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Listening to music or watching movies on your computer has become more popular now than ever before. With this trend, external computer speakers have become the norm, and wireless speakers are becoming more popular.

Wireless speakers for computer have two main attributes that make them superior to corded ones.

  • First, they enable you to get rid of some clutter extending from your desk to your power cord.
  • Second, they offer you the convenience of being able to listen to your music from virtually anywhere (within reason) in your home or even backyard.

Days of dragging a computer and loudspeaker set out to set it up for a pool party are no more. In general, manufacturers will state that the range typically falls anywhere between 150 to 300 feet but much of it depends on factors such as your computer itself, the thickness of your walls, and the distance from the transmitter. The more of these factors you have in your home – the worse the sound output will be on your wireless speakers – and in some cases, the devices will not work at all.

3 Most Common Varieties

There are three most common varieties of wire-free computer loudspeakers.

  1. The 7.1 utilizes six satellite speakers, one center and one subwoofer – making it the king of wireless loudspeakers, suitable for all purposes.
  2. The 5.1 has four satellite speakers, and one each of the center speaker and subwoofer.
  3. The 2.1, which is the lowest end, is popular only amongst gamers, but not meant for movies or music.

Most wireless loudspeakers use 900 MHz frequency. The satellite speakers, to which the transmitter uses FM radio signals to transform electrical signals into acoustic sound, are the only part of the wireless computer speaker system that is mobile. If you have older cordless phones or baby monitors, be forewarned that you may have problems with interference depending on where in the house you place your devices; it would be wise to check your cordless phone’s frequency prior to purchase.

The term “wireless” is slightly deceiving in that there is no wireless laptop speaker system that is truly wire-free. They all need to be hooked up to a power and media source at some point. Most models have a dual option for AC or batteries, some models even having rechargeable batteries. On a full charge, you can easily expect 3-4 hours of play-time.

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Buying Guide

Factors one should consider when purchasing a wireless speaker for a computer system are

  • the range
  • sound quality
  • dual power option (AC and battery)
  • total cost.


The greater the range, the more expensive your loudspeaker system will be. Some manufacturers of stereo and home theater systems claim to be compatible with computers.

Sound Quality

While the sound quality will inevitably be superior (on your stereo system, anyway), keep in mind that many of these speakers will not be compatible with your specific computer. Make sure to understand the store’s return policy prior to purchase.

Popular Model

For the average home computer user, one popular model of wireless computer speakers is the Velocity Premium Wireless Speakers by Cables Unlimited, commonly available for under $100 on internet shopping sites. It has its own remote control that adjusts volume and can power off the devices.

Users have commented on the ease of setup, good range of up to 150 feet, and each speaker has it own independent tweeter and subwoofer, enabling great sound. It is said to be compatible with all computers, MP3 players, stereos and home theater systems, has the same range of up to 150 feet, and many of the reviews available seem positive overall.

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Cheap Computer Speakers

Let’s face it – times are tough, and we look to save money in every way possible these days. But people still need their computers and many applications and programs on our computers need sound. Perhaps because times are tough, we need to be able to enjoy movies, music and games on our computers more than ever. Unfortunately, there is no laptop in existence that comes with outstanding sound systems, and supplementing with an external sound source will become necessary in order to enjoy the pastimes. Hence, the popular market for cheap speakers for computers!

Just because you are looking for cheap products, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on quality. In fact, many cheap loudspeakers provide much of the benefits of their expensive counterparts, but you will find that they are slightly bigger and bulkier making them a little less portable. Overall, sound quality in cheap laptop speakers won’t be quite as nice as products costing above $500, but to the regular human ear, many cheap computer speakers will be more than sufficient and will often impress. In fact, it’s often said that the difference is really not discernable if you choose the right cheap speakers.

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Top Recommended Products

Logitech X-540 5.1

When in the market for cheap speakers, the top contender is the Logitech X-540 5.1 which costs significantly below $100 for a massive loudspeaker system. In fact, it’s the #1 most popular item on the surround speaker category for Amazon, which makes this product the best in its field, especially considering the $65 cost.

The sound is often described as “stunning”, and most internet consumer review sites have given it a minimum of good to excellent rating. In fact, many consumers claim it to be better than the expensive models, so considering this model would be wise.

They provide excellent 5.1 surround sound, and as is the case with all Logitech 5.1 series sets, it has a “matrix” mode that enhances 2-channel stereo sounds that most music has. For cheap computer loudspeakers, this is hard to beat in that it’s also adjustable to be used as your surround sound LCD TV Loudspeaker system.

With real-time bass equalization, you can expect maximum bass output and minimal distortion. The only regular complaint seems to be that it doesn’t have a truly wireless remote control, and the popular complaint concerning all cheap laptop speakers – the cables are not long enough. Other than these two complaints, this is often thought of as the best example of cheap speakers that provide indiscernibly excellent sound for your computer or television system.

Altec Lansing 2-piece LoudSpeaker System

Or, if your needs are more basic, and you merely want better sound than what your computer provides, an even better option is the Altec Lansing 2-piece Speaker System. These are USB-powered, not requiring bulky AC adaptors and work simply by plugging into your computer; it doesn’t get easier than that.

This product is medium in size (some compared this cheap speaker to being two cans of canned soup in size). For merely $20 or less online, this product will provide a good option for movies, music and especially games. If nothing else, they are sure to be better than any sound system available on computers.

Whichever model you consider, the main things to consider are durability, and quality. Both the Lansing and Logitech examples have both. While the Lansing was created for the cheap computer speaker market, the Logitech is commonly found on sale for the sub-$100 range.

Both are the ideal option for people looking for affordable computer loudspeakers but not willing or able to pay the cost for them. Both will provide you with many, many hours of great sound, and will undoubtedly make you proud that you opted for cheap loudspeakers over the expensive ones where cost was triple or even quadruple, but the results were less than expected.

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