Best Cheap Apple Laptops of 2019

Finding cheap new Apple laptops is not as easy as finding other low price laptops because Apple has the sole right to manufacture computers that are capable of running its operating system.

This means that they are able to charge a premium to people who want or need to buy an Apple computer instead of a Windows based machine. For example, the starting prices of Apple new laptop computers are nearly double those of many new Windows based ones. Thus, while Apple notebooks don’t really fall into the really budget laptop category, there are still ways to get relatively cheap computers from Apple.

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Top Cheap Apple Computers to Buy in 2018/2019

The first step to getting an Apple laptop cheaply is to decide if you need an ibook or a Powerbook. If you are looking for a basic Apple notebook then you will almost certainly want to go for the iBook since they are the least expensive. On the other hand, the more expensive Powerbooks, as their name suggests, are more powerful computers, which are designed for higher end media work.

However, both series of notebooks have the same basic features such as wireless Internet, the ability to watch DVDs, word processing etc. Thus, your choice essential comes down to how much computing power you need/want, which in turn will determine how much you have to spend. The next step for finding Apple computers at low price is to determine what shape you want your computer in.

New laptops from Apple are always going to be much more expensive than their refurbished or used counterparts. Therefore, you may want to consider either of those options as a way to save money on your purchase. However, both of these options for low price Apple computers raise certain concerns .

Alternatively, if you want to buy new, the websites like amazon or ebay often sell cheap Apple computers at or below the cost you can get from Apple itself. Thus saving you even more money! I have also included some related articles if you are undecided about buying a cheap Apple laptop or want to know more above alternative ways of buying one.

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Cheap Refurbished Apple Laptops: The Alternative to Buying New

Cheap refurbished apple computers are a good alternative to buying new, since they are often significantly cheaper.

Moreover, refurbished laptops are increasingly coming with the exact same features as brand new models. This combination of low price without any sacrifice to function has made them an extremely popular option. However, there are a few things to consider before buying a refurbished laptop from Apple.

Refurbished refers to the process of correcting minor surface defects and/or other minor technical problems. Refurbished Apple laptops are in a sense a mixture between both new and used computer. They are new in the sense that they are reconditioned to work, look and feel like a new laptop. On the other hand, they are used in the sense that they were at one point returned to the store or manufacturer to correct a minor flaw. Thus, their price tends to reflect this, since they tend to cost less than brand new computer, but more than a used computer that has not undergone refurbishing.

Before being sold, all refurbished Apple notebooks are certified that they work correctly. As an additional assurance that they will continue to work properly, I only recommend sites that are willing to give warranties on what they sell. On average these warranties last anywhere from 30 to 90 days, thus giving you some choice. While this is shorter than those given to new models it is better than used models that often don’t come with any warranty. Yet again, another example of why refurbished notebooks from apple represent the middle ground in terms of price, between new and used options.

Finally, just make sure that when you buy a refurbished Apple laptop that you are getting everything you need to run it. Many refurbished vendors don’t always include everything you need to run your notebook. Most often this means that refurbished computers are not sold without any operating system, although occasionally other things are missing as well. Keep in mind that these extras can add significantly to your costs, so just be sure to double check. It’s really just common sense. Check out the links below for where to find the best deals.

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Cheap Used Apple Laptops: The Best Auction Sites

Finding cheap used Apple computers can be a bit trickier than finding cheap used Windows based laptops. This is due to the fact that there is a much smaller supply of notebooks that run on Apple’s operating system than run on the Windows operating system. However, all that being said, there are still ways of getting that Apple iBook or Powerbook you want for far less than you would pay for a new one. For example, I personally think that by far the best way to get an Apple’s used laptop cheaply is to buy from online auction sites, although there are a few things to be aware of before buying a used laptop in this manner.

In contrast to new or even most refurbished laptops, used Apple laptops, especially those coming from auction websites, often don’t come with any long-term warranties and sometimes with none at all. As a result, even when you get a warranty it is almost always for 30 days or less. On the other hand, used laptops can be hundreds of dollars less than brand new ones. Fortunately, there are still ways of buying cheap used laptops from Apple, even without warranties, relatively safely.

Given that auction websites are the best place to buy used Apple notebooks I am going to focus my tips on what to look for when buying from auction websites. The two main things to look out for are the seller’s reputation rating and the number of transactions the seller has performed. Ideally, you want someone with a very high rating (I look for someone with 99% or above positive approval rating) and who has conducted many sales before.

This way you can be more certain that you are not dealing with some fly-by-night operation but with a legitimate seller. Also, reading people’s actual written comments can be very insightful into the person you are dealing with. Not surprisingly, it tends to be the higher rated sellers who also offer some form of guarantee with their product, one more reason to buy from someone reputable.

While my criteria may seem a little high and result in a more limited pool of seller’s, I want to make sure, as I am sure you do, that I don’t waste my money, when buying Apple used computers. Moreover, on the big auction websites such as eBay and there is still a huge group of seller’s who meet or come very close to meeting my criteria so there really is no point in buying from anyone else. If you want even more security then you may also want to consider Ubid which is a smaller auction website that screens all their merchants before hand and as a result personally guarantees everything that is sold through its site, unlike its larger rivals. My personal recommendation is to check out all three and see what deals you can find on Apple used notebooks.

However, before proceeding to those auction websites there are one or two more things that you should keep in mind. Before you buy any used Apple notebook, make sure you know what you are getting. Many sellers will not include operating systems and/or other vital pieces of a laptop to lower their costs. While this can mean that you can get your iBook or Powerbook cheaper, you still have to factor in the added time and expense of getting the software and/or hardware necessary to make your Apple laptop run.

Finally, be sure to shop around since Ebay doesn’t always have the best prices, which means that better deals can often be had from or Ubid. Remember it’s your money and you don’t want to waste it.

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