Tablet VS Laptop: Which is Best for You?

The Tablets are very similar to the traditional laptop, but with major differences. For instance, this type of computer allows the user to take advantage of some serious technology, such as the touch screen and swivel screen.

This type of computer offers a better way to become mobile and still keep in touch where it matters most. If the traditional laptop is impractical, the Tablet, or often called “Tab” is ready to take its place.

What Makes The Tablets So  Different From Traditional Laptops?
The traditional notebook looks like an all in one personal computer. It comes with a compact screen, keyboard, and mouse touch pad. At one point, this was the greatest in technology.

It allowed you to keep in touch while on trips, either personal or business, and essentially made your office a traveling office. You can store your data, create data, and perform most any task that you would like with the laptop.
However, with the Tablets, you are given greater mobility factors and have even more access to what you need, when you need it. For instance, the biggest difference is your choice in forms. The Tab comes in two different forms convertible and slate.

The convertible model comes with a keyboard, but the screen can be folded over your keyboard to make it a smaller version. The slate version resemble nothing more than a flat screen monitor, no keyboard to worry about.

Another major difference is the mobility. Regardless of where you are rather on the lane, sitting on your couch, walking, or waiting in line, you can keep right on using your Tabs.

Now, what makes them really mobile is that you can simply talk to you tablets and it will record exactly what you are saying. The touch screen also allows you to forgo the keyboard and just use a pen made specifically for the Tab. In other words, if you want to create sketches or drawing, fill out forms, take notes, and so much more, all you need is to start “writing” using the touch screen.

How Does The Touch Screen Work?
The Tab comes with a one of a kind touch screen. It gives you the choice of using your fingertips or tablet pen to do the work. This eliminates the need for a keyboard or mouse, unless of course you want to use this option while working on your desk. All you need to do is touch the area you wish to access to get started.

For example, if you wanted to create digital art or a sketch, just grab your tab pen and start drawing in the appropriate area. Your fingertips work well too, imagine that, finally a screen that you can actually touch and not have to worry about ruining. In fact, this screen actually wants you to touch it and that is the point.

How Does The Swivel Screen Work?
The swivel screen is standard on the convertible Laptop. This is a convenient feature, particularly for those with little space in which to work or just need something more convenient to suit their needs.

In its traditional state, the convertible model looks just like a typical notebook. However, if you swivel the screen and rotate it, it now looks like you have yourself a digital notepad. Essentially, all you have to deal with is the monitor. The screen folds down right over the keyboard, which gives the look and feel as if the keyboard was never even there.
When you take advantage of the swivel screen function, the Tab will take initiative to change the screen view as well. Your screen will flip to a profile view.

Comparing Price
One disadvantage to getting Tablets instead of a traditional laptops is the costs. A traditional notebook can be purchases relatively cheap, when compared to other personal computers. However, the Table PC is usually much more expensive. The Tab starts at a minimum of $300 more than traditional notebooks and increases from there.

You can expect Tabs to start at a price of about $1,600 and work its way up to more than $2,400 depending on the specific model, size, and features. So, is a Tab the best choice for you? Well, it really depends. Do you want a computer that provides you with convenience and mobility?

Do you want to do away with the traditional keyboard and mouse and start using a pen or your fingertips? Do you need a computer that can listen to your voice and automatically take notes? If all that sounds like the computer for you, then yes, you need the Tabs your home or business.

Tablet vs Notebook : Which is Right for You?

Ever since iPad has emerged as a technology product, many are asking which is better, a tablet or notebook. Is notebook still necessary if there is a tab that can perform its functions? Are people living in a post-personal computer era? This still depends.

Each individual is using technology in a different way. Others are even sticking with tabs alone. In figuring out the best device for you, there are some features to consider.

  • In the Laptops have built-in benefits than tablets, particularly its power. They have a better processing hardware that allows a wide array of uses, multitasking and fast performance. They can also handle tab uses such as movie or video streaming and web browsing. The uses include complex tasks such as video editing and photo editing to date entry.
  • Between notebook vs. tablet, this also varies among people. As the tab boasts sixteen to one-hundred twenty-eight gigabytes of storage space, a notebook offers five-hundred gigabytes or even more. The smallest laptops feature smaller SSDs along full-size SD cards, flash drives and portable drives.
  • With laptop vs tablet, there is also a battle in terms of form factor. A notebook has its benefit of having a built-in mouse and keyboard that allows you of doing all mouse-related work and typing. A touch screen does not provide the same level of control which a cursor and mouse does while a screen keyboard fits for entering text. A mouse of a notebook is even efficient as compared to the touch screen for clicking of links, swapping of the windows and in general mousing. This is a lot important in a working environment, wherein these tasks may stress you all day.
  • There is also the question of peripherals and ports. While it may seem that tablets and laptops have their ecosystem of devices and accessories, notebooks can work with different accessories. These accessories may include HDMI outputs, USB ports and many other features. From keyboards and mice, it is believed that a notebook is still a better choice.
  • In doing a serious work, which is better to use a laptop or tablet? Laptop is still the best alternative because it has its multitasking and powerful processing capabilities. It is compatible to use with a storage device or specific accessory. Although a tab can still perform these tasks, a notebook is still a reigning device.
  • In the debate of tablets vs. notebook, the question is focused on the price. Other laptops are known to be competitive, especially when talking about speed. If you are one of those who are willing to pay for the price, a laptop can keep up and perform better.
  • As mentioned, choosing a tablet or laptop varies on the needs of a person. Doing more than playing games, social networking or checking email, a notebook is still the best to choose from.
  • A notebook is still more powerful as compared to a tab. The former device also has its bigger internal storage and there is more software that is available for a laptop. It also has its great compatibility for file such as images, documents, video and a whole lot more. Even the browsing experience is better on laptops than tab, particularly that Adobe does not support Flash for mobile devices and tabs.

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