The Best Gaming Keyboards to Buy in 2019

If you’re looking for a new gaming keyboard then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide we’ve put together all the best keyboards for gaming on the market of 2019 right here in this comprehensive guide.

Logitech G105

G105Logitech, along with Microsoft, is the main manufacturer of computer keyboards; this is particularly true of gaming keyboards. With many keyboards created with gamers in mind, each unit takes on a different aspect of what a gamer may need.

For example, different games require, or at least the game easier, various amounts of programmable keys. The Logitech G105 is good for the gamer who is also budget conscience. There are two versions of the keyboard. One is the basic; the other is the Call of Duty Man of War edition.

For many individuals, a LED backlit display is crucial. For dark environments or playing at night, this will keep many of the players from accidentally hitting the wrong key and as a result dying. The keyboard has three different colors on it; this is to differential the different controls the unit offers. It can also be set to low or high brightness or be completely shut off.

There are six different programmable “G Keys.” These keys can be programmed to remember even complex multi-key moves. Since the Logitech G105 has three separate modes, there are essentially eighteen different programmable keys. Most gamers use between three and twelve depending on how many games are routinely played and the complexity of the games.

Another thing that is frustrating for someone playing games is accidentally switching the computer back to Windows from the game. There is a game switch mode, conveniently separated from the rest of the keys that allows the user to switch to game mode. No more accidental deaths when using the game switch key.

Controls are available at a touch of a button to control music or other media that is running when the computer is being used. Play, stop, and volume controls are all included in the set. Easy to use software makes setting up this very customizable keyboard simple.

In the heat of a complex move, you may need to press many buttons at once; for example, a run, shoot, and duck button are pushed at once. With the Logitech G105 you can press up to six buttons at once and they will all register perfectly. This does away with the frustration of only half your moves registering.

At a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of around 60.00 for the basic, this is by far one of the lower price range gaming keyboards. The COD edition started out with a higher retail price; because it is an older game, these keyboards can be found even less expensive than the standard keyboard.

However, it still gets 4 out of 5 stars in the reviews. Several hundred consumers have rated this keyboard. The pros are the backlight features and how customizable it is. The downsides included where the keys were placed (some of the programmable keys are close to the ESC key) and how it did not work well for larger hands. Overall, all but a few consumers were happy with the Logitech G105 performance compared to the price.

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The Microsoft Sidewinder X4

The Microsoft Sidewinder X4 is a low priced option for gamers. It has three different modes; each mode can have the six macro keys programmed to different commands. This allows the keyboard to have is essence have eighteen different macro keys. The backlit display makes the Sidewinder X4 ideal for using in dim to no lighting available. One overwhelming problem when it comes to gaming keyboards is the issue of “ghosting”. Up to twenty-six different keys can be pressed at once without this problem. MP3 player like control keys are also built into this keyboard.

Like most gaming keyboards, this unit is wired. Wired is the preferred option among gamers; this reduces the risk of being disconnected while in game. The wire is connected by USB. It only comes in the color black but it does offer a palm rest for comfortable during use. The limited warranty on this unit is three years on both parts and labor; this blows away most other manufacturer’s one year limited warranty.

The Microsoft Sidewinder X4 is the step down from the Sidewinder X6. The X6 offers a significant amount of features not found on the X4; however, it does come with quite a difference in price. The average is around $100.00 more than the more basic unit. In game macro key recording is one of the most popular additional features not found on the X4. A detachable keyboard from the numeric pad is also highly acclaimed.

One average, the Sidewinder X4 is rated as four stars; however, it has been rated as high as a full five stars depending on who is being reviewed. Since this keyboard has been available since 2010, there have been hundreds of consumers who have weighed in on this unit. The major complaint is receiving a defective unit; this has been only a nominal amount of people. It is important to recognize that in any product there will be a few units that work incorrectly. However, it would be replaced or repaired under the manufacturer’s warranty coverage. The other complaint received is that some gaming keys are not where they are typically located on other gaming keyboards. One user thought the keys were smaller than on a standard full sized keyboard. The different gaming modes and macro keys are among the most popular features on this keyboard followed by the backlit option.

