Tips to Buy Best Low Cost Laptops

Here are some questions to answer to find the best budget laptop computers :

  • Know what you need : What do you need the laptop for ? If you can answer this question, then you will be able to determine what sort of capabilities the notebook would need, the size of the memory, screen resolution, processor speed, cache size, bus speed, hard disk size and speed, speed of the memory, the operating system and so on. Any machine you buy should be able to meet these requirements.
  • You will also need to know how you will be using the laptop. For instance, if you are a road warrior and would be mounting your notebook in your car for long periods of time, then your notebook needs to be more rugged and capable of taking all the vibrations over long period of time. Such machines may cost you more.
  • You might also want to decide which is more important to you – the least possible price now or a very low total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the notebook. If total cost of owning the laptop is more important to you, then you might want to consider buying one of the branded laptops that come with a very good warranty. But that’s not to say that cheap laptops are junk. They are not. It’s just that you need to know computers very well before you can hope to buy a really cheap laptop that’s very good.

A lot also depends on how familiar you are with doing things like changing memory cards, hard disks and the like. If you know how to do these hardware maintenance tasks, then there are much better chances of buying laptops at great rates.

Once these questions are answered, then you will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff better, and focus on buying a best inexpensive laptop that will fulfill your needs and expectations while not costing you a great deal of money.

Steps to Buy Best Low Cost Laptops

  • Educate yourself so that you know a good laptop deal when you see one : You may need to look at several dozen laptop configurations and what they cost right now if you really want to be able to distinguish good deals from the others. You may want to look closely at several classified ads, browse websites offering laptops for sale and visit electronics stores too just so that you will get a fairly good idea of the current market scenario. What costs how much typically and so on.
  • Getting a rebate on your notebook purchase ? Then make sure the purchase qualifies for the rebate, and send the paperwork on time. Does the rebate offer require you to purchase specific hardware or software ? If so, then you might want to determine what will be the total cost of buying the software or hardware. If you do not plan to use the additional software or hardware and would have to buy it only for the rebate, then maybe the rebate would not be worth it ?
  • Shop around. You may have to look at several deals before you make the purchase. And make sure that the budget laptops you are buying is the exact same one that you wanted to buy after you saw an ad and read the specs.
  • Slight differences that make for the variation in similarly configured laptops : Usually, software is what makes similar laptops differ vastly in prices. For instance, a laptop running the latest version of windows may cost a lot more initially than one running Linux, or a older Windows version. And if a laptop comes bundled with some software, then it may cost much more than a “bare bones” machine that you can assemble yourself.
  • Research ! You possibly will have to do a lot of comparison shopping and get a very good understanding of how much different kinds of notebooks typically cost before you may be able to see whether a deal is great or not. Best deals may not always have the least prices.
  • Free Laptops ? These may not really be free. Look at the fine print and ponder over it before you make any commitment. You might have to signup for some service you have no need for, or maybe buy something you will never use. Would such a deal be worth the trouble ?
  • Refurbished laptops : When it comes to refurbished notebooks, IBM Thinkpads may be the best to buy. But check the state of the battery as batteries are expensive. If the battery is dead, then you may have to spend quite some money to replace it.
  • Laptops for $399 ? You may have seen some recent offerings advertising best budget laptops for as low as $399. What these manufacturers may have done is cut the warranty period on the machines from one year to 3 months or so. While these deals may be a lot better than buying a refurbished laptop, you may still want to be sure that you are okay with a 3 month warranty period.
  • Tier Two laptop makers : Like with a lot of other products, when you buy a branded laptop you pay a premium for it just because it has been made by a particular company. This has led to the creation of tier-two laptop makers. They do not spend a lot of money on marketing like the bigger companies. And some of the savings are passed onto the customer. While they are not as well known as Sony, IBM or Dell, you might want to consider buying from them in case you are looking for some real bargains. You may get a very good laptop computer without having to pay a lot for the brand name.
  • eBay : Unless you are a seasoned buyer on eBay and are very, very familiar with laptops and techie language, you might not want to venture to swim in eBay’s waters while buying notebooks. However, if you are a seasoned veteran, then eBay would be a great place to look for very good laptop deals as there are possibly tends of thousands of laptop computers on sale at any point of time on eBay. In the same vein, you might also want to consider BizRate and Craiglist too while shopping for best cheap laptop.
  • Do you love Linux ? Well, if you do then you might as well buy a Linux laptop and save some money. That would be true only if you are at ease with Linux. Else, you might want to stick to a Windows machine.
  • Are you are planning a bulk purchase ? If you are buying notebooks in bulk for your business, then you may hope to get very good discounts from manufacturers. This may be especially true of you are buying a refurbished or used machine. Also, if you are buying computers in bulk for your business, then you might want to buy laptops that are of essentially the same configuration so that they work well together.

Where To Look for Best Cheap Laptop?

best budget laptop

To find the best affordable laptops you can will not be a quick process. It takes time and research as well as careful waiting to get the best deals. There are many places to look and this includes both online and offline. You can check out some particular models in person before viewing the prices online. Comparison of prices and warranties, service etc will really pay off once you have bought your laptop.

What To Look For

As well as new notebooks you may also consider second-hand or refurbished laptops. These should usually be cheaper, but will not usually be running on the very latest technology. This can be perfect for some users but not for others.
These are the basics for finding the best cheap laptop. Where you can find it and what model this laptop will be varies all the time. But take some time out and you will find what the best value laptop is for you.

A Few Factors Affecting The Price of Budget Laptops

If you are a college student, You must know the importance of saving money when buying something like a laptop computer. The reality is that most people don’t need the fastest, most expensive computer to do things like surf the Internet, read e-mail or do word processing. By not buying the top-of-the-line, overpriced model, you can save hundreds sometimes even thousands of dollars, yet still do everything you need. Today, you can buy best cheap laptops for college with great specs within your budget.

Owning a laptop has many benefits. The primary one is that they are portable and don’t tie you to your desk like regular computers. Thus, they can be adapted to perform variety of tasks: from watching DVDs on long trips to finishing off reports at a local coffee shop to allowing you to surf the internet almost anywhere. With a laptop you can do everything you do with your desktop computer but in more places. The best part is that cheap laptops have never been more affordable.

  1. Competition between laptop manufacturers. The first of main reasons for the current low prices on new laptops are the competition between computer manufacturers and the ever decreasing price of laptop components. This has greatly benefited consumers. Now you can choose between dozens of laptop manufactures to find the absolute best price. Moreover, due to technological innovations the components of the computer are now cheaper than ever. For more information on how the various components of a laptop determine its price please consult our guide to cheap laptops components.
  2. Laptop Condition. However, the biggest determinant of the price of affordable laptops is its condition. Generally, new laptops are more expensive than used laptops. On the other hand, with a new laptop you usually get a warranty and technical support whereas with a used laptop you get none of these guarantee but of course a lower price. There is also a third option, refurbished laptops. These come from computer manufacturers but have slightly older parts or cosmetic blemishes that make them slightly cheaper than the comparative new model. They also almost always come with some form of a limited warrantee. Thus, the newer the laptop the more expensive it is but the greater the guarantee that it will work.
  3. Laptop Accessories. Finally, a further factor affecting the price of budget laptops are its accessories. Accessories can include things such as a carrying bag, extra battery, cooler, external hard drive etc. These features can add significantly to both the utility but also to the price of a notebook. Fortunately there are places on the Internet where you can find a variety of accessories for your laptop at best prices.

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