Best 15-Inch Laptop Bags & Backpacks of 2019

There’s an endless supply of 15-inch laptop bags or backpacks to choose from online in every shape, color, and size you can imagine. Some people even go so far as to customize their backpacks with their own selection of colors, patterns, and images.

Best-Selling 15-inch Laptop Backpacks & Bags

Pproduct ImageDescriptionLink
AmazonBasics 15.6-Inch computer Shoulder Bag
Water proof Travel & Business Laptop Backpack- with USB Charging Port
Tomtoc 15.6-Inch Laptop Messenger Bag
Waterproof and Anti-theft Laptop Backpack(with USB Charging Port)
Case Logic 15-Inch Computer Briefcase, Black (DLC-115)

Choosing The Best Computer Backpack

While the first thing you might consider thinking about when choosing a backpack is what color to pick, there are few other things you might want to consider also.

First of all, how big is your notebook? Obviously, you need to find a laptop backpack that’s the right size for your machine and will keep in safe and secure. If you buy a bag that’s too large your computer will get jostled around and may become damaged. If you have a 13″ notebook, choose a 13″ bag.

Buy a backpack that’s too small and your computer won’t fit securely enough in the bag to avoid being damaged. Most backpacks have a way to secure your notebook to the inside of the bag either with straps or a padded compartment.

You may want to consider how often you’ll be pulling your notebook in and out of the bag every day. You may not want to mess with straps every time you need to pull your computer out of the bag.

If you do a lot of commuting you may want to purchase a laptop backpack with a protective shell. This will add an extra layer of padding in case your back gets kicked around or dropped while riding the bus or traveling through town.

However, keep in mind this extra layer of padding will also be more for your to carry. However, if it means protecting your investment it may be worth it. Notebook backpacks come in a number of different styles from the traditional backpack, to a messenger bag, to the briefcase.

All are very suitable and functional ways to transport your notebook. Which type of bag you choose depends on where you need to travel. Briefcases are more professional and usually are more durable.

Messenger bags are also very popular with kids and adults of all ages. Sometimes messenger bags can be more difficult to carry while you can often get a lot more essentials into a backpack style bag.

You might find you spend just as much time choosing a backpack then you did selecting which computer to buy. Just make sure the backpack you ultimately choose has the style you’re looking for, enough storage space, and will keep your machine protected from the elements.

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Types of Backpacks

As we all know, backpacks come in a variety of shapes and sizes – with different functions and features. Because there are so many types of backpacks, you can be sure to find the one that is perfect for you.

For example, some back packs have one-strap (a favorite among many college students and also a great way to carry your laptop around). Others, like the traditional two-strap backpack, are more functional – they have padded areas, are water proof and are extremely durable.

Within these categories of backpacks, there are those that are considered “vintage” or “stylish” backpacks. These types of backpacks make a great accessory for any outfit and are certainly popular among college students.

4 Types of Laptop Backpacks

Before backpacks were a fashion accessory or a means to carry school books, the were used to carry large game and other prey gathered by hunters (‘betcha didn’t know that!). This ancient type of backpack was usually made of animal hide or intestines sewn together with a sturdy thread type material.

Well, thank goodness we don’t live in that time period! Backpacks are much more hygienic these days! Although backpacks have a variety of uses, the most common (as you may have noticed), is to carry school supplies.

Using backpacks to carry school supplies not only makes your walk to and from school much easier, it also allows you to make a fashion statement (check out the back pack above!).

Backpacks can be lumped into four different categories :

  1. Frameless,
  2. External frame,
  3. Internal frame, and
  4. Bodypack.

For college, the most popular and functional type is the frameless backpack. Usually, frameless backpacks are made out of a synthetic material and does not include a metal support to maintain structure (such as external or internal frames). For this reason, frameless backpacks are often cheaper and lighter that the other three types.

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Best Laptop Cases Buying Guide

If you recently purchased a Laptop, you most likely purchased a number of accessories along with the Laptop. While you may have purchased an external Mouse and Keyboard, cooling pad, Lojack, Headset, and Speakers, you may not have purchased a Laptop Case.

Laptop carrying case is just as important as laptops, since they do protect them. If you did not purchase yourself a case, you are advised to do so as soon as your budget allows it. When purchasing any product, even a laptop case, it is important to know what you are buying. That is why you should not purchase the first notebook case that you come across. The case will be used to protect your computer; therefore, you will want to make sure that is one that can do the job.

  1. The first step in searching for a laptop case is to examine your likes and needs. For example, how big is your laptop computer? The measurements of your computer will have an important impact on which cases are available to you. In your search, you will find cases that are designed for smaller laptops. If you have a 17″ Laptop you want to make sure you do not purchase a case for laptop that will only handle a 15″ Laptop. You need to make sure that your laptop will fit into the case that you buy.
  2. In addition to examining what type of laptop computer case you need, you should also examine the type of the case that you want. One key element that should be considered is how you will use the case.
  3. Do you travel a lot in airplanes, if so you may want to consider an Aluminum or Hard Carry Case. If fashion is a consideration then the type of fabric (or leather) should be considered.  This is popular with womens stylish designer cases. Always keep in mind the main purpose for the case and that is to protect your valuable Laptop.
  4. Perhaps, the most important thing to keep in mind is quality. The quality of the case is extremely important. That is why it is advised that you shop for laptop cases based on price and quality, not just on price.
  5. It may be a good idea to examine online reviews of current laptop cases. A number of online retailers allow their customers to rate or leave comments about a product that they purchased. This information may prevent you from spending money on a laptop carrying case that might end up breaking in a few weeks or months.

Even if you are planning on buying a notebook case from one of your local retail stores, you may still want to think about examining laptop carrying case reviews online. It will be well worth the time investment in selecting the correct case.

By keeping these points in mind, you should be able to purchase the perfect case for your new laptop computer. A laptop is a fairly large sized investment. We highly recommend you to protect your investment with the purchase of a laptop case.

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