Best Android Tablets 2018/2019

Looking for the best Android tablets before you take the plunge? Well, there are some on the market 2018, and others coming in 2019, so we will take a look at what is out there now, and what is on the way!

Current Tablets

Currently, at least in the US, picking the best Android tablet doesn’t require you to pick from a long list, as there are very few out the market right now.

  1. First, there is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. This is the one I have personally, and I love it. The screen is 7.4 inches by 4.7 inches, making it big enough to do whatever I want, but small enough that it is much easier to carry around than a laptop (which I don’t think is true for an iPad). Also, the Galaxy Tab is running on Android 2.2 and is on Samsung’s Galaxy S operating system, which I love. It is really impressive, and I think probably the only Android OS that beats it is HTC Sense (but they don’t have a tablet yet!).
  2. Another readily available tab that does not seem to have taken off yet is the Huawei Ideos tablet. (maybe it’s the name!). I did play with this one a bit one day, but, overall I wasn’t terribly impressed, at least not compared to the SGT. However, it did have some advantages, such as a cool built-in stand and the possiblility of using it internationally.

That’s really about all that has taken off in the US so far. The SGT seems to be the clear frontrunner now. However, several new tablets are scheduled to be released in 2019.

Upcoming Tablets

  • Vizio, the television company, is planning to release an Android phone and tablet, known as the Via. The tablet look s interesting, as it has an 8 inch screen and it supposed to have killer sound, with three speakers. I know I love my Vizio TV, so I will be watching for this one.
  • There are several others coming too, including the Motorola Xoom, which looks like it will be running Honeycomb, or Android 3.0. This would be a big step forward for tablets, so I guess we will see.
  • Also, looks like there will be a tablet in the Droid line as well, known as the Droid Bionic. Not sure why Motorola would have two tablets. Time will tell on that.

Really, if you are looking for the finest tab right now, get a Samsung Galaxy Tab. Sprint has it for $399, and I think US Cellular has it for $199 (both with data plans). If you want to wait a bit, then stay tuned as we will keep you updated on the Top Cheap Tablet Android!

Tips to Choose The Best Android Tablet

An Android based tablet prices vary greatly, and there are many different tabs coming out in 2019 that will only add to the competition (and confusion). So how do you choose the right one at the right cost? Lets look at a few ways to decide..

  • Data Plan. The first thing you may want to consider is not necessarily the price of the tablet itself. In reality, the cost for the data plan may far outweigh the cost for the device in the end, especially if companies continue to offer deep discounts for signing up for a data plan. For example, I got a great deal on my Samsung Galaxy Tab at $399 through Sprint. However, I also pay them $29/month for data usage on their network. If I hadn’t done this, I think the cost would have been $599, or maybe more. No big deal for me, as I was going to get a data plan anyway, but it will certainly overtake the cost of the device after little over a year.
  • Android Version. There are several versions of Android floating out there, and in general, the newer the version, the better. However, I have Android 2.2 on mine and have no issues, so unless there is something specific that you want from a new version of Android, I wouldn’t worry about this too much. Also, these devices will likely get updates to new versions along the way (although it depends on your provider, so they might not).
  • Operating System. Many companies have Android running as a part of their overall OS. For example, my Galaxy Tab runs on Samsung’s Galaxy S system, which is great. I like the interface, so that is great for me, but you might want to try out the interface before you buy. However, most of them are similar, so it would be unlikely that I would pay more for a different operating system.
  • Overall Cost. So, you put that all together, then of course look at the overall cost of the device, and that should get you a good idea of the greatest deal! Remember, don’t just look at the device cost alone check these other factors to figure out the real Tablet prices.

Cheap Android Tablets in 2018/2019 – How to Choose

So you are in the market for The Best Cheap Android tablet, and you need to know what the best deals are. That’s what I was looking for, too, and I was able to find several great deals!

Of course, the first thing everyone wants to do is compare the Android devices with the iPad, and for good reason. People like yourself are typically looking for something with the same functionality as an iPad, but maybe you either want something a bit smaller (as was the case for me), or you don’t want to be locked into some silly contract with AT&T.

Things to Consider

Here are a few things to consider before you buy –

  • The Size. For my money, after looking at all the budget Android tablets on the market, I went with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Why? The size. It is about 7 inches by 4 inches, making it much smaller than the iPad and some of the other up and coming tablets. I can easily carry this around, and can even fit it in some of my larger pockets! However, you may think that bigger is better, and you want the biggest screen available! If that is the case, you might want to check out the Vizio Via Tablet, coming soon. It will have an 8 inch screen, and being from Vizio (I have one of their HDTV’s), I am sure the picture clarity will be amazing.
  • The OS. You may also want to consider the current operating system on the tablet. For example, my Galaxy Tab is currently running Android 2.2, and is on the Galaxy-S framework from Samsung. Most folks who have this on their phones are happy, so I was not hesitant to have it on my tablet, and I have not been disappointed. However, at the same time, Android 2.3 is coming soon, and if it has new features, I might be missing out (although any updates should come to your device eventually).
  • The Data Plan. Finally, let’s consider the data plan. Pretty much any device you get is going to have a data plan associated with it, unless you plan to just use it on WiFi. Many of the carriers, such as Sprint, will offer you a discount on the device for signing up with a data plan, however, you will definitely pay for that in the long run through that plan. It was worth it for me, so I am paying the $29.99/month for data. If you want to look at different plans, you should start at Wirefly. They can help you compare plans side by side, and they usually have some fairly large discounts.

There are plenty of other considerations, but this is a start! As I mentioned, the Samsung Galaxy Tab fit the bill for me, and at $399, I felt like it was a steal. However, there will be probably be many more cheap Android tablets that cost for under $100 coming out in 2019, and we will do our best to keep you updated on them!

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