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So you are aspiring digital artists and You want to buy a graphics tablet, but you are still undecided of which tablet is best suited for a beginner graphics artist, and you don’t want to spend too much money. Drawing with a tab is a great step forward for an artist, and you know that you will need to learn to use a drawing tablet sooner or later in order to progress. And it will be good experience and a very practical thing in the future. Digital drawing IS the future, and you know that.

So, you have been considering prices and checking out the specifics of certain brands of graphics tablets, but you are still unsure of which one to buy. Probably, you don’t want to risk too much money, and you’re afraid it might not meet your expectations.

For a beginner artist who wants a graphics tab for the first time, there are only a few considerations to be taken into account, and you can read them in the following parts of the article. I believe this post should be helpful for all those who are having some major dilemmas before deciding on what’s best for them.

What is The Best Drawing Tablet for Starting Artists in 2017 ?

Heads up Before You Buy Your First Drawing Tablet!

Consider well and choose carefully!

A few tips for choosing your very first graphics tab from myself (for I also had that concern when I was searching) would be to try to perhaps find if anyone around you has one similar to what you would want to have. Try to get that person to let you work a little on their tab, and see how it works. You need this to be aware that it is nothing like working on real paper. There is no friction, no resistance, and you will need a bit of practice to make precise strokes.

If you manage to get someone to give you their own tablets for a little trial, don’t be disappointed if you can’t get used to it immediately, and certainly don’t rush into buying the same type and brand just because you managed to draw a few straight lines. Wait!

Differences Between Drawing on Paper and Drawing with a Tablet

This part may seem too obvious, but it is nonetheless worth mentioning again (and again). Be careful. There are a few differences that are logical, but even though you may already assume which differences I am talking about, it’s good to know again to have a realistic picture of what drawing with a drawing tablet actually feels like.

First of all, the surface of the working area of the tab is smooth. Therefore, the physics is not the same as if you had a piece of paper and a pencil, and started doodiling. Your pen stylus will slide across this smooth surface easily and without much friction (if at all), so that is the first thing to get used to. And secondly, your stylus is certainly not a pencil, so again we speak of little resistence.

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Still there? Good..

Good tablets will have good pressure sensitivity, and you will have to get accustomed to applying the right amount of pressure to get the exact stroke you want. This becomes easy with time, but can be a bit frustrating while you are learning.

Wacom Tablet Accesories

The first thing I got after my Bamboo is the wireless kit, for practical reasons of course. There are a number of accessories that are available for graphics tabs and these are invaluable to those who take drawing and design seriously.

Having an additional set of tips and a grip, mostly because you will appreciate its practicality and won’t have to worry about abusing the tips you already have. The spare tips are not only good, they include felts, plastic tips, and so on.

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Recommended Graphic Tablets – Best for beginners

As a digital artist, I would advise you to have a budget of between 50-150 (or if you have more) USD in order to get your very first graphics tab. We want you to be able to get a good tab without wasting money, and getting the best possible beginner tablets for your needs.

My sincere recommendation is Wacom. They are reliable, sturdy, very very good in quality and best of all, affordable. First tab I ever had was a Wacom Bamboo Create, and I cannot complain about it at all. Most importantly, they have excellent customer support, drivers that are compatible with most (if not all) your systems and they will not ‘misbehave’ at any time.

When shopping for a first drawing tablet, do not rush into buying a large tab because you feel that it is better. Think about your brush strokes. Are they naturally smaller or larger on paper? That is how you will judge the size of the work surface you need. Personally, medium is the best option, and small, for those who are used to drawing in miniature.

As for pressure sensitivity, also go for the medium (no need for the lowest level, you still want to be able to make epic drawings). There are three levels of pressure sensitivity, and the medium one is 512. That should be more than enough for a starting digital artist.

Best Beginner Tablets

Taking into account all that I have said above, I bring you several graphics tablets which I believe to be best suited for a learning artist.

Best Wacom Tablets for Artists review

Wacom’s CTL471 Bamboo Splash Graphic Tablet
Bamboo Splash has a textured work surface, a battery-free pen, and its entire point is simplicity. This is the tab for a perfect transition from a paper and pen to digital drawing.

It’s a risk-free purchase for those who still feel intimidated by some of the other tabs out there. Wacom Bamboo Slash graphics tab is a bargain and a good choice for a budding artist.

Wacom’s Bamboo Create Pen & Touch Tablet (CTH670)
Wacom Bamboo Create is the number one top-selling tab when it comes to beginners. And it’s very good for professional graphics designers too. So what makes it special? Wacom Bamboo Create has a textural surface that is quite large, a battery-free pen and the 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. All that for this price!

Wacom’s CTH470 Bamboo Capture Pen & Touch Tablet
Wacom Bamboo Capture! So, what makes this tab special? Simple, it’s the best photo editing tablet at such a low price. It allows you to manipulate your photos with multi-touch input, enabling you to really enjoy photo-manipulation and becoming a master of it. Enhance images and enjoy it for an affordable price!

Wacom’s PTH650 Intuos5 Touch Medium Pen Tablet
Intuos5 has the impressive 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity in order to simulate the feel of traditional pencils, markers and real brushes! It has the multi-touch functionality for photo editors, a medium working surface that generally fits everyone, and an ergonomic design. For this money, Intuos5 is a bargain – not only is it perfect for beginners, but you will probably not even want to/have to change it.

Wacom’s CTL470 Bamboo Connect Pen Tablet 
Bamboo Connect is THE tablet’s perfect for document editing. It comes with Autodesk SketchBook Express, which will enable you to sketch and visualize your ideas, and Evernote, which is perfect for saving your notes and images. For those who need precision input for a low price – Connect is your tab!

Wacom Covers & Carrying Cases for Your Tab
Covering and protecting your tab surface is more than important – it’s crucial. I would recommend keeping your drawing tablet ‘tucked in’ at all times when you are not using it, and carrying it around in a suitable case to avoid any kind of damage. Do I sound paranoid?

Do you have a Wacom Tablet?

Consider getting a cover to protect its surface or one of these carrying cases for your convenience


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