Top 10 Laptop Accessories

Top 10 Laptop  Accessories

Have you just purchased a laptop? Well, here’s some news you need to know … A laptop requires quite a number of accessories to make it the ultimate mobile computing machine. There are devices like Bluetooth adapters, USB lights and phone chargers which help to make your laptop a much more powerful productivity tool.

So do read on and find out what are the top 10 accessories you should buy for your precious laptop.


What kind of accessories can you buy for your laptop? Before we jump into the top 10 list, remember that some of these accessories are more essential than other (e.g. laptop security locks and external storage). Others, like laptop speakers and printers are (in my opinion) less essential. Nevertheless, its good to have a look at these products and determine if you need them.

You can buy a ton of accessories for your laptop

1. Laptop Security Cables

One of the most important laptop accessories you will need is a laptop security cable. This is one of the easiest ways protecting your laptop against theft. Please remember to use these cables to secure your laptop whenever it leaves your sight. I’ve had a bad experience before where unsecured of mine was left in the office over the weekend and stolen. So always remember, security comes first.

2. UPS Device

I know many mobile workers don’t think an UPS device is necessary. However, always remember that if you’re working in an external environment, the quality of electrical connections may not always be perfect. So protect yourself and your laptop from network and phone line surges with a UPS device.

3. External Storage

Another device that should be added to your laptop toolbox is external storage. You can choose storage as small as a 1GB pen drive or it can be a huge 500GB backup box. Whichever style you choose, make sure the storage device is easy to use and durable.

4. Portable Laptop Desks

Here’s another thing that is good for your laptop – a portable laptop desk. Believe it or not, long hours spent hunching over a laptop are very damaging on your posture, neck and spine. Having a portable laptop desk allows you to work in comfortable positions and reduce strain on your body.

5. Laptop Power Adapters

Oh, this is something I make sure I have around. The trouble with many laptops is that the battery can run out when you least expect it. Make sure that you have your laptop power adapter with you when you go traveling. Although a laptop power adapter comes with the laptop, I sometimes get an additional one so I don’t have to lug it with me between home and the office.

6. Portable Projectors

A portable projector? Why buy a projector as a laptop accessory? Well, it is quite possible (if you are in sales) that you need to make a presentation to more people than you thought. Traveling with your own portable projector means you don’t have to go around hunting for a projector, no matter what professional situation you are in.

7. USB Bluetooth Adapters

Some older laptops do not provide built-in Bluetooth connectivity. I always ensure I have a little USB Bluetooth adapter that allows me to connect my cell phone to the laptop. Don’t leave home without it.

8. Mobile Printers

You might not think this is an essential laptop accessory, but some folks do in fact buy a mobile printer so they can print while on the road. One of the problems with printing on the road is that you need to find a printer, install the drivers, etc. Having a mobile printer saves you all that trouble.

9. Wireless Laptop Mice

I also think that a traveling wireless laptop mouse is a good investment to make. It affords you great freedom since you are no longer constrained by a wire and most of the wireless laptop mice look good too.

10. Laptop Speakers

If you are making presentations to a large audience, then your laptop speakers might not be sufficient to produce the aural clarity you need. Invest in some good speakers to ensure the sounds can be caught by the audience.

11. Laptop Bag or Backpack

One of the most important laptop accessories, in my opinion, is the humble laptop bag. If you do a lot of traveling, you might want to consider a laptop backpack or even a wheeled bag. You will want to have lots of compartments in the bag for all your lovely laptop peripherals. If you want to learn more about laptop bags, you can read up my guide on how to buy a laptop bag.


Well, that’s a lot of laptop accessories to look at! There are countless other stuff you can buy to trick out your laptop, but the above list represents my initial thoughts. Personally, I think that a laptop security cable, a UPS device, external storage, a Bluetooth adapter and a wireless laptop mouse. You may have different needs, of course. So until next time, do some research on your laptop accessories and happy computing!

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