Best Laptops Under $200 2017

Technology has become one of the indispensable parts of education in the recent times. Students, mostly college goers are now bustling with the tendency that they cannot score better marks without the help of technology and not to mention, the internet. However, availing the best laptops naturally come up with the concern of high expenses. It is seen often that students get disappointed at nothing being able to get the good laptops at cheap rates. While the quality laptops boast of the best features and the most advanced technologies, they also have a high price which is almost impossible for young students to afford.

There is a silver lining behind every black cloud out there and it is interesting to note that this context is also not devoid of it. There are organizations who feel that it is the fresh generations who deserve technology much more than any other community in the world and hence have come up with wonderfully advanced gadgets, which include the cheapest laptops as declared in the year 2017. Let us take a sneak peak of the features of the laptops that pose best for students.

Top Laptops Under $200 2017


Laptop Price and Spec Comparison Chart


HP Stream Laptop PC 11-y010nrhp-stream-laptop-pc-11-y010nr-laptop-under-200-dollars11.6 Inches1.6GHz4GB-Check at Amazon
ASUS VivoBook E200HA-US01-GD Laptopasus-vivobook-e200ha-us0111.6 Inches1.4 GHz4GB32GBCheck at Amazon
HP 14-an013nr Laptophp-14-an013nr-laptop14 Inches1.8 GHz4GB32 GBCheck at Amazon
Lenovo Ideapad 300acer-c720-2103-chrome-book-laptop11.6 Inches1.4 GHz2GB16GBCheck at Amazon
Samsung Chromebook 3 Laptop
samsung-chromebook-3-laptop11.6 Inches2.16 GHz4 GB16 GBCheck at Amazon
Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZacer-chromebook-cb3-131-c3sz-11-6-inch11.6 Inches2.16 GHz2GB16GBCheck at Amazon
ASUS C201 Chromebookasus-c201-chromebook11.6 Inches1.8GHz2GB16GBCheck at Amazon

HP Stream Laptop PC 11-y010nr


This laptop had already come to be accepted by the students popularly. With a preloaded Windows 10 and a one-year full subscription of Office 365, this one is a must have.
The features of the laptop are as follows:
• Intel Celeron N3050 1.6 GHz processor
• Windows 10 along with Office 365 preloaded
• 32 GB solid state drive without any optical drive
• 11.6-inch screen with resolution of 1366 x 768 pixel

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ASUS VivoBook E200HA-US01-GD Laptop


This laptop is one of the cheapest laptops available in the market. Having a RAM of 2 GB and a 32 GB Hard drive, you shall be absolutely free from any worries of the laptop getting hung all of a sudden. Here are the features of the laptop:
• Preloaded Windows 10 and a full 1-year subscription of Office 365
• It weighs 2.2 lbs
• Its 11.6 inches will definitely suit your need to travel with it wherever you go
• Intel QuadCore Atom ™ Processor
• Wonderful battery backup with a whopping 13 hours of video playback
• Supports Wi-Fi along with Multiuser functionality

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HP 14-an013nr Laptop

This laptop is one of the best small screen laptops you will ever set your eyes upon. This 14-inch screened laptop has the following features:
• Windows 10 Preloaded
• AMD E2-7110 QC with 1.8 GHz QuadCore Processor
• Full HD 14-inch screen with a LED backlit and a resolution of 1920 x 1080
• A DDR3L- SDRAM Memory of 4 GB
• Solid state flash memory

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Acer C720-2103 Chrome Book Laptop

If you are looking for some laptop that is the best of its kind and is darn cheap within a range of $200, you should be considering this laptop over any others in the market. The following are the specifications:
• The Laptop has an Intel Celeron 2995 U 1.4 GHz Processor
• 1366 x 768 LED Display on an 11.6 inch
• Comes preloaded with Chrome OS
• Memory types DDR3L SDRAM of 2 GB
• Solid state flashes Memory

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Samsung Chromebook 3 Laptop

This laptop is a new introduction in the market and has already shown signs to be promising enough. The best part of this laptop is that it is very easily portable because of its light weight. Here are some more specifications as follows:
• Celeron N3050 1.6 GHz
• The name of the laptop itself suggests that it has Google chrome installed right from its manufacturing date
• Solid state Drive of 16.0 GB
• A fantastic screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels
• 802.11 A/C Wi-Fi

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Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ

This is one of the most recommended laptops for students under 200. With a lightweight body and a huge battery life of a whopping 9 hours, you can take it absolutely wherever you travel. Here are some of the features that make it a noteworthy laptop:
• Intel Celeron N2840 of 2.16 GHz
• An internal storage of 16 GB
• Preinstalled Google Chrome
• RAM type: DDR3L SDRAM of 2 GB
• Clamshell style
• 802.11 A/C Wi-Fi
• Its weight is only 2.4 lbs
• Solid State Flash Hard Drive

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ASUS C201 Chromebook

This is one of the best cheap laptops that come under the price range of $200. Here are some of the features that make this ASUS laptop very commendable:
• You can edit or read Ms. Office Files with the help of QuickOffice editor or else Google Docs. You can also download a free version of Microsoft office online.
• This comes without any CD or DVD Drive. However, you can enjoy the privilege of a Solid State Drive of 16 GB.
• The laptop supports Chrome Operating System
• It possesses a Rockchip QuadCore Processor of 1.8 GHz and a DDR3 RAM of 2 GB.
• The laptop has a LED screen of 11.6 inches that comes with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels
• Bluetooth 4.0 version supports faster data transfer.

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All the Top laptops for university students under 200 mentioned above have been tested to the last before they have been brought into the market. There may be some more specifications which have made them one-of-a-kind products and they are all recommended to be possessed by students. The laptops are the cheapest in the market. However, this does not mean that they will let you down in times when you really need them. Browse through the online stores and let your eyes wander over the specifications one more time so that you can find your best tech times when you really need them. Browse through the online stores and let your eyes wander over the specifications one more time so that you can find your best tech times when you really need them. Browse through the online stores and let your eyes wander over the specifications one more time so that you can find your best tech match.