Top 9 Best Teen Backpacks for High School & College Students of 2018

Many people wonder about the best backpacks for college and high school students and where to buy them. In this article, We will explain some of the most cost-effective, comfortable and most popular backpacks for teens and where you can purchase them. 

Being a university student comes with lots of responsibility, for example; juggling between classwork and a part-time job, somewhere, if you are lucky. College or school backpacks come as a necessary accessory for their daily life as it helps them carry lots of burden with them. It includes moving around with their tech(laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc), books, and snacks, to and from class. Therefore the backpacks come as a major organizational tool for any university student.

Top 9 Best & Cute Backpacks for College Students 2018/2019

As a college student, you may have to carry an entire day’s worth of gear with you for 8, 10, 12 hours or more. Yes, style is important… but so is your back. And you don’t want to blow it out in college.

Because of the heavy loads you are likely to carry which will include books, a laptop or iPad and various other college items that add up to some serious weight, you will want to look for a backpack with these features:

  • Adjustable Straps
  • Padded Straps
  • Wide Straps – 1.5 Inches or more
  • Padded Back (Optional but adds to your comfort)
  • Waist strap (Optional but will keep your pack from shifting)
  • Internal space enough for you books and laptop
  • Lots of pockets

So let’s get you started by taking a look at a few popular and cute backpacks for teens and students(college and school)  :

HOT STYLE 936 PLUS – A Cool Backpack for Women and Men

jansport cool school backpacks

The trendy backpack suits college students as well as individuals in the business world, thanks to its great styling, real-world functionality, and quality. It has roomy dimensions 12.5″(L) x 18.0″(H) x 6.0″(D), allowing owners to comfortably fit their 15.6” laptops.

Its exterior is durable thanks to the 600 denier water proof polyester surface. On top of this, a rugged anti-slip faux leather bottom helps in stabilizing the book bag when placed on a surface. The brown leather bottom also withstands dirt, moisture, wear, and tear.

Whenever you are late, you can make use of the top grab handle to grab-and-go, hence save time. A cushioned padded back panel offers extra comfort on the back. The ergonomic adjustable, padded shoulder straps help in reducing pressure on the back, when on the move.

Its large main compartment offers a convenient stashing space for your daily essentials. A built-in laptop sleeve, with an elastic strap, to ensure the expensive device gets a snug fit. It also has an extra compartment for a 10-inch tablet, with an additional seven small pockets for small items. Smooth double zippers close the main compartment. A port for headphone wires on the top right side adds to your entertainment.


KENOX Canvas Laptop Backpack

KENOX Canvas Bookbag - cheap student backpack

The cute Kenox Vintage backpack combines flashy design and durability, bringing out an essential organizer for university students. Coming with a pure cotton military grade canvas exterior, backed by real leather edges, the back pack guarantees owners of style as well as longevity when it is placed on tough surfaces or any abuse when traveling.

Also, its dimension of 15H x 12L x 6W-inch and a weight of only 1.8 lbs. Owners are assured of a light and functional bag for carrying around a laptop or netbook. Also, the back can double ups as a traveling and hiking accessory, allowing you to take little items such as tablets along with you.

The presence of adjustable shoulder straps, assures you of the importance of traveling in comfort. The buckle straps are made from the vehicle line technology, assuring you of no chance of snapping when moving around with it. A convenient single zipper opening is backed up by the top closure flap with a two buckle straps to secure your personal belongings in the bag.

Its interior is roomy, making it a large capacity main book bag for students. You will receive many compliments from your peers thanks to its classic design.


MANCRO Backpack – Anti-Theft and Best Waterproof Backpack

fashionable and stylish high school backpacks

If you are a great lover of fashion but still value the security of your personal items, the stylish Macro Anti-theft backpack is the way to go. It is designed from a water-repellent and tear-resistant nylon material, making it a multi-purpose bag. It measures 20 x 12.2 x 5.7 inches, offering enough space for a laptop that is less than 17 inches.

For safety purposes, the bag comes with theft proof combination lock. The lock works with the dual durable metallic zippers that are part of the bag’s closure feature. It will help you protect your wallet, notebook, tablets among other small accessories, giving you your personal space.

A separate thick laptop compartment with a Velcro fixed design helps owners protect the device from damage resulting from strong impact. The Mancro bag extra three main pockets, nine inner pockets and two sealed side compartments to separate your items.

Additionally, a built-in charging port cable allows owners to charge their electronic devices for example Android devices without necessarily taking them out off the bag. You only need to connect the cable to your portable charger. This bag is also perfect for middle schoolers.


Lapacker Backpack –  Slim, Water Resistant, Anti-Theft, for Men & Women

The Lapacker bag features a dedicated organization panel. With a dimension of 10.2 L x 15.3 H inches, it is suited for carrying only a 14-15-inch laptop. It is a durable backpack that made from an anti-scratch jeans fabric; that is easy to clean when need be.

As for the anti-theft features, the Lapacker has two-ways zippers. They can withstand any tampering attempt, for example, the pocking of a pocket knife.

The backing system comes with a comfortable airflow and extra padding to allow for the much-desired comfort on the back. Its adjustable S-shaped ergonomic shoulder straps, enable users to carry heaviest of loads around easily.

As for its interior, the Lapacker has a single shockproof laptop compartment. A padded tablet pocket and the spacious compartment are also available. Here, you can fit just about anything, from a light jacket to other carry-on essentials such as a smartphone, USB cables, pens, and books.


High Sierra Loop Back Pack  (Available in 29 Colors)

High Sierra Loop - good backpacks for freshmen college students

We like this pack because it is well designed, sporty and comes in several beautiful color and pattern options. They offer this design in several manly colored options for any college guys and even more adorable options for the girls.

