Benefits of Computer Time Limits

Life Before Computer Time Limit Software for Kids

Do you ever feel like you’re in a war with your kids over how much time they spend on the computer? Do you wish they’d spend at least a little more time outside, or reading a book or talking with the rest of the family? Or is the battle between the kids, with siblings playing King of the Hill to have control of a shared computer?

My kids used to fight like cats and dogs over the computer. They’d whine about never getting a turn and constantly turn to me to referee their petty arguments. When I would tell someone they needed to do something besides being on the computer, they’d pout or get angry that I was ending their good time. I was exasperated over the issue.

Finally I began to search for a solution. I tried Windows parental controls, but they were insufficient. Windows only allowed me to block certain hours of the day. But I wanted to limit my children’s overall time on the computer. I didn’t care about what time of day they used the computer, with a few exceptions. Other software would limit internet time only, but that didn’t help me with their computer games.

When I came across TimesUpKidz, I found it had all the features I was looking for and more. Now I can set limits for each of my kids and tailor it to meet their needs. I’m no longer the “bad guy” on a daily basis for ending their computer time. They cheerfully go off to play a game or read a book when their computer time is up. It’s like a dream come true.

TimesUpKidz Control Panel

TimesUpKidz utilizes the multiple users feature of Windows. A separate user account is created for each child. This allows TimesUpKidz to keep track of each child’s usage. From the Parent’s Control Panel, you can set the limits for your kids. You will have the ability to set daily and/or weekly time limits.

Making Exceptions

Perhaps Susie did some extra chores to earn more computer time. Or maybe Johnny didn’t do his chores at all and you want to take away his computer privileges for the day. It’s easy to temporarily adjust the normal time limits. From the control panel, simply click the date you want to change and make your selection.

Through the Eyes of the Child

When your child’s time is up, TimesUpKidz will automatically log them off the computer. This is the screen they’ll see.

Why Limit Computer Time for children?

Computers are now an essential part of the modern society. I think it’s very important for kids to be tech-savvy if they want to be competitive in the world of business or work place. However, as we know, sometimes too much of good things can’t be good for us. Be aware not to let the laptop to become a babysitter. Keep in mind, nothing can complement the importance of enjoying quality time with Mother and Father.


Help! What Can I Do Now?
Ideas for Life Beyond the Computer

I’ve found that sometimes kids can get so locked into the computer mentally, that they just can’t seem to think of anything else to do. These posts offer some great suggestions for activities beyond the computer.

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