What is The Best Web Browser of 2019

There are many internet browsers on the market today, and they can all work well for you. Chrome,Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer or Opera are some of your options, and all are fast browsers with many features. It generally depends on what you like in a Web browser, and what features you expect it to have.

As of this writing, Firefox is the top browser on the market, but Google Chrome is quickly taking that lead. Google Chrome is a fast browser, and Chrome Instant is a feature that allows you to see the website come up on your screen before you finish typing it in the address bar. Chrome is also the only internet browser that includes a built-in Flash player and PDF reader.

Internet Explorer 11 is much better than its predecessor and the speed of this browser is comparable to that of Google Chrome. Internet Explorer 11 also includes a graphics hardware acceleration to make it faster. Since then, Firefox and Google Chrome also have a graphics hardware acceleration, and other browsers may follow this lead. Internet Explorer 11 will only work if you have Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 running on your computer. With Pinned Sites in IE11, you can open your favorite sites direction from your task bar without having to first open Internet Explorer.

Most browsers give you the ability to sync bookmarks, history, and settings, but Firefox has the best syncing feature out of all the browsers. With Firefox, you can also sync your Android devices with Firefox. Firefox tabs also work best to most, especially if you use the Panorama tab grouping feature. With the latest Firefox updates, it now starts up quicker and uses less memory.

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Opera is another browser that is worth looking into. Many people choose this browser because it comes with some great standard features, such as pop up block, built-in search capabilities, and tabbed browsing. Opera Mini can be used on your cell phone. Opera also uses Speed Dial, which is a set of virtual bookmarks that allow you to  have quick access to your favorite websites. When a new tab is opened in Opera, it automatically displays Speed Dial.

Apple’s browser, Safari, is also worth looking at when looking at Web browsers. All Mac computers use Safari, but they also  make a Windows version of their browser for PC users.  It is fast and easy to use, but may lack some of the customization features that you will find in most other browsers. Safari does offer Reader view, which allows you to fox on text of publication sites.

There are some other things that you should take into consideration when looking at internet browsers, such as privacy issues and support for HTML5. Right now, Chrome is in the lead for this and IE9 is at the end. All of these browsers are completely free, so it may be best to download each of them and try them out for yourself and then decide which one works best for you.

Google Chrome 

Google Chrome is a fast Web browser and quickly rising to the top. Chrome Instant brings up your website before you have even finished typing it into the address bar. It offers support for HTML5 and hardware acceleration to help speed it up. Google Chrome is a favorite browser of many people and it is becoming more and more popular. Download Google Chrome 2018 Version


Firefox  is the most popular internet browser as of this writing. It is a customizable browser, has tabbed browsing, quick start-up time, low memory use, and offers you security. Firefox also includes hardware acceleration to make it even faster for you. This has been the favorite browser for many people, but Chrome is quickly rising to the top. Download Firefox 2018 version

Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft Internet Explorer is faster and works better with HTML5. It has made some major improvements over Internet Explorer 10, including hardware acceleration and tab pinning, but only Windows 11 users can download this browser.


Opera is also a fast Web browser and is compliant with HTML5. Opera uses Turbo, which helps it run faster if you are on a slow connection, and Unite, which you can use to turn the browser into a server. Opera is a safe browser as they reduce your exposure to security threats. This browser has  many built-in features, and you can add more features by using extensions. Download Opera 2018 Version


Safari is a fast internet browser and also supports HTML5. This browser comes standard with all Mac  computers, but Window users can use this browser on their computers if they desire. The Reader view and Reading List features of this browser are some great features. It also offers strong bookmarking capabilities, an RSS reader, and tabbed browsing. Download Safari 2018 Version

If you are not sure which browser is best for you, download each one of them and try them out for a few days. Think about what features are important to you in a browser. Some people like a lot of features, and others like the minimalist design of Google Chrome better.  These internet browsers are constantly updating, so ensure that you download the latest versions on  your computer. With so many browsers, you can have more than one browser installed on your computer at the same time if you cannot decide which one you like best.

For example, if you like tabbed browsing, most Web browsers today use this. You can configure Firefox to be almost anyway you like it. You can also use extensions in Firefox to configure it even more. Chrome has a much simpler design to it, and some people like their browsers like this. They all basically work the same, you just have to decide which one works better for you. One browser may also be quicker on your computer than the others. The amount of time it takes to open a website can be frustrating on some browsers.

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