Tips on Caring for Your Small Laptop(Netbook)

Now you have a netbook and it is a must to take great care of your new laptop. The following are tips to care for your mini laptop :

  1. Screen Care
    Do not touch the mini laptop screen with your finger, pen, pencil, etc. Often the screen looks visibly more dirty than any other parts of a small laptop due to marks of fingerprints and dust. Clean the screen with a soft, dry anti-static cloth or with a screen cleaner designed specifically for LCD type screens only. Screens are particularly sensitive to damage from excessive pressure and never leave any object on the keyboard such as pens or pencils which are very likely to crack the screen when the lid is closed. Screens are the most expensive part of a netbook and their replacement cost often can buy you a new netbook!
  2. Clean Regularly
    It is important to routinely clean the mini laptop by making sure the vents and fans in the computer are clear and spinning effortlessly.
  3. Store in a Case or Sleeve
    Netbooks are designed for pure mobility. They are, however, more fragile and vulnerable to physical damage than their full-size laptop cousins, which have a heavy-duty build. Keep your small laptop fully protected by carrying it in a sturdy, well-padded netbook case when you are out and about. The more padding your mini laptop case has, the better the protection it will provide.
  4. Use a Chill Mat
    Using a chill mat with your small laptop will help to avoid overheating.
  5. Battery Care
    Don’t let the battery completely drain. Immediately shutdown if you are unable to connect to the charger. Get into the habit of recharging the battery when it reaches 10-20%.
  6. Shut-Down Before Moving
    Always completely close the lid and wait for the mini laptop to enter standby mode before moving it, even for short distances. Movement while the small laptop is on can result in permanent damage to the hard drive and therefore the loss of all data.
  7. Back up your Data
    Never consider any electronic information safe when stored on only one device. Backup to a pen/flash drive or to an external drive for large files.
  8. Hard Drive Maintenance
    mini laptops have smaller hard drive therefore clean unused temporary files to prevent your hard drive from reaching its maximum. Perform checkdisk and defrag operation on the hard drive regularly for optimum performance.
  9. Avoid Leaving the Netbook in Extreme Hot Environment
    Because of the small form factor, heat is your netbooks worst enemy. Avoid keeping your small laptop in hot places such as your car during the daytime.

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