Top 10 Best 17 Inch Laptop Bags & Cases in 2019

This article focuses on 17 inch laptop bags as they are hard to find. A 15.4 inch laptop bag, on the other hand, is very common and you might not have any trouble finding one to suit your style either in your local store or online stores. However, to purchase a computer bag from a particular store it is advisable to call ahead and check whether they have one in stock. In case, your local store does not have one, then your next option is to shop online.

The next thing that you should consider is the number of accessories that you have for your laptop. A laptop bag is equipped to carry numerous accessories. But if you have only a limited number of accessories then you might not need the most decked out bag. What you need is a compact laptop bag that is sufficient to carry your laptop and your accessories efficiently. Finding the right bag can save you a lot of money. A 17 ” laptop bag is itself bigger than normal computer bags and will have ample space to accommodate all your laptop accessories.

Last, but not least, you should keep in mind not to compromise quality for style. There are numerous laptop bags that look great, but beware of notebook bags that look great and priced cheap. While you can get great bargains occasionally, most often than not you get what you paid for.

Benefits of a 17 Inch Laptop Backpack

If you have decided to get a 17″ laptop backpack then here are a few facts to ensure that you are in fact making the right choice.

First, a backpack has sufficient room in it to accommodate more than just your laptop. This is an added advantage, especially if you are a student. With a backpack, instead of carrying your 17″ laptop in a case of its own and another bag for your books and other stuff, you can fit everything conveniently in just one bag.

We are discussing a 17″ laptop backpack in particular because most of the standard backpacks are sufficient to carry any laptop that is less than 17 inches, even if they are not specifically designed for any particular type of laptop. On the other hand, you might be in trouble if you are thinking about buying a standard backpack to carry your 17″ laptop.

I own a 17″ laptop and at first I did have some trouble finding a laptop bag that would accommodate my laptop. So, initially I purchased a standard backpack which barely fit my laptop, but I was not too happy when I found out that I have to take another bag to college to carry my books and other things, as the bag I bought for my laptop was not big enough to accommodate them as well.

Finally, I searched online and found a good bag that fit my requirements and placed the order. To say the truth, it was one of the best things I have done. It definitely made my college life a lot easier. With this new 17 ” laptop backpack I longer had to be embarrassed about my older misfit bag or about having to lug two bags all around the campus. It was not just embarrassing but highly irritating as well.

My advice to all who prefer bigger laptops and who are not happy about their existing computer bags is to go for the 17-inch laptop backpack. It truly made my life easier and saved a lot of unnecessary hassles. Above all, the bag I bought was really great, stylish and at the same time very comfortable. It also included extra padding to keep my laptop safe and secure.

How to Make Out Difference in Quality among 17-Inch Laptop Cases

Today, a wide range of 17 inches laptop cases are available and a laptop owner can find one to suit his/her personality. Though many PC owners still prefer briefcase style notebook cases, there have been some significant improvements in the style of 17 ” computer cases that are designed to reflect the qualities and lifestyle of their owners.

For instance, there are movable portable sleeves popularly known as messenger bags, especially designed for scholars who are always on the move. There are laptop bags that are designed to double as a stylish evening bag. Scholars and professionals who lead a busy life find the portable sleeves extremely useful and perfect for their lifestyle. These trendy portable sleeves also provide its owners with options to select from a range of detachable straps.

There are laptop messenger bags that are padded lightly to provide sufficient protection without being bulky. If owners feel the need for extra protection then they can make use of a separate sleeve for their PC. These types of lightweight cases can also be doubled as common-or-garden bags.

PC or laptop sleeves that were initially made to be used on the portable are now available with removable straps. With this feature, PC owners now have the option to carry their laptop in the computer sleeve or carry it in the PC sleeve inside the portable or they can opt to carry just the PC sleeve by attaching the removable strap to the PC sleeve to transform it into a shoulder bag.

The type that is fast growing in popularity is PC bags that come with separate but matching laptop sleeves. Most often these cases are lightly insulated. The detachable sleeves that accompany these cases are also lightly padded to provide protection. PC sleeve provides a simpler option to easily transport the laptop safely for short distances without having to use the bigger Computer bags.

Similarly, the 17 inches computer cases can accommodate the laptop even if it is not enclosed in the portable sleeve. There are other options to 17-inches laptop bags and they include leather notebook cases, totes and many other bags that might protect your PC without looking bulky.

These types of PC totes employ quality materials and sport stylish designs that match other designer bags. Care is taken in stitching, materials used and attention is paid to small details like clasps so that these can be used as PC bags as well as trendy evening bags. Messenger and even Baby bags from reputed manufacturers are excellent as they are made deep and long for their primary purposes, which comes in handy as the perfect tote for PC bag.

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