The Best Tablet for Work – The Needs of a Tablet PC in A Corporate Environment

This guide is dedicated to the wealth of info out there on the great uses of a Tablet PC in the Corporate environment and the good and bad in the many aspects related to it.

The Tablet for Office Work

One may find it necessary to do a Tablet PC comparison to find out which one will best suit their company’s needs. The level of productivity and team communication that can be achieved with a Tablet offers many choices. Now I’m not going to pretend I am an IT guru so I won’t elaborate too deep. But I get it. So here are a few quick points to consider:

Team Collaboration

A Tablet needs to have compatibility with the myriad of communication options out there such as IM, conferencing, an email client preferably that could integrate with IM, to name a few.

Video Communication

With the economy at a low many companies are cutting back on travel expenses and those frequent flyer miles. With the ability to video conference now it’s still very possible to work together face to face even though you are continents apart. The Tablet must be able to support video communication across multiple vendors and platforms seamlessly as it becomes more and more the standard over taking a flight.


Business class security compatibility is a given. As convenient as mobile devices are, there mobile nature also has inherent risk for company data on the move. Enterprise level encryption along with VPN access over outside internet connections and authentication must be implemented without a hitch. This also goes into limiting the freedom of users in the way of internet browsing and marketplace downloads.

Hardware Power

The Tablet must have the memory and processing power to handle Enterprise Applications and Security Suites along with Desktop functionality. With the ability to all be running at the same time with little to no drop in performance

Cloud connectivity

The Cloud is quickly becoming the popular choice among Companies today. Being able to host applications securely at your IT HQ and access it from the mobile device makes not only makes for great accessibility, but also for updates, patches etc. You only need to make a change in one centralized area.

This is just a few of the things that I have found to be among the key concerns when integrating these devices into a Corporate IT infrastructure. Whether its an Android Tablet or Windows Tablet, both can integrate well. Feel free to leave your thoughts!

Tablet Guide

If you’d like to learn more about tablet please see our tablet section. This section is dedicated to giving informative and a realistic view on Tablet PC’s including their features, pros and cons, and where to get one for a great price.

The approach of this site is to represent not just a tech savvy user looking for complex features, but your average consumer that just wants it for the ability to have a computer in the palm of their hands.

We make it easy to find a cheap tablet pc as well as give you a wealth of info on a number of other topics. Feel free to jump right to our sections below. Enjoy!

Android Tablet Section
This Section is dedicated to all things Android, reviews, tips and tricks and anything else.

Apple Tablet Section
This Section is for all things Apple has to offer including articles on the IPad, IPod and any other great info related to these awesome devices.

Shopping for A Cheap Tablet PC
A Section that will help educate you on these great devices, keeping you informed on what to look for and where when searching for a great tablet that suits your needs.

Other Tech Tips and Topics
This section covers just about everything else. Any other topics or nuggets of cool info that I feel may be useful to the masses are located right here, from helping your laptop performance to many other things.

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