The Best Tablets Under $200 to Buy in 2018

If you’re looking for the best cheap tablets in 2018, then you’re at the right place. Here’s a list of Best Tablets You Can buy for Under $200.

While the Apple iPad is the most popular example of how these tech devices that are becoming a “must-have”, there are actually an abundance of other choices out there personalized for the needs of specific consumers.

Editor’s Note :

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  • if you’re only going to be doing simple tasks, like checking email, updating your facebook status, reading some news, or playing a game of chess, then you might find best inexpensive tablets for sale under 100 that will work just fine for you.
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Though the companies hate to admit it, more than half of tablets PCs out today are somewhat expensive. As a result, not everyone can really afford to get their own. However, there is recent increase in the number of sub-$200 tablets.

These inexpensive tablets are average when it comes to performance and design. Some of these Tablets are simply too awful to use. It’s a simple reality that the more expensive a tablet is, the more advanced and sophisticated are its specs and features.

Such concept however is not applicable for average and low-end models. Though some are quite cheap, it doesn’t mean that they’re all unreliable and defective.

But there are some affordable tablets out there that at least provide tolerable performance while still being friendly to your wallet. So here are five budget tablets in the market that we will take a look at. We’ll go through their basic specs and features and it’s up to you to decide which among them is worth the buy.

Best Budget Tablets for Sale Under $200 to Buy 2017/2018

Amazon Kindle Fire HD8 Tablet

amazon kindle fire tablet review

Personally, I recommend that you save up another $$, and buy a Kindle Fire. That’s right, the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet is now only $$!!! That’s a big price drop and now is my #1 recommendation for budget shoppers. It’s a great tablet for watching movies, streaming videos, surfing the web, playing games, listening to music, reading books, etc. This device is also best for high school & college students.

However, if you’re only going to be doing simple tasks, like checking email, updating your facebook status, reading some news, or playing a game of chess, then you might find best cheap tablets for sale under 100 that will work just fine for you.

Cheaper tablets may not have batteries that last a long time, and they are likely to have a slower processor and an older OS. Just a little warning, as I hate to see anyone waste their money.

Sometimes you can find an amazing deal on a refurbished tablet.


Resistive Touch Screens?
Some cheap tablets have resistive touch screens. Resistive touch screens work well with a stylus or fingernail. Capacitive touch screens work best with your finger tip. Resistive touch screens don’t have multi-touch capability. Only one finger at a time!

The Best Android Tablet to Buy for Under $200 in 2018

Although Ebay was once known for auctions, now days they have many “buy it now” items. So many of the prices you see are not low teaser prices, but they are the actual sale price! Sometimes you can find things with free shipping too.

You can buy things from USA sellers or from sellers in foriegn countries like Hong Kong and China. Some of the best tablet deals come from China – that is, you can get the best price if you buy from a Chinese seller.

Ebay makes this process safer by providing detailed feedback history. Always look at a seller’s feedback before purchasing! Also, if there’s a problem with your purchase, Paypal will help you get a refund or replacement. You can also get a discounted warranty from SquareTrade – right under the Ebay price, the optional warranty is often listed.

Can Acer or Google come out with an under $200 Tablet this year?

My main complaint with cheap “generic” tablets that cost under $200 is that they don’t always work well. Sometimes the battery life is as little as a couple of hours or less, sometimes the screens are not very sensitive, and sometimes they crash a lot…..

So I was very pleased to read the news that Acer might be manufacturing the Acer Iconia B1 tablet, a 7″ tablet that may be priced at just $99! However, rumors are that it’s going to be an international tablet and may not be sold in the United States for that price…. but I can hope!

There’s also news that Google might lower the price of their Nexus 7 to between $99 to $149. It sounds like they are trying to beat Amazon.

So, should you buy the Amazon Kindle for $$ or wait and see what happens with Acer or Google? Personally, if I wanted to buy a tablet now, I would go ahead and buy it because if I wait, then I can’t have fun with it…. and I’m willing to pay a little extra in order to start enjoying it right away.

You can always wait… and wait… and wait… and new technology will come out, and older technology will drop in price… but if you can afford it, and perhaps even justify it as a late christmas gift or early birthday gift… * wink *


We hope this article has provided you with a few options for inexpensive and budget tablets that cost for under $200 for you to choose from. We understand that sometimes budget is a huge factor in deciding to buy a Tablet or laptop. Just understand that you have to balance price with functionality and quality. We wish you good luck in choosing from the wide variety of cheap tablets.

Good luck winning a great deal!

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