protect the eyes from any reflection when doing long time coding works.  Laptop whose battery life last after 9 hours has keyboard which the quality is not as high as the one owned by sky MacBook Air.

It is quite normal by the way, since MacBook keyboard is truly unparalleled. Whenever keyboard is not a big problem for you, then Asus Zenbook is very useful device for all students of this major works. All the assignments will be killed perfectly using this in-budget laptop.

Final Verdict

Looking the best laptop for It and CS students does not merely mean to you have to go with the most expensive one. The first thing to do when buying laptop, you need to check the configurations of it, especially on the platform used including the processor and RAM.

It is because since two elements plays important role in affecting the performance of the device. Make sure the specifications of the notebook can support all the works and class work assignments so you can do all of them smoothly.

Besides choosing laptop which is suitable with computer discipline needs, considering the price is also important if you as pupils do not want to break your savings.


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