The Logitech G105 gaming keyboard is a similar model to the Sidewinder X4. The price point is about the same; both units are both backlit and designed for gamers. The equivalent of eighteen macro keys is also available for use on this keyboard. The G105 is a solid option for a best gaming keyboard; however, the Microsoft Sidewinder X4 did slightly better in overall consumer reviews. If you’re interested in purchasing the Sidewinder X4, click here.

Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110

Logitech G110The Logitech gaming keyboard G110 is popular with gamers for many reasons. This is a higher end keyboard designed for the user who spends quite a bit of time playing computer video games online. Logitech is a trusted brand who has a great reputation of building a quality product at a reasonable price. The company is innovative to bring the next big thing to the computer peripheral industry.

The G110 is backlit; this is a feature that, while popular with users all across the board, is particularly popular with gamers. This allows the buttons to be viewed and hit accurately with little to no light. The backlit feature is adjustable to be brighter or dimmer as needed. There are also three different colors to choose from for the keyboard to be customized to the user. They are: blue, purple, and red.

The macro keys of this keyboard are quite popular. These keys are programmable to do either single commands or a series of commands in a game setting. There are twelve different keys; however, there are three modes the keyboard can be set in. In essence, there are thirty-six different macro keys that can be programmed.

The designers of this keyboard knew how important chat within the game can be. A USB audio jack was built right into the Logitech gaming keyboard G110 for communication with other players without static or other interruptions. An extra USB drive is also in the keyboard for flash drives or other USB devices.

Overall the G110 averages four out of five stars in the review category. Several hundred consumers have weighed in on this keyboard as it has been available for purchase for a couple of years. There are several users who have had compatibility issues with both Windows 7 and 8. Other complaints include keys that do not work correctly and a “lemon” of a keyboard. With anything that is mass produced, there will be a small amount of units that do not function properly. However, it is not difficult to have it replaced. Some users loved the unit for gaming but found it impractical for nearly every other aspect of a keyboard, such as everyday typing.

There are plenty of good things reviewers are saying about this unit. The backlit keyboard in three tones is mentioned positively several times. The amount of macro keys and how they could be programmed to perform complex tasks also scored high with the gamers. Overall consumers like that the Logitech gaming keyboard G110 was solid enough that they were not worried about it breaking while being in an affordable price range. If you’re interested in purchasing a G110, then click here.

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Logitech G15 Keyboard

Logitech G15The Logitech G15 keyboard is a high end gaming keyboard model. It is an all-black model; it is a newer model of the original silver G15 model. Logitech has a very solid reputation of making quality keyboards particularly for gamers. There are some feature variations from the original G15 model that comes with very mixed reviews; however, overall it is a more modern and functional design.

This, like many gaming keyboards, has a backlit display feature. This allows the player to continue with little to no overhead light available. The GamePanel LCD, a Logitech exclusive feature, is compatible with certain games such as Battlefield 2142. This LCD screen allows the gamer knowledge to where his friends are and what is going on in the game. It is also compatible with World of Warcraft offering the same features.

The Logitech G15 keyboard, like the vast majority of gaming keyboards, is a wired keyboard system. Wired keyboards are preferred by most gamers; it prevents an accidental disconnect from the game being played. A cable management system is offered on the keyboard. This is a great way to keep the cords separate and free from accidental breakage.

The consumer reviews are strongly in favor of the G15. It is praised for being fantastic for gaming. Some went so far as to say the gaming features were over the top. Some critiqued the keyboard as not being good for day to day work; other reviewers loved the keyboard for everything they had to do on their computer. Macro keys and backlit keys both scored high on the reviews. The backlight is orange; some were not fond of the color. The keyboard, according to a gamer, is not good for StarCraft. There were a few compatibility software issues with a small handful of individuals. The keys seemed fairly noisy as compared to similar models.

A similar model to the Logitech G15 keyboard would be the Microsoft Sidewinder X6. The Sidewinder X6 is similar in price but has some variances. It has up to ninety macro keys; this is more than the Logitech G15 which has fifty-eight. It also has a mode switching function that switches from “normal” mode to one of two gaming modes. Overall they are similar gaming keyboards made by two reputable companies. Both keyboards received an even four out of five star review rating. If youre interested in purchasing the G15, then click here. For a comprehensive review of the Microsoft Sidewinder X6, click here.

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