Cheap HP Laptop(New, Refurbished and Used)

Until now finding cheap HP laptop has been somewhat difficult because there are so many stores selling them. This meant that you could never be certain that you were getting the best price because someone else could always be selling one for less.

However, I have searched the Internet for the best deals on HP notebooks and now I am sharing my findings with you.
The first step in getting a cheap HP laptop is deciding on what features you want to have and which features you can live without. Most HP laptops aimed at the home user market are sold under the Pavilion Notebook brand name. And they come with a wide area of choices and features to suit almost any budget.

One thing that makes the Pavilion line of laptops different from other company’s laptop brands is that you can get they with either an Intel or AMD processor. For most people this distinction does not really matter since both types of processors will run Microsoft Windows and other related software just fine. However, some people prefer one to the other and this means that they can have a choice when they buy from HP. In terms of money, cheap laptops from HP with AMD processors on average tend to be slightly less expensive than ones with Intel but the difference is usually no more than about $20.

Besides the generally low priced Pavilion line of laptops, there are a few other cheap HP laptop options. First of all they have a special edition laptop (L2000 series), which is meant to raise money for Lance Armstrong’s fight against cancer.

Second, they have a line of laptop designed for the business crowd, although these tend to be pricier than the Pavilion line.(Read: Best Small Business Laptop) Finally, HP has recently bought Compaq computers and made the Compaq Presario line of laptops their lowest price option for cheap HP laptops.

Overall, HP provides a wide variety of cheap notebook computer options. If you need more information about what types of things you may need or not in your cheap HP laptop then I recommend you read my Buyer’s Guide section. It has lots of useful information about what you should look for when buying a laptop. On the other hand, if you already know what you want to buy then I recommend the site as places to get the cheapest HP notebook available.

Refurbished HP Laptops

Refurbished HP laptops are a great alternative to buying new because you essentially get new computer features at a much lower price.

Moreover, they also make a great alternative to buying used because they tend to be newer, as well as, tending to have better warranties. This is further reflected in the price since refurbished HP notebooks are on average more than used models but less than new ones. Thus, they are great middle ground between the two options but there are one or two things to be aware of before you buy.
First off, I should explain what the term refurbished, sometimes also given as remanufactured, really means. Refurbished laptops from HP are essentially rebuilt new HP notebooks that had some sort of minor problem when they were originally manufactured. These problems tend to be minor cosmetic blemishes and/or other relatively insignificant technical issues. Following this the laptops are then tested to make sure that they work properly, and if they meet the inspection process are then sold.

As a further guarantee that the refurbished HP notebook that you want to buy will work, beyond the manufacture just saying it will, I only recommend sites that give a minimum of a 30 day warranty on their products. That way you can be sure that your refurbished laptop is in fully functioning order and that you are not stuck with a useless product. These terms tend to be significantly shorter than new models, yet far longer than used ones another example of why they tend to be priced between the two.

To finish, there is one last thing to consider before buying a refurbished laptop. Make sure you are getting everything you need. A few refurbished laptops are sold without all the proper components or software installed. The most common example of this are refurbished HP notebooks that don’t come with an operating system installed. While this saves you money on the initial laptop purchase price, it ends up costing you more later on. If you are not sure just ask, any reputable seller will tell you what is included and what isn’t. If you need more information about the types of things to look for in any laptop please read my Buyer’s Guide.

On the other hand, if you essentially know what you are looking for the sites below offer great selection, low prices and best quality refurbished laptops available. Thus, I recommend you check them out if you want to buy.

Used HP Laptops

There is certainly a large supply of used HP laptops on the market. However, trying to find one cheap can be a little more difficult. Overall, in my experience the cheapest place to buy any used item, HP notebooks included, are at online auction websites.

Moreover, auction websites unquestionably have the best selection of laptops with some of the larger ones listing thousands of different computers. Before you buy from an online auction though there are a few things that you should know, so that you don’t get ripped off.
When you are looking to buy a used laptop from HP from an auction site you want to be sure you are buying from someone reputable. The best way to do this is to check out the seller’s rating, which is a percentage score of how satisfied, buyers have been with them. Obviously the higher the score the better and I personally look for people with scores of 99% or above because you are extremely unlikely to have any problems with them.

Beyond this, I look for a few other things when looking to buy a used notebook from HP. First, I look at how things the buyer has sold in the past and tend to look for someone who has sold at least a few hundred things before as an assurance that they are not some shifty person or business. Second, I read other people’s comments, which I find extremely enlightening about the character of the seller. Finally, I look to see if this is the type of product the seller normally sells, as indication of their level of familiarity with what they are selling.

Besides the seller themselves there are a few other things to consider when buying a used laptop. Most used HP notebooks from auction websites don’t come with any long-term warranty and some do not even have one at all. However, both eBay and Auctions are increasingly providing guarantees on what you buy. If you want an additional guarantee I also recommend Ubid, which requires all sellers to give some form of warranty on the products they sell.

Finally, I should just mention one more word of caution about buying used laptop from HP. Make sure you are getting everything you need for your laptop when you buy. One very common thing not include with used laptops is software like an operating system, which means you used notebook will not work right away. Plus it will cost you more in the end anyway. For more about what should be included please read my Buyer’s Guide.

I think that about covers everything you need to know before buying a used HP laptop from any online auction website. It is unquestionably the cheapest way to get an HP notebook computer, even though there are a few more things to consider.

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