There a many internal and external pocket that will help keep your stuff organized with ample room for books, and a small or medium-sized laptop. There is a cell phone / smart phone pocket and two mesh water bottle pockets to help keep you hydrated all day. It had wide padded straps that adjust easily by pulling. The back is padded and is ribbed to dissipate heat and keep your back from sweating on hot days.

It’s made of strong waffle weave, 600-denier, duralite nylon and measures 19.5” high, 14.5” wide and 8.25” deep and will work well for most people 5’ 2” to around 6’ 2”. It is has a generous capacity of over 1950 cubic inches. This is a great bag for comfortably lugging your school, gym and overnight stuff around with you all-day.



Jansport Big Student Backpack

Jansport student Backpacks

This is another favorite backpack and possibly one of the most popular student backpacks made today. Why? Well for one if comes in over 40 different colors, patterns and styles to match your flair. Plenty for guys as well as nearly 75% for the ladies.

It’s got all the right features for students in college: large capacity, lots of pockets, two main compartments for books and a computer, wide, padded adjustable straps designed to disperse the weight and dissipate heat. It also has a mesh pocket for your water bottle.

However because of the size of this pack we don’t recommend if for smaller people. You’ll need to be at least 5’ 4” for this pack for feel comfortable.

It’s sized at over 2100 cubic inches and is 17.5” by 13” by 10” deep. This pack is great if you need to tote a pile of stuff around every day.



High Sierra Backpack – Fat Boy

Funny, but the Fat Boy is actually one of the cutest college girl backpacks. Like the Jansport and High Sierra Loop packs, the Fat Boy also comes in several colors and patterns for guys and girls all with the same ergonomic design. This is a huge backpack at 2,382 cubic inches and is 19.5” high, 13.1” wide and 7” deep.

It’s great quality with thick, padded, adjustable straps for customizing to your torso. The back has comfortable padding and prevents books or your computer from poking into you. I like the load managing compression straps to help keep pack contents from shifting. This is a great design for ciollege students who commute or spend long hours away from their dorm and have to carry all their stuff for the entire day on their back.




High Sierra Backpack – Stretch

High Sierra Backpack - Stretch, most popular student backpack

This is a large multi-compartment pack that has a generous padded inner compartment that will fit most 17” laptops. What’s really cool about this cute bag design is that it has three stretchy mesh pockets (two on the sides and a large on in front. The side pockets expand to hold a water bottle or other gear. The front one is great for a jacket or umbrella. This is a large, cute and flexible pack that comes in no less than five color combinations and is 19” high, 13.5” wide and 8.2” deep.


Recycled Jute Rice Back Backpack – Just for Fun

Recycled Jute Rice Back Backpack

Here’s a really cute backpack that if best for a date, day of shopping or just hanging out. It’s a nice quality pack made from recycled rice bags. It has a flap over the main compartment that closes via a drawstring. The flap and three outside pockets are each held shut by a cute button. It has two side pockets and one larger front pocket. The straps are adjustable but are not very thick and are not padded. It’s a fairly generous size at 17” tall, 11.5” wide and 4”-5” thick. This is NOT a pack for carrying 50 pounds of books but it is sufficient for carrying a laptop and material for a class or two. Each pack has it’s own individual look. No two are the same.




The Stylish Backpack for Girl

girl backpacks best suited for college studentsAfter the Civil War in America the first women began to attend coed colleges. Often defying convention and prevailing wishes of their friends and family. Many subscribed to the doctrine that a good education for any woman would only make her unfit for marriage. And perhaps that became a true fact. Yet those women did complete college and established themselves as women with good educations, and turned their energies to performing good public work. How many college girls today pursue college courses once reserved for the college boys and how many of those girls make their fashion choices based on prevailing trends? The backpack, once domain of the man’s world and the military has morphed to include the female side of campus life.

Teenager girl backpacks occur in as many styles as there are fashion tastes and are able to satisfy any whimsical fancy. Undergraduate girl students require all the same qualities in her backpack as their male classmates. Whether she wants the bling of high fashion or the classic functionality of the wilderness backpacks meant for field exploration and the world of high tech. She demand the same quality. Even when bicycling or walking across campus, a good backpack must be fashion forward and functional. Many makers of backpacks have created lines exclusive to college and high school girls. Backpacks are available in a rainbow of color choices ranging from shades of muted soft tones to brilliant deep hues. And offer styles that are meant for the female warriors. These styles mimic its original cousin, the military packs.

In pursuing her educational goals, the weight of heavy books and technical devices require a backpack that smartly balances the heaviness evenly. For this reason it is essential that the choices between framed and frameless styles be considered. Softer styles that lack frames are often less expensive, but doesn’t provide proper support when carrying weighty articles. The framed styles arrive in all the bright colors as well. And will cost more but offers the intelligent support needed for carrying heavy books and technical devices around the college campus. Its interior is roomier and is designed to have less bounce while walking, and has a snugger fit. Still for most college girls whatever backpack is chosen it must reflect their personal interpretation of style.

Whether she chooses her favorite rock star face to grace the backpack fabric or a fashion designer, there are best backpacks for girl that will combine finicky taste with purpose. Not only will the undergraduate girl find usage for the backpack on weekends away, but also for the occasional day hiking. Its interior houses convenient compartments that will assist in organizing everything from cosmetics to school supplies and from books to laptops. The exterior adds additional storage options with bungee cording and webbing often made of nylon, it allows for easy access to the essentials.

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When comparing best backpacks for high school or college students check out owner reviews. Honest reviews from a bunch of owners will help you make and informed decision.

They are especially helpful if you want to save money and purchase online. Remember, cute is not all there is to a college kid backpack. But by doing your homework you will certainly find the best backpacks for teens that will fit your style, budget and function well when carrying your stuff around campus.


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