Multimedia Laptop information and reviews.

Here are the specifics regarding the laptops for multimedia you own or are considering acquiring. With all of the advances in the laptop industry, there are plenty of people who are looking at them as more than just a computer but also as a portable entertainment device as well.
This has been heavily fueled by the number of companies who are including some great features that really take advantage of the portable nature of a multimedia notebook.

Things to Consider

From the simple features to those that are a bit more extreme there are plenty of things that you should consider when picking a laptop for multimedia.

  1. Your first step should be looking at the screen. No amount of features is going to make you happy if the screen you are working with is so tiny that it cannot help you at all. You should look for a notebook that is at least 15 inches so that you have an adequate viewing area. Consider this compared to the fact that most people have the smallest television in their home at 19 inches and you are still looking at a small screen, but it is much better than some of the 12-inch micro versions available.
  2. Another key feature that is really a requirement for a laptop is the ability to have an optical drive. At the very least, you need a DVD-ROM optical drive so that you can enjoy movies. Companies such as HP are including their special software on their laptops that can actually allow you to watch movies, without being forced to boot the entire operating system as well. This is a great benefit and can allow you to start watching movies quite quickly. However, if you are looking at a laptop that does not have a DVD-ROM optical drive as a minimum, you may want to avoid the model since it is likely quite out of date.
  3. You are also going to want to see what key features are included in the multimedia notebook that will enable you to quickly use it for your needs. For example, HP offers two headphone jacks on the front of their laptops so that two people can both plug up headphones to watch and hear the movie. Apple laptops include a remote control so that you can easily and quickly change tracks, fast forward, rewind and start the movie over.
  4. These are features that may seem quite small and trivial but they are actually quite useful when you are using the laptop a lot. You are also going to need to look at the graphics card that is included on the laptop. While any computer can play a movie that has a DVD-ROM drive at a minimum, the graphics card will often determine how well the picture quality compares to other portable DVD players as well as your player at home.Look for something that delivers a nice crisp picture and ensure that you ask exactly what card is inside and specifically about performance while playing games and movies to ensure you get the best multimedia laptops available.

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