What is a Good Laptop For Me?

If you are wondering what should you buy and what should you do before you decide. Well, I have some tips for you. First, you need to know your budget and what exactly do you want when you search for a new laptop. To choose the best laptop, you must realize how old are you, what your desire is, and what your priority is. Usually a buyer’s guide provides you the latest information about laptops for home user, for young people with tight budget, and for hardcore gamers.

However, you must understand that sometimes you don’t need to buy a new notebook at all. Even if you are a hardcore gamer but if you’re very busy with your job, why should you buy a new laptop? Got what I mean? You must consider many factors outside your budget and your desire before you choose to buy a new laptop.

For people who often spend their time at home

If you always go straight to your home every time after you finish your work, maybe you want a comfortable PC in front of you to play games. Even if you need it for something else, let’s say to browse the web, sometimes you feel you want something new.

Well, these days people are starting to change their current PC to laptop. Maybe because they feel laptop is easier to be moved anywhere. If you think you are one of a kind, then you should set up your budget and find the right PC to you. Between all sizes, usually ‘family guys’ choose midsize laptop.

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For people who are very busy with their job

If you are a very busy person with your job, you need a light, ultraportables, and thin laptop. Check your budget because if it is limited, you should spend less money for the memory and graphic card. What you need is the portability of the laptop.

Prioritize the design and not the performance because you simply do not have time to play games. Choose a laptop which is optimized for software, tools, and such things. My job for software development services also becomes easier if I use a thin and ultraportable laptop (such as MacBook Air).

If your laptop is expensive, probably you will get tempted to play games and you know it’ll be risky for your job. Dell XPS M1530 maybe is the best answer for you. HP Presario is another option.

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Now, let’s see…Are You a Hardcore Gamer ? Or Does Your Job Need The Latest Multimedia Software?

Some kinds of people are still playing games although they are not young anymore. This is normal in the 21st century. You can’t expect to see them live a life with a limited budget.

For hardcore gamers, you must know the balance between maximum performance and your budget. At least, you need 2 GB memory and high quality graphic card.

But again, you must realize your budget. Usually Dell XPS M1770 and HP Pavilion HDX Entertainment are the best laptop for gamers.

Beside gamers, people who work in multimedia things also need the best laptops. You should find great processor, good hard drive, and better graphic card. I think you even need better specification than gamers because this is about your job and not only about entertainment.

Now you probably want to see what product is the best for you.

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