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I’m sure most of you already know this, but keep in mind that Apple just released their third generation iPad being dubbed the “New iPad”. You will quite often see it being referred to as the iPad 3 as well. Since the dimensions of the “New iPad” are similar to the iPad 2, many of the new iPad cases will be compatible with either model.

Most of these cases will not be compatible with the original iPad. As a result, make sure you buy the right case for your specific iPad. It’s not complicated, Amazon will tell you which cases work with what iPad model!


Find The Best Case For Apple’s iPad 3!

If you’re one of the lucky ones who have already gotten your hands on Apple’s new iPad, you’ll definitely want to check out these new, top selling, iPad cases. If you’ve walked into most retail stores and looked at their pricing, you’ll quickly realize that the top case deals (along with the largest assortment of options) can be found shopping online. In fact, check out the latest iPad 3 cases being featured right now at Amazon.


OtterBox Defender Case – When Protection is a Must

When the ultimate in rugged protection is a must, OtterBox is the industry standard in producing the best iPads’ cases.

This case consists of multiple layers of shock absorbing protection to save the day in case that fateful moment occurs when you accidentally drop your device.

For specific details regarding why we consider this to be one of the best cases, check out this iPad OtterBox Defender review (there’s a hands on video, too).

If you’re already familiar with the OtterBox Defender, than click on one of the links immediately below to buy OtterBox Defender today’s special volume discounted pricing over at Amazon online. No gimmicks and headaches, just great prices on the best cases!

Best for Outdoor Utility Use – Top OtterBox Case

If you need to use your device out in the field for work or you’re simply a fan of the great outdoors, you’ll want to check out this top case developed by OtterBox!

This OtterBox  is loaded with features, too! It has a latch with adjustable handstrap, elastic strap, and lanyard. It also comes with an accessory storage bag and even a S-biner utility clip.

This unique  case would be a great accessory to your OtterBox Defender case or any other iPad cover for that matter. Click on the link below to check it out and see why we consider it one of the best cases on the market today!

Best Case Made With Genuine Leather! See Why the Bear Motion Leather Cover is a Excellent

Changing gears, if you’re looking for the best case sporting a professional look, the Bear Motion Genuine Leather is what you’re looking for. Since it’s a 3-1 genuine leather case, it not only protects your device, but acts as a stand and gives you multiple viewing / usage angles.

Whether you’re in a business meeting or simply have your device leisurely on display somewhere in your house on display, this top grain genuine leather cover adds class to an already classy Apple product.

It may sound silly, but dressing for the occasion no longer applies solely to what we’re wearing. Our mobile gadgets are now an integral part of our daily lives. For a growing majority of people, wherever we go, our mobile gadgets go with us too!

The Bear Motion Leather is a perfect compliment to your tablet in terms of bundling form and function at cheap  pricing if you buy online through Amazon. Without a doubt, this is one of the best iPad’s cases on the market today!

Top Tablet Case Offering Simple Protection Under $10

If you’ve spent all that you want to spend on purchasing your iPad, but not having it protected is eating at you, the CrazyOnDigital Apple iPad Clear Wave Premium Crystal Candy TPU Silicone Skin Case is the way to go. What you get for what you pay, makes this a top case and definitely makes our list.

As the name indicates, this silicone cover is simple in form and function. Coming in various colors, it will protect your tablet from the bumps and bruises that come with everyday use, yet it’s won’t break your pocketbook. In fact, this is an unbelievably cheap cover that will set you back less than $10.

Having spent hundreds of dollars for your device, it’s understandable that you don’t want to spend anymore. However, the CrazyOnDigital offers you peace of mind and an ounce of protection for the cost of a slice of pizza. Don’t pass this one up. Click on one of the links below to take advantage of today’s special online pricing over at Amazon! It’s definitely the best iPads’ case for the price!

Best iPad 2 Case With Straps

Check out these covers! They’re the best iPads’ cases with straps. These type of  cases are either 100% for you or they won’t pique your interest whatsoever!

If it fills that special niche for you, check out these great options available through Amazon!

Grantwood Technology’s Neoprene iPad Sleeve

Grantwood Technology’s iPad Neoprene Sleeve is one of the best cases for iPads especially if, like me, you spend a lot of time on the road traveling from appointment to appointment.

Whether you’re the owner of the original iPad, an iPad 2, or even an iPad 3 being protected with an Apple Smart Cover, Grantwood’s  Neoprene sleeve is compatible to cover your device.

Due to its innovative design, this sleeve is one of the best accessories if you need to bundle carrying your tablet in your laptop case, a business briefcase, or, as I do, stack it on top of my binder for immediate access when I meet with clients.

If you’re turned off by the bulkier  cases, Grantwood’s premium  neoprene sleeve is a great choice. It weighs in at 10.1 oz, built with a solid zipper for easy opening and closing, and has an incredibly soft inner lining to ensure your tablet is protected. As you can see by the specials being offered at Amazon, this is a cheap case (in terms of pricing only!) too.


Best Tablet Case Selection and Value When Buying Through Amazon

Check out a random selection of the best iPads’ cases on the market today (immediately below). When it comes to value, a simple and proven online shopping process you can trust, and an assortment of covers at the tip of your fingers, you can’t beat buying a case through Amazon online.

Get started protecting your tablet now. Whether you’re buying a gift or you’re treating yourself, Amazon has what you’re looking for. You won’t be disappointed.


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