Popular Laptop Brands and Companies

Today there are dozens upon dozens of laptop companies, each one manufacturing a variety of different models. This has had both a positive and a negative impact. The positive side of all this,

is that intense competitive pressures has forced down computer prices, which means that finding cheap laptops has never been easier. The only negative thing is that with all these laptop companies, making a decision between them can often be extremely difficult.
Thus, to help in the process of choosing a budget laptop I have created a list of some of the most popular, good quality and overall cheap laptop manufacturers around. Now each company produces laptops in different styles and with different features, so it is impossible to really say that one company is better than another. Thus, you may have to look at a few different laptop manufacturers to find exactly what you are looking for. But you can be sure that any of the companies listed below produce reputable quality notebook computers.

Finally there is just one final thing I should note about the different companies listed below. If you are looking for an Apple/Mac laptop, then your only choice is to buy from Apple since they are the sole producers of them. All other laptop companies listed below run on the windows operating system and obviously as a consequence can use software intended for windows based systems. If you are undecided between an Apple and Windows laptop, just keep the following two things in mind. First, Apple laptops, while certainly looking a lot cooler than most other laptops, are on the whole more expensive than comparable windows laptops. Second, over 90% of the world runs on windows based computers and thus, there is a much wider variety of software available for them.

The laptop companies below are listed in alphabetical order.

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