How To Find Good Laptop Deals

How To Find Good  Laptop Deals

Whether we shop for bread and milk at the neighborhood grocery store; or for shirts, ties and shoes at a downtown department store or for cars or for homes — we all want good deals. It’s no different with laptops – most of us want great deals. This article helps you locate good deals for laptops.

Why Look For Good Laptop Deals?
Many of us are willing to take time to cut out coupons, to settle into lines winding around the block at the crack of down to be among the lucky shoppers who will get to take advantage of a one-day sale, to drive across town to save twenty five cents on a box of cereal while spending a dollar on gas and to fill out countless rebate forms that will ultimately get us refunds that will barely cover the postage it took to mail them in.

Laptop deals definitely make sense if you want to save money

Have you ever wondered why we do that? Why are we willing to go through so much trouble just to save some money, at times a few cents while at other time hundreds of dollars? Is it all about economics? I think that economics has something to do with it, of course, but the bigger and more motivating factor is quite a bit more psychological and much less obvious.

What I am talking about is empowerment. When we get to pay less for something that we know, or we think we know, is worth more we feel that we have legitimately beat the system, whatever we define the system to be. And beating the system, any system, is empowering.

Now let’s look at some ways to find good laptop deals.

1. Build Your Own Laptop
When it comes to desktop computers, you can save money and gain that euphoric feeling of empowerment by finding sales offered by their manufacturers or retailers, by using discount coupons or rebates. There is yet another way of saving your hard earned money on a desktop computer and that is by actually building one yourself. And remember that there is nothing more empowering than a job well done.

The same goes for laptops – you can actuall build one yourself. Hunt for cheap components and you can build a decent machine that meets your needs. Learn more about custom built laptops in this article.

2. Make Use of Manufacturer Sales
Unfortunately I have to fill you in on some bad news – building your own laptop is really not an option if you’re not tech savvy. Or perhaps you just want something out-of-the-box and don’t have the time to build one from scratch.

Well, you can still save money on laptops by making the most of existing sales (manufacturer sales, blow-out sales, clearance sales, after holiday sales and so on), you can find discount coupons in newspapers and on the Internet, and you can take advantage of rebate programs offered by manufacturers.

Much like the build-it-yourself option available for desktop computers, laptop computers have a unique savings option of their own and this option is as follows: take your set of needs, match them up to the list of specifications featured in the laptop you are considering and stick to the results.

3. Buy Only What You Need
In other words, buy only what you need and that which you will truly use or else you will be throwing away good money. Do not get sucked into the latest hype and be brave enough to be out of vogue. There is absolutely no logical reason why you have to “keep up with the Jones.”

Let me give you an example. If your current computer, whether a desktop or a laptop, has a 5GB hard drive and you have not managed to fill it up even after the three years of ownership, do not be tempted to buy a new laptop with a 20 or 40GB hard drive just because your friend has one. That would be a complete and utter waste!

A good deal on a laptop would be the one for which you have taken advantage of a clearance sale; the one which accepts the discount coupon you found in your local newspaper; the one that honors a rebate program and the one that offers what you need, no more and no less. Any one of these would make for a good deal while a combination of several would make a great deal.

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