Best Learning Toys for Toddlers and Infants

What is the most used attention distractor or a home item to keep kids busy so that mommy can do something? Is it not the television? But, maybe learning toys are a better choice. Electronic toys, if chosen with care, can enhance his mental capabilities. Not all electronic toys or gadgets for kids are recommended. Some are actually promoting some undesirable behavior such as violence. Other children’s toys may serve to distract their attention and you go freely to do your tasks but are not of much use to improve their learning capabilities.

Choosing best educational kids toys should be based on several factors, one is according to his or her learning milestone to maximize the learning experience.

For me, I focus on children’s toys between five to seven because my children belong to this age group because my children are toddlers. Few years back, I had been focusing on baby toys and baby items and for toddlers. Now, both of them are toddlers.

Few Facts about the Different Baby Stages

When I took up my BS in Psychology course, we had a full semester course discussing only Child Psychology. Different child psychologists classify stages in different ways. There are some discrepancies as to when a particular stage starts and when it ends. For purposes of our discussion, let us stick to one milestone as describe below:


We call them babies if they are not one year old yet. Some would say that the classification is whether the baby can walk or not. But if we stick on that differentiation, we get a wider range of interval. Some babies can walk as early as 10 months while other children takes longer at about a year and a half. Children grow and develop in different aspects at different pace.


Most would agree that this stage begins after age one to before age three. When the child starts walking, the exploring begins and mommy will become more tired and exhausted but will be overjoyed by the day to day variations of activities that she can offer to the child.


Ages three to five. Mommy now can have some rest while the child is in school but there is more to do in fact. The child comes home with assignments and mommy will need to become a drawing teacher or drawing expert.

Early Grade School

Let’s take here the first three years of grade school. The child will be around age seven to nine. More or less, these age group will share similarities in preferences and tendencies.

Getting The Best Learning Toys at The Right Price

Why Do you Need to Know these Stages?

Whether you are a parent or not, you have to get a grasp of the basics of a child’s development per stage because you will never know when you need it. Imagine if you are working on your office and you receive a text message inviting you to attend the birthday party of your best friend’s son and you do not have an idea of what item to buy, there is no much time to research and find the best gift.

Electronic Kids Educational Toys Choices in Each Stage
What are Suitable for Babies?

Children’s toys that has soothing music and photos. As expected, the simplest toys available are your choices here. Music and sounds are appropriate; colorful images as well.

  • Educational Toys for Toddler. Introduce items and let the child discover more objects. So, choose toddler learning toys with animal sounds, plants and home items. Let her or him know which one is harmful and not harmful; the proper and improper use of things. For example, what animals are dangerous, which can be considered as pets? Which items in the house can she or he use (her own toothbrush and personal things) and which items she or he should never touch. It’s also good to introduce coloring, counting and interactive electronic device at this stage.
  • Pre-school Kids. Suit the devices to what he or she needs to learn in school. You may give him or her a beginners kids laptop or other electronic devices that teaches him how to identify alphabets, identify animals, colors, shapes and sizes. Easier versions of these can be introduced at the later stage of toddler stage.
  • Early Grade School Kids. Puzzles and are interesting to them. They get bored about coloring and naming things. You can still include coloring activities and drawing but select a more challenging task. You can also include here simple robotics. Children at this stage can be taught to assemble simple kits.

Educational Learning Toys – 3 How can children learn from playing?

Children learn best while they are playing. And learning is best aided with educational baby toys. It is wonderful to note that most manufacturers understand this. They come up with unique toys where children can learn and have fun at the same time.
There are so many ways on how a child can learn from playing with the aid of toys. Here is just some of it:

  • Through toys, children are first exposed to colors and shapes. When your child was still a baby, you provide him with toys that will help him discover the use of his senses. He was able to feel what is rough and smooth. When your baby starts to distinguish colors, you use toys to help him remember it.
  • The children educational toys come in during his toddler years. During this time, you can give him a puzzle box with different shapes. These toys help your child’s learning ability. By figuring out what shape goes into that particular spot, your child develops the ability to solve problems.
  • Your child can also learn while playing make believe. He uses a doctor’s bag for kids and imagines that he is a doctor checking on some patients. This allows his imagination to fly and assist his creativity. By dramatizing, your child learns how to organize his thoughts to create realistic situations. Through this, your child understands how to respond in certain circumstances.
  • Toys also teach your child to socialize. Learning is best when your child share his toddler educational toys with other children. For example, he can create a building through the set of bricks you got him. Although he can play with it alone, he can invite some of his friends to play with him. Through this, he is exposed to other ideas and he learns to work with other children. He will also learn about listening and communicating since this is required in order for them to understand each other. Activities like this will teach your child to become a leader, a follower and a team player.
  • Educational toys do not only help your child develop his abilities and skills. It is also a great tool in training your child to be responsible. Learning how to organize his toys after playing with them is one of the best ways to teach a child to be responsible. He has to be responsible with his things first before he can be responsible with anything else. If he manages to keep his toys in order, then he is ready to take on some other responsibilities as well.
  • Also, educational learning toys teach your child simple but valuable things. He will bring with him all the lessons he learned while he is playing. It will also form part of his life and memory. So don’t take his toys for granted. What you give your child is what he will be spending with in a particular point n his life. So bring him something he can have fun with and learn from at the same time. Getting him the right toys will help him do the right things.

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