The Best Gaming Headset of 2019

The best gaming headset is essential for avid gamers who know how the sound can be really important in first person shooter games! You don’t have any reason for not having one of the best performance gaming headsets.

Over the years you spend a lot of time playing games and you probably wondered how does it come that your enemy know where you are?! You have to realize that in-game sound is also crucial.

Owning one budget headset which you have to switch out every year you must have come to this conclusion: it’s worth spending a little bit more to get the best headset for gaming that not only will sound great, but also will last a long time.

Before buying a professional gaming headset, don’t forget that the main purpose is to have fun when playing games with more pleasant sounds! Here are some things that best headsets built for gaming should have:

  1. wireless range
  2. 7.1 surround sound
  3. portability
  4. programmable buttons
  5. comfort
  6. a microphone

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Gaming Headset Technology

Playing games with 7.1 surround sound can be a huge advantage, especially if you’re playing FPS games.┬áIf you’re wondering what 7.1 stands for here it is: three channels in the front, two surround channels, a channel for the subwoofer (thus the .1), and two surround channels in the back. Just imagine how it is to have all of them wrapped into you headphones.

Having a headset built for gaming can be useful when playing first person shooter games and you will enjoy more every game you will play, not to mention that they will feel more realistic than before.

A few years ago people were talking about stereo and 2.1 surround sound, but technology evolves and so is the gaming industry. Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy full audio experience just buy a 7.1 headset.

Headphones Designed with the Gamer In Mind

What makes up the best gaming headphones out there? Well, it’s a combination of various factors which determine the level of entertainment sound can have in the gaming environment.

If you opt for standard headphones, then the game play experience will have to suffer, but if you choose to go pro, then every footstep and noise the environment emits will be heard, thus allowing you to better interpret your surroundings, and make better in-game decisions.

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Key Features to Look For in Headsets for Gaming

Noise Cancellation Tech

One factor which can come into play is the noise cancellation feature. A gamers’ headset incorporates a good level of noise cancellation technology, be it active or passive. This means you’ll be able to play games and not get disturbed by outside noises.

Better Sound Quality = Better Gaming Experience

Another key aspect is the sound quality. Like mentioned before, poor sound quality can alter the gaming experience in a negative way. A good pair of headsets can bring in a lot of new sounds which you might have never heard before in the game, plus a good boost to the bass output meaning more roar to the thunder and greater exploding sounds.

Wireless Headset Technology

Since gaming can get pretty erratic in fast paced games, it would be nice if there were no wires to trip over or run over with your mouse while aiming. Wireless headphones work best in this situation, because they’ll properly cancel the necessity of wires, move everything to a new level of comfort and flexibility.

Surround Sound Capabilities = See the Sound!

Also, surround sound is one of the best advances in sound experience in the last years. Hear the enemy crawl behind you and make the best possible choice in a tactics maneuver.
This is a great feature in many good headsets. Some of the best-rated gamers’ headsets incorporate 7.1 or 5.1 surround sound tech, so you actually know where the sound comes from in game, just like in real life. No more guessing on your side.

You’ll soon be able to “see” the sounds just like a gaming guru…

Wired vs. Wireless Gaming Headsets What’s better?

Wired Headsets

Wired headsets are better from a sound quality and a better representation of soft sounds in games. They come in various price ranges due to the sound quality they produce or the array of other technical features they bring.

Some have a better passive noise cancellation than others, some have included microphones and some are simply the traditional headset with two speakers.

Wireless Headsets

Since wireless technology evolved quite a lot in the recent years, there has been an explosion of wireless headsets that came out. With a pair of wireless headphones you can rest assured that there will be no more cable messes on your desk while having the comfort to move around without being tied to the computer. Some of these headsets even incorporate surround technology so you can have a sense of your surroundings during games.

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