Best Rolling Backpacks Reviews 2017

Rolling backpack is designed to carry computers are one of the most useful accessories for laptop owners available. They’re designed to make your life easy, reducing the back pain and hassle associated with carrying a laptop bag over your shoulder.

History of Rolling Backpacks

One day in 1971 a tired salesman named Mr. Bernard Sadow was struggling with his heavy luggage returning from a trip, when suddenly his attention was drawn to a man quickly passing him by. The man had mounted a heavy machine onto trolley wheels and was pulling the equipment behind him with ease. It was in this moment that the idea came to Mr. Sadow. When he returned home he proceeded to rig with a rope a set of heavy caster wheels, which he had removed from an old trunk, to his luggage. It worked like a charm.

In 1972 he decided to take his idea to one of his customers. He pulled his funny looking little suitcase with wheels through the offices of Macy’s. His invention was ridiculed, laughed at and at first rejected. Later this luggage manufacturer found himself wheeling his funny little luggage on wheels back through the same doors to meet with Macy’s vice president. Today he is still receiving royalties and those little wheels have found their way to roller backpacks.


Things to Look for in Rolling Backpacks

There are a number of things to look for in a rolling laptop backpack so make sure you do a bit of research when choosing one to buy.

Most rolling computer backpacks have a number of features in common.

  • They have wheels to allow you to roll them through airports, offices and to other locations.
  • They can also usually be transformed into a backpack that you can wear on your back, making them the ultimate in convenience purchases.
  • More features include storage inside for various computer parts, along with outside pockets.

You’ll also want to make sure they have features that suit your needs, like padded backpack straps and wheels that have traction and roll well. Also check that the backpack has a padded pocket for your laptop to prevent damage during travel.

Types of Roller Backpack

There are a few types of roller backpacks.

  1. Some are very large and designed for people that carry around a great deal of computer accessories, such as printers. These back packs can be costly and may or may not convert to different carrying types.
  2. Another type is that which is designed for teachers. These are compact and stream-lined, designed to carry just the essentials and be easy to use.
  3. Back packs for hikers and the like are also very popular. These are very large with plenty of pockets for books, water bottles, gadgets and other accessories and are very comfortable to wear as a backpack.

Each type of backpack is designed for a different user with their specific needs in mind. When you’re buying a laptop backpack that rolls make sure you think about how you’ll use it and what features you want.

Tips to Choose a Good Roller Backpack

  1. Make sure you analyze the features when choosing one for yourself, however.
  2. Check the wheels and make sure they have proper traction and turn well, especially if you’ll use it on rough terrain.
  3. Decide also if you need a sleek model with plenty of storage or a simple laptop backpack that just has the necessary elements.
  4. No matter what you’re using your backpack for, make sure it has proper padding to protect your computer.

A Backpack for laptop are one of the most useful purchases a laptop owner can make. They’re ideal for teachers, students, travelers, businessmen and hikers, providing each with a product best suited to their needs. These back packs are designed for versatility and ease of use.

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