Best Cheap Linux Laptops 2018/2019

With the cheapest price or even free price that may come with it, Ubuntu from Linux has been one of the no-Windows operating systems that people are looking for. Thus, the number of people who are looking for the best cheap linux laptops is also many. There are a lot of reasons why people choose Linux instead of windows. For starter, the price for this operating system is very cheap. In fact, you can download the whole operating system at no cost. What you can do, if you want to download Linux Ubuntu, for instance, is to go to its official website and then choose the version that you like, and that is it.
Another important reason why people love using Linux instead of Windows operating system is the fact that there are only a few viruses that are known to infect Linux operating system. Thus, many people believe that if you are using Linux platform, you do not need to worry about being infected by a virus. This translates to the less money that you may need to spend to buy an antivirus software. So, if you are searching for the cheapest and the best laptop that comes with Linux operating system, this article will give you two of the many options of laptops that you can get with Linux operating system.

Top 2 Best Cheap Laptops for Linux of 2017/2018

Strata 8110 from ZaReason

You may not know the name of the laptop or the name of the manufacturer. This is because the names of both of the laptop and the manufacturer are virtually unknown to the mass because the manufacturer makes computer designed for Linux. Though there are a number of people who use Linux on their daily basis, the majority of people are still using either Windows laptops or Apple laptops. However, when we talk about the ability of Strata 8110 to do your daily chores, this laptop is more than enough. This laptop sells at $849.99 starting price for its decent specification though you may have the cheaper version as cheap $699 or its most expensive version, which comes at $999. With 4GB of RAM and the variety of chard drive that you can choose when buying, you are able to get one of the best laptops for Linux that you can find on the market.

Dell Precision 15 3000 (2016 Edition)

best linux laptops-Dell Precision 15 3000 (2016 Edition)Dell may be one of the laptop manufacturers that have been selling laptops for Windows interface. However, we should know that Dell is capable of making a decent laptop that uses Linux operating system. This laptop is a bit more expensive than the previous laptop aforementioned here. However, with the price starting at $950, you can choose between two of the fastest Intel and AMD processor. In addition, with the help of AMD FirePro W5130M, your need for graphic performance should not be doubted anymore. The laptop is equipped with 8GB or RAM to help you go through one application to another so that you can have the best multi-tasking performance in a Linux interface. Finally yet importantly, with the 10 hours of battery life, you can have this laptop worked with you through the night without worrying the juice.

In conclusion

To conclude, Linux is still a preferable operating system in the market mainly for its cheap price and its almost invulnerability from common virus attack. Therefore, there are a lot of people out there who still prefer Linux-based laptop instead of opting for Windows or Mac OS. So, if Linux laptops are of your preferences, the list of the best cheap linux laptops that we have given in this article should be one of your consideration in buying the best cheap Linux Laptop.

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