Buy Pink Laptops – Be Fashionable and Support A Good Cause

Pink is the hottest trend in fashion and on the runway. In fact, many authorities in the world of fashion expect the color pink to continue dominating the clothing and accessory markets for years to come.

While the color pink has long been associated with women(especially teenage girls) due to its soft appearance, more and more men are beginning to embrace the color as well with dress shirts for the working environment and casual shirts for the home. Apart from the influence that pink has had within fashion, the color is also recognized worldwide as being associated with breast cancer awareness.

A wide range of corporations have embraced this concept by selling pink products during the month of October, which has been universally accepted as breast cancer awareness month. Among the many pink items that consumers have access to, perhaps none is more appealing than hot pink laptop computers.

Recently both Dell and Sony have offered to donate money to help fight breast cancer for each pink dell laptop or pink VAIO laptop that is sold. Most of Dell’s complete line of laptops is available in the color pink, including Inspiron Studios and Minis, the XPS m1330 and m1530 and the Latitude E4200.

For their part, Dell has committed to raising at least $250,000 through the program – $5 for each pink laptop sold. In the past Sony has joined in on the action by offering to donate $100,000 from the proceeds of a limited edition pink Sony VAIO bundle that included a pink mouse and pink carrying case.

Toshiba has also released a special pink edition of their Portege laptop, partnering with Best Buy Canada to donate $40 from each unit sold to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. The pink laptops were offered during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

It is not surprising that companies have marketed products that help to support a good cause. After all, people like to display their beliefs, whether religious, political or otherwise.

Purchasing a pink notebook is the perfect way for someone to support the fight against breast cancer while also getting something that is appealing and functional. I’m certain that men everywhere are waiting for the day when Dell, Sony or HP puts together a prostate cancer bundle, including a bright blue laptop and like accessories.

Until that day comes why not go pink? If you’re looking to get noticed for your fashion sense or just looking to help a great cause then pink colour laptops are for you.

Hot Pink Laptops Combine Function and Fashion

Recent offerings from some of the world’s top laptop producers have merged fashion with functionality by offering pink color laptops to the eager masses. Demand for pink colour laptops is strong and for good reason.

After all, the color pink was recently identified as one of the top 10 fashion colors of the spring. The ability for the consumer to express themselves through current fashion trends while also taking care of their computing needs has helped to propel computer manufacturers to market toward this end.

Laptops remain the computer of choice for those looking for portability due to their small form factor, with most weighing in somewhere between just 4 and 10 pounds. Laptop computers afford their owners the opportunity to take their computer to work, to school, on an airplane or just about anywhere else.

Thanks to the advent of wireless technology, laptops can now connect to the outside world in a multitude of locations. Imagine having all of the capabilities of a modern laptop contained within a beautiful pink exterior.

More and more people are accessorizing with their electronic devices – digital music players, digital cameras, PDAs and cell phones are available in a multitude of colors include your favorite color pink. After all, what better way to make a statement while equipping oneself with the best of what technology has to offer?

Now that pink notebooks are readily available from a wide range of respectable companies the decision on which laptop to buy rests on several factors. Many people ask the basic question – what is the best laptop?

The answer to this question, of course, depends on what you intend to use your laptop for.  Important considerations include laptop screen size, laptop weight, laptop battery life, laptop processor, laptop memory and laptop price.

The next question might be – who makes the best pink laptops? The answer to this question is essentially impossible to answer, since brand preference is highly dependent on past experiences.

For example, someone that has had a positive experience with Hewlett Packard (HP) desktop computers might say that HP makes the best laptops, while someone else may lean toward Dell for similar reasons. Fortunately, there are many reputable companies from which to choose your new pink color laptop, with most offering solid warranty plans and top notch technical service.

While it’s true that laptop computers demand a higher price than a desktop computer of a similar configuration, nothing beats the freedom that comes from portability. And why not choose a pink colour laptop for the ultimate vehicle of self expression.

Dell Pink Laptop and Netbook Computers

Just two short years ago the first true netbook, the original Asus Eee PC, hit the market giving users a first glimpse at ultra portability. Although the Asus machine had many flaws, most notably the low resolution display, it helped to fill the void between traditional laptop offerings and pocket sized PDAs.

