Cheap Fujitsu Laptop (New, Refurbished and Used)

Fujitsu’s laptops are aimed at the higher end of the laptop market and thus do not tend to be priced for consumers who want a truly cheap laptop. However, in comparison to other higher end laptop companies, such as Sony, their prices are very competitive.

Therefore, if all you want is a basic laptop for surfing the Internet or using word processing then I recommend you look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you need an ultra portable or more powerful notebook then looking at Fujitsu notebook computers makes a lot of sense.
Currently Fujitsu sells its laptops under the LifeBook brand name in North America. Under this it has several different series that are designed for different users, although again none of them are particularity cheap. The most basic of these is the C series, which includes Fujitsu basic features such as Centrino technology, Microsoft software and Wireless Internet capabilities. If you want more powerful desktop replacement then you will want to look at the E and N series since they feature higher-end processors and more memory.

On the other hand, if you want to have increased portability you should look at the S series since they tend to be thinner and lighter than the others. For ultra portability in your Fujitsu notebook you will want to consider the P and B lines, since some of they weight less than 2.5 pounds with batteries that can last almost all day. Finally, if you are looking for a Tablet PC, you will want to consider Fujitsu’s T series, since they are considered to be one of the best Tablet PC’s available.

New laptops from Fujitsu are both sold by Fujitsu itself as well as by other major computer retailers. Despite this choice, I still think that you are better off buying directly from them, since their prices are almost always lower and you can customize your laptop to the exact way you want it. If the ability to customize your laptop is not that important to you may also want to consider looking at refurbished or used Fujitsu notebooks as alternatives.

Refurbished Fujitsu Laptops

Refurbished Fujitsu laptops make a great alternative to buying a new notebook computer. This is in large part due to the fact that refurbished models cost significantly less than new ones, but often have virtually identical features.

Thus, if you want to get most of the features of a new Fujitsu notebook but don’t want to pay the full price then a refurbished one could be for you. However, there are one or two things you should be aware of before definitively deciding on this option.
First of all the term refurbished refers to a process whereby the computer manufacturer reconditions minor technical or surface problems with a laptop. They are then tested and certified to ensure that they will work as good as new. However, as a result of the fact that they had problems in the past, the manufacturer sells them at a discount. This means that you can get a virtually good as new refurbished Fujitsu laptop with out paying full price. On the other hand, you can save even more money if you are wiling to buy a used Fujitsu’s laptop but this will not come with the same features as a new one.

If you are still worried that buying a refurbished model may mean you have more problems than a brand new model, you can feel more secure that all the sites we recommend give additional warranties on the refurbished laptop from Fujitsu that they sell. On average these tend to last 30 to 90 days, less than new models but more than most used ones. Thus, refurbished laptops make a good compromise between the high priced new models and cheaper but riskier used ones. Better still is that fact that Fujitsu sells many of its own refurbished models direct from their website saving you even more money. You can check them out by visiting the Fujitsu Notebooks Website.

There is one more thing I should mention before you begin looking at refurbished Fujitsu notebooks. Always make sure that you are getting everything included when you buy. One of the most common things not sold with refurbished models is an operating system like Microsoft Windows. Be warned though, that this will only add on to your costs later on, so it pays to check before you buy. This goes with everything else you may need to like manuals, cables, drives, cards etc.

Used Fujitsu Laptops

Finding cheap used Fujitsu laptops on the Internet can be somewhat difficult. While there are many websites that claim to sell them cheaply, you will find that most of the prices they offer aren’t that great for what you get.

However, I have found that by far the best place to find and buy cheap Fujitsu notebooks are on online auction websites such as eBay. Nevertheless, there are still a few things you should know before you decide on this option.
Used Fujitsu notebooks unlike new or most refurbished models often come with either a very limited warranty or sometimes not even one at all. This can be somewhat problematic when you are buying one in a rather anonymous fashion like over the Internet. That being said, if you want to pay as little as possible you will not be able to find a better price than the one you find online. Thus, to help you get the lowest price I have included some tips that make it less likely that you will have any problems.

Essentially, the goal is to make sure that you are buying from someone reputable. The good news is that auction websites make this information very accessible. Every online auction site features the reputation ratings of the seller’s on its website. Personally, I will only buy from sellers who meet the following criteria. The first of these is a high degree of positive feedback, which for me means no less than a score of 99%. Second, I look for sellers who have sold a least a hundred items before to make it more likely I will get what I have paid for. Finally, I look for other things that make a seller seem more reputable such as reading feedback comments, the availability of a warranty or at least shipping insurance. Thus, if you follow these tips you should have relatively little trouble when buying used Fujitsu’s laptops.

One more thing to consider when buying a used Fujitsu laptop is to make sure it has everything it needs included. This can include things such as an operating system, cables, manuals, CDs, drives, cards etc. You want to be sure that your laptop will work without you having to pay any more to get additional accessories. If you want more information about what you should be looking for on a laptop please visit my Buyer’s Guide.

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