The Best Pink Asus Laptops of 2018

Looking for the cute and hot ASUS pink laptops? Well, this guide is for you..On this page, you will find Top ASUS pink laptop computers. Let’s check this out!

If you find black or gray laptop too boring, now you can simply switch over to pink-colored laptops. They have become a rage among young girls and companies are ready to custom make it for them if required. There was a time when you could not get them easily but now you can easily purchase them off the shelf.

Though, pink-colored laptops are available easily, you may not find the shade of pink you want in which case you can have your laptop custom made. The colorful laptops have as many features as a normal laptop, it does not compromise on the storage space or any other feature.

You can use any operating system such as Mac, Linux or Microsoft with it. Most major computer manufacturers like Dell, LG, Sony, Samsung, Clevo and Asus produce pink-version laptops for its customers. These devices are durable and reliable.

Pink laptops used to be very expensive earlier but they have become quite affordable now. People want to express their individuality not just through their clothes but through electronic gadgets like mobile phone and laptops as well. Pink-colored laptops are just the thing for girls who feel that they are too funky and cool to carry boring black or gray laptops. This color suits the present day small and cute laptops. Considering the many changes that a laptop has undergone, it is only natural for its exterior design and color to change with the times as well.

Though laptops are utility items they must appeal to people and the pink color appeals to a large number of audience. Today people have the choice of having a laptop of any color, all you have to do is ask a manufacturer to have it custom made for you. While pink is the most popular color requested many people request for different shades of blue as well. You can have an espresso brown or a royal blue colored laptop as well.

Besides choosing the color you can choose the finishing for your laptop as well. You can either choose a flat finish or a glossy finish. A glossy finish usually looks very sleek and cool but your fingerprints will bee extremely visible on the glossy finish. The matte finish on the other hand does not have any such hassles. Pink-colored laptops have become a fashion statement for its users and this trend is clearly here to stay.

Pink Asus Computer

Pink-colored Asus computers is wonderful gift for travellers and kids. Right from its arrival this brand has designed computers that are multipurpose machines. Starting from business need to gaming oriented laptops this brand has satisfied every kind of needs. Presently in the market the pink Asus laptop is gaining popularity, as it is durable and cheap compared to other computers. The displays of these computers come in 7, 8.9 and 10 inches.

The speaker of this device is set on each side of the screen that provides good audible experience. In fact with this laptop shocks and bumps will no longer become the issues. The dependable solid-state disk assures the user with unparalleled reliability and shock-protection. The specially designed power efficiency provides greater operating time. Another important feature of this device is its intuitive graphic interface followed by user friendliness. Hence, technical manual is not required.

Depending on the user need the pink notebooks of Asus comes with 8GB, 4GB and 2GB hard drive. Some of the other outstanding features of this machine includes Ethernet slot and Wi-Fi meant for Internet connection, memory card slot of SD/MMC and three USB 2.0 Card slots. If you were frequent user of Instant Messenger and likes to keeps in touch with your Net pals then Asus would be the right choice. With the Asus Notebook the user can make video calls as the notebook comes with in built camera and microphone. So, now one can chat with his or her near and dear one while moving with the help of web cam.

The computer comes with Linux based operating system pre-installed. In fact some of the important applications are already pre installed like Internet browser, entire Microsoft office package, media players etc. If the user wishes to install Windows XP he can easily go ahead with that.

The Pink-colored ASUS computer is a perfect amalgamation of visual bliss and technological harmony. All the computer comes in most premium finishes and surface that one could imagine. In fact, compared to other pink-colored notebooks of different brands Asus Laptop provides the best deal to its customers.

Talking about the performance, most finicky user will not be disappointed with this device. With its lowered price, this computer does not compromise with quality, and ensures to deliver high performance.

For celebrating womanhood ASUS-Pink Laptop is the only laptop that one could think of.

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