Fortunately, there are many highly functional and reliable netbooks available today from some of the top computer producers, including Dell, which offers the Inspiron Mini 10.1-inch Promise Pink netbook. Essentially, a netbook is a full featured notebook computer with a smaller display (7 to 10-inches) that is very light weight and highly portable.

While netbooks are meant primarily for web browsing and emailing, most also come equipped with at least one USB port for adding peripheral devices, backlit LED screens, a webcam and Wi-Fi. Perhaps the most attractive feature that netbooks have to offer is their price point, with many in the $300-400 range.

It’s the perfect option for users that don’t require a resource heavy operating system and robust feature set of more traditional laptop computers. Since 2008, the computer industry reports that netbooks are beginning to take away market share from laptops.

Not to be left behind, most of the well known laptop manufacturers have added a line of netbooks to their product offerings. One manufacturer in particular, Dell, offers a netbook version of their popular Inspiron series – the 10.1-inch Promise Pink netbook.

Designed for those people that desire ultra portability together with a capable processor and wireless capability, the Dell Pink Laptop is also attractively priced at under $400 from Amazon. Technical details for the Inspiron Mini 10 include a 1.33 GHz Intel Atom Processor, 1GB RAM, 3 USB ports and an impressive 160GB hard drive.

In the case of the Mini 10, its small size doesn’t mean sacrificing the keyboard. In fact, the mini laptop keyboard measures 92 percent the size of a standard laptop.

The small 3-cell battery offers up to 3 hours of use from a single charge, giving the user more time to chat, blog or tweet away from a wall outlet. Perhaps the one downside of the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is the touch pad, which many users have complained about its awkward nature.

The left and right buttons are integrated into the touch pad, making it difficult for users to naturally rest their thumbs without inadvertently activating a command via the buttons.  However, this issue is easily remedied with the purchase of an external mouse – just be sure it’s pink!

Pink Laptop Bags and Accessories

Once you’ve gone through the many different options and have chosen your perfect pink laptop, it’s time to pick out some matching pink laptop or tablet accessories. After all, your purchase wouldn’t be complete without that new bright pink laptop sleeve or bag. Besides just looking good, your new sleeve will serve to protect your valuable investment from scratches, abrasions and water damage.

When shopping for a case or sleeve the options can seem overwhelming. There are soft cases, hard cases, backpacks and a relatively new category that is gaining popularity – neoprene laptop sleeves.

While school and college backpacks are available in different size, Neoprene sleeves are lightweight and relatively inexpensive. They are available in various shades of pink. Another inherent bonus with many neoprene sleeves is that they stretch to conform perfectly to the shape of your laptop.

Others of the non-stretchable variety can be purchased specifically for a brand or type of laptop or netbook. One model that is particularly popular with the netbook crowd is the pink Kroo Retro Sleeve.

Designed to fit netbooks measuring 10-inches or less, the Kroo is a durable option that is also capable of holding a wireless mouse, AC adaptor cord, a set of headphones and other miscellaneous cables inside its two pockets (one zippered and the other a Velcro snap) on the outside of the sleeve.

Inside the sleeve is a neoprene flap that prevents the zipper from contacting the outer case of your netbook. Users report that the Kroo fits a 10-inch netbook perfectly, without being too loose or too snug. The Kroo can be had for under $15 through Amazon – a bargain for a cool, well reviewed pink sleeve.

For more traditionally sized laptops there is Pacific Design Nucleus Sleeve in “Pretty Pink.” Made to fit laptops measuring around 15-inches (15.4-inches to be exact), the nucleus is described by its manufacturer as “a case within a case,” since it’s designed to fit perfectly inside a larger line of Pacific Design cases.

The case is a semi-hard shell construction that is extremely slim and lightweight and includes a built-in organizer panel and detachable shoulder strap. Despite being lightweight the case has plenty of room to hold additional gear such as AC adaptors, mice, cables, etc.

The Pretty Pink sleeve is available through Amazon for $25, which alone qualifies for their free super saver shipping option. Purchasing a sleeve or case for your pink color laptop computer is cheap insurance against scratches and water damage and should be at the top of your accessory list.

Remember to purchase a sleeve that best fits your individual laptop of choice without leaving too much additional room for the laptop to slide around in. Other important considerations are zippered or Velcro straps to securely contain your contents, as well as storage compartments for miscellaneous gear.

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