How to Fix Overheated Laptop

Laptop Stand Desk : a Solution to Overheated Laptop

What Makes Your Laptop Overheat? As we use machines, particularly computers, their central processing units, or CPUs end up working in full capacity. It is difficult not to notice how our laptops heat up when we use heavy softwares like Photoshop or Dreamweaver, or if we run several programs at a single time. Pretty much, the more your laptop is working, the more overworked and hotter your processor will become.

There are other things that cause your laptop overheating; one of them is when you place your laptop near other machines or in a room with no ventilation or air conditioner. Another issue that will cause extraheating will be your laptop model or the overall design of it. Overheating can happen if your laptop was designed with poor ventilation options. Using USB devices as well as external hard drives can also add to the load of your processor.

Of course, overheating and simply just heating up are two different things. If you have trouble distinguishing if your laptop is suffering from one or the other, here are some things to look out for:

First, if you get the blue screen of death or your laptop just turns off, then it is a sign that the fail safe system inside it is kicking in. This pretty much happens when your processor reaches a particular temperature. Second, the fan is much louder signifying that it is working too hard. Third, memory errors start to pop up or if there is frequent lag when you hit buttons or do things.

Having an overheated laptop means that you might need to replace expensive components inside it; apart from that, the damage could also extend to yourself. People have reported damages in the genitals and legs. These are common scenarios because of laptops overheating. Moreover, there are also reports that the heat from a laptop causes problems in fertility.

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