7 Best Laptops Under 500 2017

7 Best Laptops Under 500 Dollars in 2017

Sometimes the great idea is to go for the cheapest laptop. One small flight through the air could destroy an expensive laptop, leaving you flat broke. It could leave you walking everywhere without enough money to put gas in your car, or even put minutes on your mobile phone. Here are our suggestions.

Laptop Comparison by Features and Specs

Lenovo B5015.6 inches1.4 GHZ4GB320GB
Dell Inspiron 15.6 Inch15.6 inchesCore i5-6200U8GB1TB
Asus F555LA-AB3115.6 inches2.1 GHZ4GB500GB
HP Stream 11.6”11.6 inches2.16 GHZ2GB32GB
HP Pavilion 15-r030wm15.6 inchespentium4GB500GB
HP Chromebook 1414 inches1.4 GHz2GB16GB
HP Pavilion X36013.3 inches2.3-GHz Core i58GB128 GB

Lenovo B56 15” Business Laptop


A laptop that’s perfect for college. With 320GB of disk space and a dual-core processor, it has everything you need to be in a position to get work done. It’s sure to do the job well.


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Dell Inspiron 15.6”


This is an excellent laptop for a college engineering student. It’s jam-packed with all of your wireless needs, so you’re always connected to the web and your other devices. With a stellar 1TB of memory, which is all you could possibly need. It also has a fully-functional touchscreen, making it easy to switch between your school work and your digital projects. It’s a little on the pricey side, though.
School can be very demanding, especially when you have multiple essays to write. The importance of a laptop like this is its amazing capabilities.

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Asus F555LA-AB31


This laptop comes with Windows 10 for free. A lot of other laptops might also have 500GB of disk space and a dual-core processor and might come at a lower price. But it might cost a lot of money to upgrade if you needed a better operating system.

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HP Stream 11-r010nr 11.6 Inch


This is one of the great options.  It’s not the fastest computer and has a dismal 32GB of disk space, but it has its advantages. Don’t worry, it’s not the color. However, it comes with a one-year full-access bonus to Office 365, which costs hundreds of dollars. It’s definitely better than a tablet offering better support to a student’s needs than a calculator. It’s also a great laptop for children.

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HP Pavilion 15-r030wm


For a student, this would rock. It has a large yet portable screen, is fast and has a lot of memory. It’s twice the price as the previous example, but it’s still very affordable. Definitely a college choice.

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HP Stream Laptop PC 14-ax010nr


This isn’t the greatest laptop of the bunch. But it’s easy to replace, runs well, and may even work long enough to hand down to a younger sibling. Here’s the point.
Cheap implies less convenience. It may take longer than a 15 years old car to start up, but it has its advantages. You can afford to pick up a monthly subscription to the Wall Street Journal or Forbes Magazine. Maybe you’d rather pay for music than illegally download them. This is your chance to save.

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HP Pavilion X360


Our top choice is both powerful and practical. The reason we’ve selected the HP Pavilion X360 is that it’s more than just a laptop. It’s also a tablet. This laptop is an awesome example of getting both more use and more mileage out of technology. But it does have its pitfalls.
For starters, it’s brand new. This means that it won’t have a lot of support for it quite yet, but it’s built to last and it works effectively.
Being a new model, it’s got the advantage of having the most up-to-date versions of previous HP Pavilions, which means you’re really not risking a lot on this aspect.
It’s also perfect for recreation.

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