Colorful Laptops Will Allow You to Personalize With Your Favorite Color

Color Laptops – Any Color in The World You Want

Laptops with color would have sounded crazy a few years ago; but ever since Apple introduced their white laptop, everyone has realized just how “out” all the black laptops looked. So, amazingly, we are now in a time where finding a fully black laptop has become harder than you’d think. Well, that’s not really a problem, as most people prefer other colors just the same – and some manufacturers even allow you to choose laptops in different colors for specific laptop models.

Even if you don’t fancy any of the available colors for the laptop of your choosing, you can have it custom painted to your exact specifications. So, if you’re into a metallic gray look with embossed logo, there are companies out there that will gladly take care of it for you. A laptop isn’t just a “computer in a portable box”, it can now be customized as easily as you could do with a regular desktop computer case. Whenever you set up your laptop on a desktop, there will be no way someone will mistake it for anyone else’s.

“Laptops in different colors” really have turned laptop computing into a personal experience. And that’s what this is really all about. Unlike a stationary computer case hidden below your desk, a laptop is something that people care about as much as their cell phones – and just like it, they want to customize it according to their preferences.

Colored Apple laptops

Colored Apple laptops broke a long standing tradition in computer hardware, where – just like Ford’s Model T – you could have your laptop in any color you wanted: as long as it was black. Today, black is out (in fact, it has been gone for so long that people are actually wanting black laptops again.) And it all began with Apple white laptops that draw attention to laptops as being more than simple “work” computers. Colorful Apple laptops brought style to computing.

Today, most laptops are available in number of different colors, from the grayish and silvery tones to more radical bright colors such as racing red, celestial blues, and even pastel tones as pink and cyan. Computing sure has become a lot more colorful since Apple colored laptops introduced its white laptops. Even if you don’t find the exact color you want for your laptop, there are people out there willing to make your wishes come true and will gladly paint and customize your laptop to look exactly as you want it.

So, if you want a gold plated “colored apple laptop” with your company (or personal) logo on it, that’s within your reach. That should be enough to show just how much things have changed since the “all black” no customization possible laptops we had just a few years ago. Today, you can even find laptop with natural product cases such as leather and wood. So, whatever the future may hold, it certainly won’t be a simple plastic black box for your Apple notebook.

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Colored Gateway Laptops

Gateway has many color laptops to add a fashion statement to your workspace. With Gateway M-Series laptops, you can choose colors from Pacific Blue, Garnet Red, and Artic Bloom. Gateway features an innovative design that is wear resistant. The vibrant color is sealed in a long-lasting glossy finish. There is not an additional charge for custom colors on Gateway laptop purchases.

Women are the driving force behind the color scheme in marketing colored notebooks. Men are most often more interested in the technical details but women influence around 80% of consumer electronics sold. Women asked for bolder and sleeker choices in laptops. The electronic giant companies finally decided to listen.

A very smart man once said, “Men obsess over gadgets because they are easier and less complicated to understand than women.” Men care about the size and capacity of their laptops; women want a pretty package. In the future, there will probably be a key that automatically changes laptop color. Do you think Apple heard that? We here at want to help you with all your information and resources for all your coloured laptop needs.

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