Laptop VS Mac for College

Laptop vs Mac for University

As a graduating senior at a private university, I’ve gone through my share of laptops over the years. In fact, freshman year of college alone, I went through two laptops. Both were HPs, and the second had a fatal crash promptly around the same time the very next year. During the crash of my second HP, it was around midterms at my university, so I was pressed for time to finish downloading articles and finishing research papers.

The year prior, my father had offered me a Macbook as present. Yet, I was stubborn about not wanting to make the switch from a PC to a Mac, and I declined. After my first HP crashed, my dad made the offer again, which I declined. Again. However, after the second hard drive crash, I wasn’t offered a choice. Instead of supplying me with a new PC, my dad sent me a Macbook.

Since it was midterm week, I had no choice but force myself to acclimate to the Macbook quickly. I needed to learn how to use the Apple laptop, and I needed results from it with pressing deadlines. Surprisingly, the switch was fairly simple. In fact, it was probably the easiest transition I had ever made.

The difference between a Mac and a PC interface is that the Mac is practically designed for a younger market. Apple understands what university students want most in any electronic regardless of use – availability and speed. Macbooks ask permission before installing anything onto the hard drive, so students know exactly what they have installed without having to wonder what programs are hidden in the background.

They’re also easy to search with the Spotlight feature, which is faster and more precise than any search function on a PC. The Spotlight even goes through Word documents, photo keywords, and browser history – talk about thorough!

Finally, Macbooks are made for speed. They have lightning fast processing and internet browsing, as well as media players that make it more enjoyable to watch a movie from iTunes rather than on a movie screen. Overall, I simply couldn’t have made it through college without my Macbook. In my opinion, they are the best laptops for students. My only regret is that I did not make the switch sooner.

Apple computers are worth every penny of their price tag, and they’re specifically designed for young people like me. I know that I’ll be sticking with Macbooks far into the future past graduation!

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