The Best Tablet for The Money 2018/2019- Buying Guide

How to buy the Best Tablets for The Money 2017/2018

Although relatively about five years ago, almost half the computers sold today are tablets. Tablets have evolved to provide potential buyers with a multiplicity of choices when it comes to pricing, operating systems, screen sizes, storage capacities, and even display quality. This guide will make the help you find the best tablet for your needs.

1. Which Operating System and Size is Right for You?

iPads and iOS

If you are on the prowl for a top rated tablet, consideration of Apple’s iPads is almost certain. iPads and their popular proprietary operating system, iOS, hold an uncontestable position in the world of tablet computers. iOS runs in the iPad Air, iPad 2 and iPad mini. This operating system is highly intuitive, and is backed by a nearly half a million apps designed specifically for the iPad. Over 800,000 apps are available on Apple Store. The iOS is very neat and aesthetically pleasing when compared to say, Android.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX, Google’s Nexus, and Android Tablets

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX and Google Nexus are some of the best options for buyers looking for great budget tablets. When it comes to apps, the Fire OS is quite limited in comparison to iOS and Android. However, when you consider aspects such as parental controls, the Amazon Kindle is definitely one of the best tablets out there. Moreover, when it comes to accessing movies and TV shows, Amazon’s Kindle is definitely worth serious consideration, even when compared to top tablets such as the iPads.

When it comes to customizability, Google’s Android beats the respected iOS. With this operating system, you can change the appearance of your device to suit your preferences. Other benefits of the Android software include some superior app versions when compared with its Windows 8 and iOS counterparts. For instance, the Google Maps feature is the best among all tablet operating systems. Finally, Android offers the broadest choice of apps with a choice of over 1 million apps on its Google Play Store. The Google Nexus tablet epitomizes the best of what the Android operating system has to offer through power, performance, and high-quality use experience.

 Windows Tablets

Windows tablets may not offer as much Android and Apple tablets when it comes to apps given that they have less than 150,000 apps the app store. Nevertheless, the Windows platform offers greater hardware diversity than all the other tablets. The Windows software runs on tablets provided by several manufacturers, which broadens your choices if the the tablet’s manufacturer is important to you, for instance, Asus, Acer, Lenovo and so forth.

2. Guide to Tablet Sizes

A tablet can range in size from just 7 inches to 13 inches. Again, the best tablet for you when it comes to size boils down to the question of intended purpose. If you intend to use the tablet primarily for business, you should consider getting a full-sized tablet in the 12-inch and 13-inch range. A 7-inch version will not be very comfortable when your tasks mainly involve editing documents. When buying a large-sized tablet you could also consider the possibility of having a detachable keyboard so that your tablet doubles up as a laptop (see also: best convertible laptops). For instance, Lenovo Yoga 13 Style 2 and Microsoft Surface Pro 2 are good business tablets.

If, however, you need a highly portable tablet that you can use for light tasks on the go, then a much smaller 7-inch or 8-inch tablet would be an ideal choice. The use experience may pale in comparison to the full-sized models, but still, you will get better use experience than your smartphone can provide. For instance, the highly portable Kindle Fire HDX is great for reading on the go. A medium-sized tablet computer (between 8 inches and 10 inches) may offer you an acceptable compromise between the performance of a full-sized tablet and the portability of a small-sized tablet.

 3. Do You Want More Storage or Less?

Obviously, the go-to answer to this question is yes. Still, situations may arise where you might favor a tablet with low storage. For instance, when trying to find the best tablets, you may have to compromise on storage space. Additionally, storage limitations may not arise if you use your tablet for light activities such as browsing the web or reading books.


When making the final purchase, you will have to make the choice that is best-suited to your usage needs. The iPads and their iOS software offer simple easy to use interface while the Amazon Kindle HDX and its Fire OS operating system offers great entertainment value and user controls. Android offers the broadest choice of apps and the best customizability while Windows 8 is available from the greatest variety of computer manufacturers. Once you decide on the software to go with, you can easily settle on the desired screen size, storage needs and finally, the specific tablet model.

Cheap Tablets Affordable options for those with a budget

This year is definitely the breakout year for touch screen tablet PCs. While a lot of the leading models like the iPad and Galaxy Tab were released in the last quarter of 2010, the majority of the other brands unveiled their tablets this year. While the Apple iPad is the most popular example of how these tech devices that are becoming a “must-have”, there are actually an abundance of other choices out there personalized for the needs of specific consumers.

Though the companies hate to admit it, more than half of tablets PCs out today are somewhat expensive. As a result, not everyone can really afford to get their own. However, there is recent increase in the number of internet tablets that cost less than $200. These Cheap Tablets are average when it comes to performance and design. Some of these Tablets are simply too awful to use. It’s a simple reality that the more expensive a tablet is, the more advanced and sophisticated are its specs and features. Such concept however is not applicable for average and low-end models. Though some are quite cheap, it doesn’t mean that they’re all unreliable and defective. But there are some Cheap Tablet PCs out there that at least provide tolerable performance while still being friendly to your wallet.

So here are five budget tablets in the market that we will take a look at. We’ll go through their basic specs and features and it’s up to you to decide which among them is worth the buy.


We hope this article has provided you with a few options for inexpensive and budget tablet PCs for you to choose from. We understand that sometimes budget is a huge factor in deciding to buy a Tablet PC. Just understand that you have to balance price with functionality and quality. We wish you good luck in choosing from the wide variety of cheap tablet PCs.

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