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A kids laptop computer doesn’t always refer to a kids toy laptop that is colorful and has big button to push. Giving a kid a real laptop to use, even it you are there with them while they learn to use it is really important to helping your child excel in school. The world is a lot different than it once was with regard to students and computers. Computers are a huge part of school and an essential part of college. The sooner you introduce your child to computers in general, the better.

What will be the best Kids First laptop? Laptop or desktop? A kids computer isn’t the only choice you have for getting a computer for your son or daughter. You can also go with a desktop PC. The advantage to this is that used desktop computers are so cheap and you probably even have one sitting around your home from when you upgraded last. Set up that old PC and let you child play with it. You won’t have to worry about them breaking anything on it because you can just put the system restore disks in and reformat it. It will give your child the chance to play openly and learn as much as possible before having to use one at school that can get messed up.

Windows – Having a laptop or even a desktop with Windows is important. Your child will be using Microsoft Windows in school as most schools prefer the Windows platform over Apple’s OS X. While you can get computers, specifically netbooks with other operating systems such as Linux, it’s best to get a model with Windows for your child to learn on. There isn’t anything wrong with the other operating systems out there, but when your child is first learning, familiarity is going to be important.

Hopefully you’ve got an old PC sitting around the house that your child can use so you won’t have any money out of pocket, but if you don’t you can still find laptops for a great deal. Check your local paper’s classified ad’s or the local Goodwill store. If you need quality tech toys for kids, be sure to check our guide to Kids electronic learning toys.

The LeapFrog My Own Leaptop Review

Toddlers fascinated by their parents’ computers will love the LeapFrog Leaptop, an innovative baby computer toy that provides children aged 2-4 years with personalized play on their very own pretend laptop. It provides a safe way to explore and enjoy using a computer. By connecting it to a computer, parents can personalize their child’s leaptop in a variety of ways. All that is needed to create a unique profile for the child is to setup a parent account on the Leapfrog website. Once this is done, children will be greeted personally with their own name as soon as they turn on the leaptop. According to the model chosen, one of the two adorable host puppies, Violet or Scout, will be there to entertain, educate and guide the child through every one of the numerous activities.

Parents can also customize eight different email messages so that children can experience the fun of receiving emails from friends and family. When the child presses the email button, these will be read out loud by Violet or Scout so they can be enjoyed even by those too young to read. Toddlers may follow along on with the writing onscreen to develop early reading skills. Pressing the blog button will give access to Violet or Scout’s personal blog accompanied by engaging onscreen animations. This provides yet more opportunities for strengthening listening skills and vocabulary. While the LeapFrog My Own Leaptop already includes music, parents can customize the toy further by downloading additional songs and instrumental music for the playlist. Children will also develop vocabulary by singing along to the songs while either Scout or Violet dances on the screen.

Packed full of fun educational features, it also teaches letters, phonics, shapes, animals, and more in an effective way. Children can explore three fun modes of play by moving the toy mouse. In alphabet mode, children quickly and easily learn letter recognition and phonics as they hear Scout or Violet’s friendly, enthusiastic voices say the sounds and name animals that start with each letter. This is reinforced by onscreen pictures of the animals. Never missing opportunities for personalization, the Leaptop’s characters also celebrate the first letter of the child’s name, dancing along to upbeat music whenever the relevant letter key is pressed. When the mouse is moved to animal mode, kids can play a guessing game to identify animals and their corresponding phonic sounds. When the mouse is moved to music mode, the alphabet keypad is transformed into a music sampler. To check their child’s progress, or to get customized learning ideas, parents can connect to the online Leapfrog Learning Path tool.

This toy available in green or violet, comes with a USB cable, three AA batteries, and full instructions. Durable but light-weight, it can be folded up just like a laptop, and its inbuilt travel handle makes this toy computer easy for toddlers to carry around. The following are required to take advantage of the Leaptop’s many benefits: an internet connection, CD or DVD drive, USB port, and Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X v10.4 or higher.

Leapfrog Clickstart My First Computer Review

In a world where technology is quickly working its way into the lives of families around the globe, it is crucial to start educating children about the wonders and operations of computers. Children are able to use a computer at an earlier and earlier age.

However, it’s risky for parents to buy an actual computer with features that children will never use. The most crucial part of the toy is the gaming capabilities. LeapFrog, the company that brings educational products to children and their families, now offers a computer age-appropriate for children 3-6 years old.

The LeapFrog ClickStart Kids First Laptop Computer plugs right into your child’s TV and brings various educational games right to the big screen. The keyboard is large enough for little hands and fingers to operate. The colorful keys are also great at teaching your child to distinguish between the position of the letters and numbers.

Your child will have the QWERTY keyboard memorized in no time! The large mouse pad, adjustable for left or right handed children, is large enough to teach kids how to point and click on an actual computer, a hand-eye coordination skill.

This baby computer toy is part of LeapFrog’s Learning Path, an online tool that allows parents to view what their child is learning and what they will be learning in the future. It’s a great way to keep parents up-to-date with their child’s learning process.

There are currently 11 learning games released for this ClickStart PC toy. From Dora the Explorer and Bob the Builder, to Disney Princess and Toy Story games, these interactive games are sure to teach your child reading and counting skills. Your children will enjoy learning and will want to learn more with their own laptop.

The toy is offered at a price parents are bound to find reasonable. Overall, this kids toy computer is unbeatable for its price and educational experience. If you have experience with the LeapFrog Clickstart, leave a comment below and let us know what you thought.

Which Kids Laptops Have Family Safety Features?

We all want to protect our children and computers, laptops and the internet can pose a risk to our children which is why many people choose a kids laptop with family safety features and parental controls installed.  There are many different options a parent can avail of to ensure that any computer that their children use is child friendly and safe to use.  While any computer can be made secure it can at times be challenging to get every operation that you would like to customize for children to use to work the way you want it to and unless you are adept at computer usage it is a difficult task.

Luckily there are a number of chilren’s laptops available that are specifically designed to make this task easy to do.  One of the best kids netbooks on the market at the moment is the Disney Netpal from Asus, not only does the netpal feature parental controls for every aspect of use it offers a fully customized parental panel where turning on and off features is as simple as checking yes or no.  One of the biggest features of the netpal is that it also has the ability to monitor computer usage as well as email.  This is not common in most family safety softwares, parents can create allowed contact lists for email for their children as well as allow and block websites however they see fit.

The parental control of the netpal make this laptop ideal for children and the best part is it is really easy to set up, in fact it takes only four steps right out of the box to have it set up and ready to go.  The laptop itself has all the features you would expect in windows xp and parents can pick and choose exactly which programs their child can and cannot use as well as set a time limit on each program, this is a great option for parents who want to ensure that homework is done before game play.

Overall the disney netpal from Asus offers everything a concerned parent could want out of a laptop for their children while still allowing the child to have the use of a fully functional laptop with all the essentials from microsoft word to spreadsheets, photo albums, a child friendly radio station from disney, customizable screens and ten different disney themes to choose from.  A great solution for parents and kids alike.

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