The Best Laptops for Gaming Under $800

One thing all gamers understand is that in order to be a true gamer, you need a computer perfectly tailored to your needs. It can be confusing for shoppers to go out and find the best computers for a good price, but most gamers know exactly what they are looking for in a computer. Here is a list of the best gaming laptops under $800:

Alienware is by far the most suitable gaming computer for any gamer. These computers are custom built to each gamer’s specific needs, and while the higher end versions can be among the most expensive, there are affordable Alienware laptops available. The AM11x-826CSB only weighs four pounds and has an 11.6 inch screen. It has a DDR3 graphics card meant for watching videos in high definition and playing three dimensional games. It has an Intel Core Duo 2 processor, and has an amazing eight hour battery life. One downside: there is no CD drive, this must be ordered and comes as an external drive.

The dv7-4170us is an HP 17.3 inch display made for gaming. It has a 4 gigabyte DDR3 graphics card meant for both low quality and high-tech 3D games. It has a triple-core processor, which means the work is divided among three different processing chips rather than one. This makes it exceptional for multitasking and loading and using very complicated games. It also has a 640 gigabyte hard drive for those that play games that must be downloaded onto the computer. This can help the computer process and respond quicker, meaning you will not have to always be watching the load sign barely tick by.

The Asus G51JX-X3 was also made for gaming and media purposes. It has an Intel Core i5 processor, and up to 8 gigabytes of ram, with a 500 gigabyte hard drive. Of the good gaming notebooks under $800, this one has the great feature of having a backlight on the keyboard, helping gamers to play under any lighting conditions. It has a 15.6 inch, high definition, LCD display and an excellent Nvidia Graphics card.

Buying Guide
Not everyone can afford to spend several thousand dollars on a custom-made gaming laptop, but there are laptops under $800 that are great for gaming.

  1. When looking for a gaming laptop, it is important not to sacrifice quality because it can interfere with gaming to the point of rendering the laptop useless. The processor is very important. Any gaming laptop needs more than just a basic processor. An Intel Core i5 or even i7 are really great for processors. Graphics cards are equally important. Gaming computers need excellent graphic cards in order for the screen to handle the high resolution and detail found in most games.
  2. Another key thing to consider is memory. Laptops for gaming need extra RAM and hard drive memory in order to sustain the games being played.


Finding the best gaming laptop under $800 can be difficult, but they do exist, gamers just need to know exactly what they are looking for.

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